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  1. Or you can try adding these lines on top of your rapapp.s and rebuild: lea $f00400,a0 move.w #128-1,d0 clear_clut_loop: clr.l (a0)+ dbra d0,clear_clut_loop
  2. While we're all here.... what are the chances of seeing a @Gemintronic game on the Jaguar?
  3. Excellent stuff @xxl :). If I could ask for one extra feature it'd be for an undo system. Games like these (Snakebird, Stephen's sausage roll, Pipe push paradise etc) really spoiled me with their undo functions!
  4. I'm not using Vincent's gcc build per se, but on my build of gcc 4.6.4 I don't see any errors about this: https://tinyurl.com/y6lu6u53. So the only options I see is Bastian's suggestion or building gcc on your own (script is always here: https://bitbucket.org/ggnkua/bigbrownbuild). Probably Bastian's solution will take less time :).
  5. As someone who has done a much more painful conversion (z80+spectrum basic to ST 68000 assembly) I can only congratulate @matosimi for his hard work knowing all the pains projects like these have :).
  6. A couple of things to consider: - You probably don't need all the complexity of raptor if you just plan to use a single score. - Check out the advanced scores example (https://github.com/ggnkua/bcx-basic-Jaguar/blob/master/projects/scoresadvanced/scoresadvanced.bas) to get some ideas. - There are procedures to read and write from and to eeprom (powaeeprom) and MT (raptor_mt_save). - MT data is automatically loaded if MT present and a file is present on it. - Don't forget to set RAPTOR_MT_app_name and RAPTOR_MT_file_name in rapinit.s of your project to something unique to avoid overwriting other stuff - I haven't tested this, but I think for your case you can simply read/write your highscore to the first 4 bytes of the highscore memory area, something like highscoreBoard[0]=123456789. Check https://github.com/ggnkua/bcx-basic-Jaguar/blob/master/projects/scoresadvanced/scoresadvanced.bas#L72 for more info. - In general just read that file and its comments, it should walk you through all the important details
  7. That's great, also recommending recuva as it has saved my bacon too many times to count! I'm not one of those religious people that tries to force people to use backups, but replicating my work folders across machines has proven very invaluable over the years - even a couple of cheapo usb sticks could do the trick :). Or, consider using a very simple source control program like subversion to keep everything in check. BTW I don't think the build folder contains things that would help with recovery, it's just temp files written during the build process...
  8. I guess that would be sublime text since @luckybuck mentioned it a while back. But sure, notepad++ can be skinned as well, look at https://www.groovypost.com/howto/notepad-plus-plus-change-font-color/ on how to do it.
  9. It's been a few years now since I last did an example, so I guess it was time for a new one (plus I've been asked very politely by somebody)! Get the latest revision of the repository and build project "vertscroller". I'm sorry that the code is without comments and cryptic, but I'm quite tired tonight and I'm sure that if I tried to explain how it works people would have even more questions :). I'll just say that it uses a 320x480 buffer and each new line of text is printed twice. So I guess people in the know already got the idea. The rest, try to figure out on your own for now (it's a good excercise to be honest!) and don't hesitate to ask questions! That's it for now, have fun taking it apart!
  10. Well it's not too outdated, i.e. you can pick up a lot of concepts from there and they'd still work (like raptor lists, asset management etc). But the tutorial doesn't cover newer stuff like added commands, a support for a 2nd sound engine etc. It's not a waste of time to read through it, that's why it's still there. Just saying that it could use some work to bring it up to speed and, well, nobody has done that yet :).
  11. Just wanted to report another successful update here! I'm sure that I use 0.1% of the firmware's capabilities as I only have an Ultimate 1Mb board - no pbi or side2 hardware here. However since I know what a pain in the butt it is to write, debug and support BIOS and utilities like these (I've done my fair bit on the Atari ST and compatibles) and since I've received some gratitude, what the hell, I've sent a small tip over to fjc. Well done Jon! You're an inspiration to us all, keep it up!
  12. Hi there, In some ways the tutorial is outdated but most things should be ok (btw the tutorial exists under the "website" folder when you download the github or bitbucket repository). All projects from the tutorial are already bundled inside the repository and should build ouf of the box (for example starfield and lolavamp). If there's still something missing just give out a shout and we'll find it. In general if you want to understand the system you can read the tutorials on this site and building the bundled projects and reading the source code to see how they work. It's true that proper documentation hasn't been rb+'s stronger point. This subforum has a few questions answered. The general vibe has always been "just ask here if something doesn't make sense". Have fun exploring the system!
  13. Like @snicklin says, people on the 8 bits are much more aggressive about RAM usage compared to modern programmers. Since the memory map is more or less fixed you can simply copy your data over to an aligned location and be wary not to write anything else above that. Another trick I remember many people using in BASIC listings is to simply take the RAMTOP value, which holds the last free page in RAM, subtract 4 from it, adjust the value, and then use those 4 pages to hold your data. Then at least the system will be aware of your buffer. Of course this is moot if you don't plan to keep the O/S running.
  14. Are these 10 boards spoken for or can I claim one? (product quality notwithstanding, at this point any excuse to see Panos in real life is good for me :))
  15. Also, you could set up a hosting space of your own and have all files there for download...
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