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  1. Hi, This is a common problem with the Atari 130 XE keyboard. I used Nickel Print to fix the traces a few times. This seems to be a quick fix and give you enough time to order a new mylar from Best Electronics. A new mylar will last at lease 10 years. -Atari8man-
  2. Hi, I have the Berzerk Prototype with vioce! for the Atari XL/E. I got it as a binary in the late 80's and it rocks. It's still one step up from the new 2600 version and has more voice, and better room graphics. But that machine has 64k ram, a bigger OS and other features. Its just amazzing that the 2600 can do it with voice and Atari should have had a second release of the rom with voice. The new 2600 version of Berzerk is veary close to it's bigger brother the XL/E. /| Atari8man /|
  3. The Supercharger mod is easy to do, and its well worth it. The hardest part was mounting the switch! I did not cut the board as the docs showed, what I did was mount the switch on the outside. Its best to go slow and take your time, ask question if you need to. But when your done you have something nice to show off. I now load all 2k and 4k games plus all the Supercharger games from CD rom. I now can play games like Boing! and other that would cost a ton of money if bought on ebay. I will take some pictures and post it here this week of the SC mod. /|Atari8man/|
  4. Ok I hate you, You got me good this time IRobot was a great game and I had tons of fun playing it in the arcades, When I saw it in 2600 format I started to drool and the I saw the text on the screen.. Shame on you! /| Guy /|
  5. Well in 1979 I was blew away when I first played Star Raiders, since then I've played just about every game made for the XL/XE line so here go's Star Raiders Jr Pacman Koronis Rift Tron Rockman Saper Mission Shark Mad Stone Caverina Draconus Zybex There's just to many awesome games for the Atari but there you are. Atari8Man
  6. Hi Heaven, Im just wondering about a few things that's not in the FAQ.HTM file: 1) dose the gun swing left and right when a player walks? 2) will it use *.wad files like the PC game if so this would be great for programmers to make added levels. 3) will it also use ems or expanded memory if detected to load more levels to reduce slow sio calls? Thats about it, I also would like to see a demo run at boot up Atari rools! But you already know that Atari8Man
  7. Kool, I also had a c64 with disk drive and a ton of games back in the mid 80's infact I was looking into running a bbs with it. That never happen, the Hard drives at that time for the c64 could only handle 190k partitions!! (Yuk) that would be around 100 or more partitions on a 20 meg drive. Plus finding a rs232 device was hard, so the c64 was out of the BBS picture. There was some good games for the c64 that I wished we had for the Atari XL/E like (Knight Games and Fairlight) and maybe a few others but there also lot of awesome games for the Atari that the c64 never got. I realy love 8bit games!! I enjoy them dearly, now that everybody has the PC's and I have 3 of them I only play a few games on it 'Doom,Quake and Unreal' plus a few driving games like Wipeout XL, Rollcage and MotoRacer. I just dont collect PC crap theres to much of it. I guess where lucky that we have 8bits cause programmers have pushed the same hardware for almost 20 years not like the PC where your system is completly out dated in just 6 months The SIO2PC cable is Kool, I made a few of them and sold them on Ebay, I have an old 386 DX25 Mhz just for it, and I would love to replace the 386 with a laptop to save space. I found an old 8088 XT system in the trash and it works great with the SIO2PC! I dont think the c64 folks have a device like it.. I did find a company on the net Called CMD that make good hardware for the c64 but it cost way more that the Atari devices doses. You have a nice system and I think you want to take it to the next level? you may want to save up for the Black Box (CSS) you'll be veary Happy you did! Atari8Man [ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: Guy ferrante ]
  8. Tempest are you planning to dump the Star Raiders prtotype? Im dying to play it! oh and Klax with the cool Fuji's? Atari8Man
  9. Hi, The 2 mio I have are 256k each, the ram in the MIO's where used as a hard drive cache that speeded the MIO's up. The cache driver was wrote by Craig Carter, its amazzing I still remember names of programmers and sysop from 20 years ago. I still have all my Atari stuff and will set it up viva telnet on 1 slave and the other slave will have a dialup, a util cmd is in the works for the caller on the dialup to browse the internet from the other slave thats connected to the PC. Thats what Im working on also a photo session . When you ran your BBS was Carina owned by (Shadow) Dave Hunt? He was a caller on my board for years. You can still get a New Black Box from CSS its like the MIO but uses super fast scsi drives that are easy to find and dirt cheap. The BB cost $200.00 I was lucky a few years ago I was at the Ham fest in Orlando FL and bought 5 segate st225 20 meg drives at $1.00 each, all formated perfect with no errors. Even these days Im looking for the old MFM drives for the MIO, I was looking for replacement backup drives for the Segate ST4096 and I browsed the vendors on the web and one vendor had them in stock for $175.00 each!!! the 2 St4096 drives I have can from dead PC's (free!) I remember the days when Atari 8bit BBS ruled! /| Atari8Man /|
  10. DOOM! I want doom for the Lynx.. I may just buy the GBA just for a portable doom. I would rather have it for the Lynx. Atari8man
  11. Shadow the last author of Carrina BBS was a Member on my BBS for years. I ran BBS Epress Pro but had a DL sig for Carrina mods and have them on CD rom now if you need anything I may just have it. My BBS was in Miami Fl and my good friend Jeff Worley (Technoid Mutant) ran 'Cheeze Daddys house of Funk' with Carrina. Ring any Bells? Atari8Man
  12. Dos 2.9 - Dos 3 both have no PBI code and cant see the Hard drive interface. Use Sparta dos or Mydos 4.5 both have full PBI code and sub-directory support. Atari8Man
  13. Hey Albert what BBS software did you use? my BBS (Star Net Omega) pro node 449 multi-line with BB/2-MIO and a Multi-plexer with 500 megs storage for DL files. The Master had the BB and a 300 meg scsi drive the 2 slaves had MIO's with adaptec 4000 controllers each controller had 2 ST4096 (80 meg) MFM Hard drives, all my MFM HD where pulled from Dead IBM PC's and after some years all 500 megs where full, the BBS program alone was over 14 megs in size! I took the BBS off line in 1999 after a 11 year run. I have moved most of my 8bit files to the PC for CD rom burnning. Im at the 2 GIG mark!! and Im not done yet.. Theres seems to be Millions of 8bit files. Atari8Man
  14. Ice-T Bug and Reporting it didnt help. I ran a BBS for 11 years and have used every term program for both the 8bit and ST plus all PC term programs. Ice-T is great and works perfect with the 850/MIO/BB/R-verter and PRC interfaces. Pro BBS supports Y-modem-g (Data streem) downloading when flow controll is on. Ice-T will bomb with Y-modem-G and when I reported the Bug to the Author his reply was (oh then use Zmodem) #@! But besides that Ice-T rocks, It may be a bit tricky to setup for novice users but keep at it. Atari8Man
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