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  1. Finally a good Xevious on the VCS ! I have the previous game on an "undressed" cart since almost 20 years and I thought it was a good point from starting a "complete" Xevious, but this one has a completely new engine that makes spectacular use of the characteristics of the VCS ! The various "programming tricks" that have been seen for more than a decade now are part of all realizations of a certain depth, so EXCELLENT job, Chris, Nathan !! If I can (I'm a coin-op fan and a decent player with a few hundred thousand points), the Solvalou is a tad too fast on the move (and that's something that would have been nice in the arcade ) and so is enemies' bullets. It may be that it is my impression also due to the fact that I'm used to playing it in vertical development but obviously VCS can't do it on a TV screen...
  2. macdlsa


  3. ... maybe now is the time for a porting of the awesome arcade version (1985, Sega / Activision) ? I mean a TRUE porting, not that "thing" made for Sega SG-1000 & ColecoVision. I link here one of my post in a thread on the 2600 section... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/261070-pitfall-ii-the-arcade-game/#entry3672026
  4. Got some more time tomorrow morning to play again with the latest release and get at least a perfect in the first levels... Seems you fixed the "head coming-off" issue, but if you watch the ending of the first level sequence you could see that when Harry's jumping L - R repeatedly he's pretty much rid(d)iculous . I see the modded final sequence sprites and I like them ! Quicklaw is so quiet and peaceful, with its big nose and its pleasant face . Nice job !
  5. Too late ... just finished. I did a 1st level "speed-run", which took me about 10 minutes, and an hour of falls and hxggxds for the lost levels... Yup, I noticed exactly what you just said: the levitating rope sequence still has original sprites: Btw, I took some pic from the game, just to show... [notes] I see when Harry is jumping he has no feet . and, I personally think that the movement of Harry's head is a bit too "goofy" ... perhaps moving it a pixel closer to the center of the body ?
  6. Here it is some "walkthrough" indications for the shortest routes to grab all the objects (but not all the treasures) : Regarding the Arcade game I mentioned in my previous post, I'm still disappointed that no one has thought of (re)programming a "Pitfall II Arcade" version for the VCS and/or even Atari 8bits. It would certainly be a kind of "goose with golden eggs"... Too bad I'm not able to program anything else than a June seaside vacancy with wife&daughter...
  7. Sure. Just a few "precisations"... I'm an "hardcore" Pitfall II fan, since VCS' age, and I also have a WR (MARP, top score with 1cc, 1life) in the FABULOUS Sega's arcade game. Bt, sincerely, after all of those "big words", the "perfect pattern" (if there ever was one) for the "Lost Levels" of 8bits "Adventurer's Edition" is not clear to me, so that I could reach the rope in an safe (or not too complicated) way. In this particular case, vultures are extremely difficult to avoid because Harry must simultaneously make complicated and extremely precise jumps on the underlying platform, interrupted in several places ! And, my word of hardcore videogamer, this section is one of those shitty bastards for which you risk to throw your console, computer, TV or monitor in the landfill, and this is all spiced by rivers of the most varied and disparate blasphemies... Well, the first levels takes about 10 minutes to go, but the lost levels are really, really and incredibly difficult... maybe I'll find some time just tomorrow .
  8. In "Pitfall II - Adventurer's Edition" (for Atari 8bit computers and 5200 consoles), Harry's mission, after goin'thru the portal at the end of the "standard" levels , is to collect four main objects: a rope , a pot , a flute and a SNAKE ENCHANTER . Then, he'll have to go to a "particular" place where these collected objects will be combined so that the snake charmer sounds the trumpet making the rope, which is inside the pot, levitate . This will allow Harry (with Rhonda, the Raj Diamond and Quicklaw, whose reappear just in time to leave the caverns but we didn't see them since before Harry passed the first-caverns-portal - seems he carried them in one of his pockets ?! ) to reach the upside ground and finish the adventure ! So... the subject you changed the appearance wasn't a lost explorer but a snake charmer !
