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  1. Excellent ! I have always thought that the lack of graphic details in some games in their PAL versions (as well as the initial music of SW-ESB) was attributable (also?) to the number of bytes spent in the program to adapt the image to the greatest number of lines (in practice, all PAL versions are "adaptations" starting from the respective NTSC versions... the greater number of horizontal lines for PAL mean a "shrinkage" of the image compared to NTSC and black bands above and below to "fill" the extra lines .) However, if you have something to "find out" about the arcade version of Sega, I have always been waiting for someone to have the will and the constancy to produce a port for VCS ! It's one of my favorite games of all time... and also one of the few arcade games in which I still manage to "have my say"...
  2. Update: after years of "personal controversy", I decided to send my High Score of Pitfall II - The Lost Caverns, arcade coin-op version, made and officially recorded on WolfMame0.106, to Twin Galaxies... https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/244670 https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/pitfall-ii-lost-caverns/mame
  3. Hi rbairos ! I should have imagined it, also because it seems to me that you have already said it, to a previous question of mine in which I asked you if with a "cleaner" master the encoding would have had fewer "hitches" [btw: did you use the "full playthrough" video I sent you for that clip ? ... I see bright and crisp color]. Not being a programmer (but having read the fantastic book "Racing the beam", as well as reading the equally beautiful "Programming for newbies by Andrew Davie) I thought that, for example, along the same scanline the information of "color change "rather than that of "continue with the same color " and that the second would have saved some space... but without frame buffer in fact this concern of mine makes no sense.
  4. In Dragon's Lair, as in all the other traditional animated cartoons, the frames perpetually have "micro-shifts" and variations of light, chroma and color... isn't it that during encoding and/or decoding all these variations can cause a waste of memory, which in the case of our VCS is really precious ? Could a pre-processing of the movie be useful, perhaps even just to uniform the colors ? A bit like they did for the (fantastic !) DL conversion on GameBoyColor and before that on Amiga (a little less fantastic...).
  5. macdlsa

    Movie Cart

    Oh, thank you, rbairos. But I prefer to stay tuned to your (great !) work, especially since I don't have the right skills on the subject.
  6. macdlsa

    Movie Cart

    Ahhhh ... I missed the pre-processing part . Can I see, of course if allowed, a pre-processed videoclip just before being fed to the encoder ? It's just a curiosity...
  7. macdlsa

    Movie Cart

    My thought was not for a simple qualitative increase... I mean that a clip which originally has fewer compression artifacts, more defined colors and margins can facilitate the work of many video data decoding and compression programs and so improve the results. It was a fact at least for the work I had done during the "rips" of the LaserDiscs. Obviously I don't know the methodologies used in this case... in "my" case I mainly used ATI acquisition interfaces, post-processing programs like VirtualDub and lot of disk space due to "non-compression" de/encoding systems like HuffYUV.
  8. macdlsa

    Movie Cart

    rbarios, I see you're probably using a DVD-Video source. I don't know if there could be improvements in your (awesome) job if you'd use another "master"... maybe the process could run smoothly if done with a clip which has different resolution or color gamma. If you'd like I have some different captures of NTSC LaserDiscs, some other from PAL LaserDiscs and also other edited clips taken from HD sources, matched to the NTSC LD frame number/length. I personally produced some of these clips years ago for the Daphne Team to have them working on the emulator, and they were shared through torrents (now "dead"). I don't deny that HD clips have their "charm" but in my opinion the best are those taken from the LDs and "reworked" just enough to remove traces of "laser-rot" and small imperfections.
  9. macdlsa

