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  1. Ghidra is indeed very nice. It's not without its faults: for example I still haven't found an option that can export a disassembly that you can then immediately reassemble. Some processing of the file is required. Also, marking bytes as an array (so you can make the source more compact) is still quite weird. But still, it helped me a lot in disassembling a game and porting it to the Atari ST, and is much better than similar free tools (radare2, cutter) and costs way less than commercial tools (IDA pro, Binary Ninja). So definitely worth checking out!
  2. That sounds like a monitor issue, not a software issue. For example, my monitor has settings for "1:1" aspect ratio, as well as "stretch". Setting it to "1:1" gives black borders left and right of the image but no stretch. Are you sure that the other emulators you mention don't use "fullscreen borderless" (check the Altirra screenshot above) and perform some clever bordering, thus avoiding the issue?
  3. You should get in touch with the author and send him your version. Most likely he will add it as an official release. I did the same with Davide Bucci's games (sort of) and he was only too happy to include them as legit versions!
  4. I cast my vote already, but I'd also like to offer another category that (as far as I can tell) isn't covered in the poll: Puzzle games! But not just old tired puzzles. A couple of examples: Ever since The Witness came out in 2016, shortly after there was a demake released for the NES called "The Wit.nes". I find it totally adorable and I was hella jealous of it not being on an Atari! A tamed down version of Stephen's sausage roll. Going 3D might be overkill for an 8bit machine, I'm sure a stripped down 2D would work beautifully. I don't want to bore people too much (and apologies to @ilmenit if I did bore him already!) so I'll quickly mention some puzzlescript games like "Skipping stones to lonely homes" "Mirror isles" "Enigmash" Right, that's me done, I'll get my coat now
  5. In the Lode Runner version I had BITD I remember there was a key combo that you could change the game speed. Memory says it was ctrl and + or -. I did try the "fast version" and fumbled with keys a bit - eventually I managed to slow that version down too. So, my take is that the "fast" version is binary patched so that it starts with max speed instead of normal.
  6. I took advantage of the Fujinet supporting 2 virtual floppies by mounting CopyMate in D1:, PoP DD disk in D2: and setting my XF551 as D3:. Then when CopyMate booted I just did a D2: -> D3: copy.
  7. I tried this a few days ago, just forgot to write the result here: I got a blue screen after 20-30 minutes, I think the mouse loading screen was shown.
  8. I know it's not what you ask for, but if it helps anyone I used an XF551, Fujinet and CopyMate (either v4.4 or the XE version, I'm not sure at the moment) and everything went without a hitch: reading/formatting/writing.
  9. Right, so I apologise if I break the current thread mood of doom and gloom and flamewars. That said... I really want to congratulate @rensoup and everyone involved in this project - it is a labour of love and it really shows! I wish the team all the best and hope to see a final version soon! The main purpose of my post is just to give my bit of feedback testing the 20210619 bugfix version on my various configurations here. Mainly: 800XL with Ultimate 1Mb and dual POKEY extensions installed Stock XF551 Fujinet v1.3 AVG cart The combinations I tried are: Fujinet loading the DD version XF551 loading the DD version AVG cart loading all 3 cartridge images I'm happy to report that everything passed with flying colours :). Reading this thread the past couple of weeks I was expecting a crashfest, but I was gladly proven wrong. So I'm extra happy. That's all from me, again congratulations and keep up the good work! (You may now return to flaming each other)
  10. Sheesh, what a derail to the thread. Come on people, let's try to bring some positivity to the thread! I'm sure many of you have installed the latest firmware and it works fine! Also, that you've sent Jon some money for his hard work! I've checked both items above off my list and would also like to thank @flashjazzcat for his continued support on his BIOS and other software :).
  11. rmac v2.1.8 is now out. Quite a few bug fixes (apologies to those who reported these and were waiting for the official release) and a statically linked binary for Linux as there were people asking for this. http://rmac.is-slick.com Changelog: Fixed bug where rmac would crash if a too complex expression was entered in a line. Thanks to Zorro of Ghost for the report. Fixed handling of RMACPATH environment variable. Thanks to James Jones for the report and fix! Harden RISC register parser. Thanks to DrTypo for the report. Fixed bug where expressions that contained the star character (*) would be treated as absolute when .ORG is active. Many thanks to James Jones for the report. Fixed bug where symbols redefined using SET more than once would be assembled to the last value. Emit an error when “.opt +o” or “.opt ~o” is encountered (i.e. no arguments) Don’t touch o10 (AKA op) when +/~Oall is called Fix .goto directive Improvements in reporting errors inside macros Experimental static Linux build (64-bit only) Enjoy!
  12. Having my PC's boot drive FAT table wiped once is one times too many. So without trying, my recommendation is to still avoid. As for TDE, nobody has claimed any damage on their files, so it's just revenge claims from a spiteful man. Oh well. BTW don't @ me, won't be reading or replying to this thread further.
  13. At least from what I've read on the fujinet section of this forum: a) the differences between hardware revisions are not very significant, b) most (all?) of the features work everywhere from v1.0 to the latest. Also, ordering from the USA while living in EU and having all these delays in post offices sounds so "fun". In any case, I ordered a fujinet and avgcart from @tmp last week, so that's me done. Looking forward to receiving them!
  14. That'd be very nice, I've enjoyed reading the Dtack grounded issues a few years ago, I'm sure this manual will be equally fun to read.
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