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  1. we want to order two carts. but no credit card so paypal would be nice I was checking the ordering page every day now...
  2. Hi! I want to built some kind of 4 Player Bartop Warlords device with 4 knobs to play. so I think 2 Stelladaptors with 2 sets of Paddles (i.e. 4 Paddles in total) would be all I need for controlls, right? Is there any way to get two stelladaptors? Or is there a DIY projekt for stelladaptors online somewhere?
  3. hi! i wonder if there are people who think Star Raiders on the 2600 is a good conversion of the Atari 8-bit computer game. perhaps I missunderstand the game - so i have some questions the 800xl version has a big galactic chart (map) with many places to jump and many enemies. On the 2600 this map is 4 by 4. there is no place to maneuver or for tactics at all. right? what do you think. or is the map bigger than 4x4 and i just dont understand it?
  4. Hi! I am making a series of short videos about "retro" videogaming. the latest two episodes of those Retro Snippets focus on the Atari 2600. If you want to see them you can do so here: click (it is in german]
  5. how can I do it? i can use the Mouse as Paddles in Super Breakout, but i cant use the mouse as Trakball
  6. perhaps a picture of a working Trackball would help, because I could resolder everything can anyone make some good quality fotos of his CX80?
  7. anyone who knows how this ST mod works?
  8. hmmm... yes the fact that the right button is not working perhaps means, that is it really an Atari ST Mod... I have searched for this mod, because I could see how the original wiring should be. But I didnt find anything... does someone know where a tutorial can be found?
  9. I just opened the CX80... and i think someone changed some things in it... one "wire" on the circuit board is cut... and i think some wires are desoldered and soldered to different spots... are there any mods, that are known for the cx80, so i can look, if this mod is done on my cx and change it back? near the blue wire there is a cut (??) on the top is written blue, but a black wire is soldered to it. is this ok?
  10. but i live in germany so here they are not that easy to find
  11. hmmm... is there a easy way to test if the TB mode is ok? with a c64 perhaps?
  12. Hi! I got one of those CX80s - but it does not work... the cursor in Missile Comand (the normal one, that only supports the JS setting) is just moving around in a wierd way... the Trak-Ball is in JS of course. Is it possible to repair the device?
  13. on the foto where the console with the scart cable direct soldered to the circuit board you can see some kind of "thing" which is in the former RF hole... the cable is going through this thing... what do you call this thing? i want to order something like that, but i dont know what the name is (neither in englisch nor in german )
  14. there are 3 chapters now. and in the first there is spoken of many example codes and various gametypes that will be covered. is this to come?
  15. aha! i allways wondered what "indented" means, and to be honest i dont know it yet. but i understand it as "do a space in front of the line" now the compilation runs
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