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  1. Well that is a mighty fine piece of news to start my new year. Thanks!
  2. I have Burn Rubber and love it but Super Sprint is a pure nostalgia play on my part since I probably dumped a hundred bucks worth of quarters into that game as a kid.
  3. I'd love to play Super Sprint on the CV. Too bad it could only be one player using the expansion module 2.
  4. There were tabletop space invaders and frogger available for sale a couple of christmases ago so maybe that is a source for tooling etc.
  5. If it is the sensor that's bad, then you also have a donor for the cord conversion of the steering wheel.
  6. Irwin probably saw the cost of translating and printing up separate boxes and manuals as eating up any profits they might have made. I bet Atari 's deal wIth Irwin dumped those costs in Irwin's lap.
  7. I'll take #66 please. I love the two boxes inside a bigger box. Great idea!
  8. that still manage to sneak into my ebay searches from time to time no matter how I refine the searches...
  9. I got mine a few days ago. Thanks for being super professional despite your recent medical issue Toby. Top notch, and glad you're feeling better. Thanks Toby and J-F.
  10. Got my games in the mail today! Thanks to Toby for ensuring my late-ordering ass still got the games in time for Christmas. Bravo!
  11. I'm willing to bet that the threats of going to court are a bluff, as he would have to either hire his own lawyer (this would be a small claims court issue) or fill out all the forms and file them and pay the fees himself. However, I agree with everyone else that it's just not worth the bother, because if he does fill out the forms and file the claim himself, he'll do so so where he lives and does business and you would have to defend the claim there. If you ignored the claim, the court would find against you and you'd be out of luck. I especially like the idea of different bar code stickers for the different production runs of the module. And since bennybingo says that lots of other businesses do it this way, it will still have an authentic look to it.
  12. Don't forget to protect yourself with a contract.
  13. Just wanted to let the group know that I posted a couple of CIB Parker Brothers games on eBay: James Bond 007 Super Cobra Thanks for looking.
  14. Kinda cheating, but I can combine two favorites from my childhood - CV and CHiPs. http://boardgamegeek...ame/13227/chips Definitely appeals to an older crowd, but lots of us CV fans are of an age. Bonus, I don't think there's been a game about it. Drawback: tv shows protect themselves and their copyrights pretty zealously.
  15. I've always wanted but never been able to find a Quickshot III at a price I was willing to pay. It had the stick at the bottom like the Wico Command Control, but had buttons on the stick. suction cups for sticking on the table means it may be a little bulky to hold in your hand, but hopefully I'll find out for myself one day.
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