  9. At least, I see this in the Store : https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1130 Definitely a good game, but I think, as I already said before, that it is a good attempt to re-create the arcade game but it has almost no elements of the gameplay of the Sega coin-operated game ! To be clear, I don't want to dispute or criticize (I haven't the power to do it, coz' I'm not a programmer), but out of the SG-1000 conversion, it could have been done much better, with the potential of the ColecoVision ! ... and, OBVIOUSLY, our VCS could do such a game !
  10. Hi again, Tom. It seems to me that the difference between the standard palette and this your is quite marked about the black level, so I find it much more faithful with CRT's colors (seen on a LCD computer monitor... wonder if they're too much dark if displayed on a CRT PC monitor...) . John, I played (HeavySixer+HarmonyEncore) with the "testing-mode" invincibility cheat until level 34 and it seems there's something strange... I grabbed all the objects but the level didn't end. I waited until the lost of all the available lives, so not only dying by jumping three times on the same bumper but also making the "killer green coin" appear (sorry... I can't find another name for it ), but it didn't want to go to level 35. I tried another time but no level 35, again... [EDIT: despite the necessary "alternating display" used to overcome the known limitations of the VCS, it is truly INCREDIBLE the amount of stuff movin'on the screen !!!]
  11. Have to try, maybe on Saturday, when I'll have some more spare time
  12. Hi again, Tom ! Ok, yep... level counter colors are ok... unveiled the arcane ! Doors are ok, too... wonder why all the times I hit F12 it didn't show a light-blue door... a special case ! In this pic you could see my settings on Stella (Win7): And here it is the full PAL50 palette color test:
  13. I'll sure try it again, maybe tomorrow evening when I'll be at home, Tom .
  14. Hey John ! > Well, regarding the fact that the game actually seems to come from a much more powerful and advanced console, I participated in a "heated" discussion on my own Facebook group (translated) "the Dawn of Videogames" ... always the same topic, when a game like this appears on the wild: "Using the DPC+ in this way is cheating or not?" ... of course I ended with my thought, which is always the same; as also Duane stated, "If you plug a cartridge into an UNMODIFIED VCS/2600 and you can play the game, then it's a VCS/2600 game, no matter if it has 20 Gigabytes of ROM and a magical half-unicorn fairy living inside of the cartridge !". > HAHA ! Exactly he same for me, John : my "very first contact" with Mappy was on my PSX and Namco Museum vol.2, which also has one of my all-time-favs: Xevious !!!!!!!!! > Yep, graphic and music are really awesome (that really low distortion we could hear, if compared to Pitfall's music, means an intensive "cleaning work" !). Very nice, Nathan and Mike ! > NP... I would have bored you with my usual arcade-line artworks . ____________________ Got some "free-hours" before goin' to my job tomorrow morning so I played for some minutes... When I reached, with test-mode-invincibility, the level 24, at the beginning of it the game crashed with black screen, 1-second diagonal white bounds and an audio "beep".I use a NTSC Heavy6er console, which I modded with an E.S.board for CVBS + S-Video + AudioStereo outputs, and my Harmony Encore has the latest bios, updated the last year from http://atariage.com/forums/topic/156500-latest-harmony-cart-software/ . It does almost the same thing when switching it on with my Saboteur loan cartridge inserted, while my other (PAL) consoles seem to work perfectly... I'll do some further tests with the emulator and some other on original hw...
  15. Thanks, Tom ! Ok, I've just tried it but all I noticed is two "bad" changes compared to both the NTSC and "previous" PAL palettes. You could see from the pic attached, which is one of the 24 I "captioned" for a few seconds from the beginning of the game (I might have just obtained the "F12 - hits per second" world record ), colors are pretty much the same except for the light blue in some doors, which it is never appeared to me with that palette, and the level number, which is turned to purple instead of green (sometimes also the bumper near that number, the first on the low right, turns the same purple). Mappy PAL60 with full PAL hardware (CVBS out) [same picture in my prev. post] Mappy NTSC - screenshot from Stella emulator Mappy PAL60 (DEFAULT PALETTE) - screenshot from Stella emulator Mappy PAL60 (ALTERNATE PALETTE) - screenshot from Stella emulator
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