    Movie Cart

    I was in the Daphne dev team and I remember well when we obtained the permission from the Digital Leisure for sharing official LaserDisc captures for the emulator. People could get those "rips" which was encrypted, and they had to unlock them by inserting an original DL/SA/TW DVD-ROM/Video disc in their PC/Mac. I already had the idea of a DL porting for the VCS, years ago, and at the time it was intended to be a kind of "platformer" Pitfall-like but project stopped due to the lack of time and progarmming skills... I showed all my project to a person I know at Digital Leisure (a friend/neighbor of mine did some italian translations for the manuals included in the DVD-ROMs and console like PS2 and Wii versions) and he said that LLC partners would not consider it a source of income, so there would be no problems regarding the small amount of possible cartridges produced and sold. At now the problem is the copyright factor for the name of the game itself and for all the characters who, as you well know, have returned a few years ago to be an integral part of the retro-gaming world and therefore have regained a lot of popularity. Then, unless I had thought to buy a license, the best thing would have been to change the names, of the game and of all the characters. Of course... this makes sense for the "platformer" game, certainly not for a homebrew that controls a movie taken from the laserdisc .
  10. Years ago we also had a small discussion among Italian fans on how to identify "cheating" in games developments. The epilogue, widely shared by the vast majority of all of us (including myself, and I support it, absolutely!) was: >>>>> IT IS NOT CHEATING WHEN A GAME is able to RUN ON THE ORIGINAL MACHINE, as it was conceived from the beginning <<<<< In other words: > including enhancement processors inside the cartridges (for example the ARM-based DPC+ or -other o.t.- the SFX of some SNES cartridges) IS NOT CHEATING; > internal co-processors or hardware modifications to the machine = CHEATING; > memory expansions are valid only if if the methodology of addition is conceived in origin (-ot- example: Commodore Amiga 256-> 512-> 768-> 1024-> and so other, MB). To connect this thread with that of the "Movie Cart", it can be said that it is designed to read A/V files appropriately created and present in a cartridge through the VCS hardware itself. This IS NOT cheating. It would remain to evaluate an hypotetic device similar to a "superimposer" able to mix the images generated by a FMVplayer installed inside a "supercartridge" with those generated by the VCS, which would also have the task of controlling the execution of these clips by means of appropriate commands set through the usual Joystick and button controllers. All this would make possible conversions from laserdisc-based games such as the AmericanLaserGames series, FireFox, Astron Belt... not to mention the various Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and so on . Also the display interface system would be ideologically complex: audio/video outputs of the VCS should first be connected to the supercartridge and then other A/V outputs would start from this last and have to be connected to the TV.
  11. macdlsa

    Movie Cart

    Hi, sorry to "resume" this thread so late ... Is there any update/improvement/news about the way to stream video+audio data from an external storage device thru the VCS and maybe control clip's correct execution with precise and desired interactions with the usual controls via joystick / firebutton ?
  12. Finally a good Xevious on the VCS ! I have the previous game on an "undressed" cart since almost 20 years and I thought it was a good point from starting a "complete" Xevious, but this one has a completely new engine that makes spectacular use of the characteristics of the VCS ! The various "programming tricks" that have been seen for more than a decade now are part of all realizations of a certain depth, so EXCELLENT job, Chris, Nathan !! If I can (I'm a coin-op fan and a decent player with a few hundred thousand points), the Solvalou is a tad too fast on the move (and that's something that would have been nice in the arcade ) and so is enemies' bullets. It may be that it is my impression also due to the fact that I'm used to playing it in vertical development but obviously VCS can't do it on a TV screen...
  13. macdlsa


  14. ... maybe now is the time for a porting of the awesome arcade version (1985, Sega / Activision) ? I mean a TRUE porting, not that "thing" made for Sega SG-1000 & ColecoVision. I link here one of my post in a thread on the 2600 section... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/261070-pitfall-ii-the-arcade-game/#entry3672026
  15. Got some more time tomorrow morning to play again with the latest release and get at least a perfect in the first levels... Seems you fixed the "head coming-off" issue, but if you watch the ending of the first level sequence you could see that when Harry's jumping L - R repeatedly he's pretty much rid(d)iculous . I see the modded final sequence sprites and I like them ! Quicklaw is so quiet and peaceful, with its big nose and its pleasant face . Nice job !
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