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  1. Yea...i think it came out around the time of the movie...'80 or '81. I pumped quarters in that thing until I actually won. I had sucky reflexes back then. For some reason they've gotten better and more honed with time, though a bit shaky sometimes.
  2. I love all my consoles just as much as the others...but i do dote on the Atari, NES, and SMS more than the newer ones. Games back then were always funner, always will be. But when it comes to new consoles PS2 onwards (I'll never get a Wii or PS3...I don't have $700 extra dollars lying around)...I think the best game made that has had me addicting and drooling for the sequel is Guitar Hero. Being a guitar player for 12 years, I decided to pick this game up just as a novelty. Boy...was I friggin shocked. I never liked 'Keep the Beat' type games until this. I play the Guitar Hero 2 demo like theres no tommorrow. I know the final song build is up and I'm glad they put Hangar 18 in it (big Megadeth fan here) but I was hoping for some more 70s and good 80s. I was really wanting some Ratt, more David Bowie, Foreigner. Also wanted more metal...like Dying Fetus, Skinless, Between the Buried and Me, etc. .....boy, that was a long Guitar Hero rant.....ATARI RULES
  3. Man...almost everytime I go to my local Game Exchange in Fort Smith to get some Nes or SNES games...I have to hold back some of my comments. Other than the fact that most of their carts are outrageously over-priced and look like a dog took a shit on them, I hate it when I pick a few up and go to check out...and the guy at the front goes," So, goin' old school today?" I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY OLD SCHOOL...especially about video games. that is such an annoying and ghetto term. If I wanted to go "old school" I would go to a flea market and buy some extra copies of Combat or Asteroids...not come here and buy your over-priced NES games. And the other day, at the other Game-Exchange in Fort Smith...there were these two dudes looking at PS1 games and one of em kept sayin' " Ohhh...thats some old-school, right there." "ohhhhh old school gaming." I think they looking at like Street Fighter Anthologies, too To me, if anything is old school, it would be the old Pong units I grew up on. Throw in some Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 and NOW you got some OLD SCHOOL...(god i hate that term )
  4. I was always wondering if anyone was ever or is currently doing a homebrew for the Atari 2600 of the original Tron arcade game? That was one of the best coin-ops ever. It's my older brother's all-time favorite...it'd be bad-ass to surprise him with one because he's always saying hes going to get one eventually. But back to this discussion...as far as I know, there have been no translations of the arcade game to any system that I can think of. All I have on the Atari is Discs of Tron and Adventures of Tron and neither is as exciting and pulse-pounding as the arcade version. The light-cycle level was always my favorite...just loved it.
  5. I actually just chatted with my bud that has the store above Godzillas post and he just echoed the same sentiment as Godzilla and I think his Ebay days are numbered so if you want something that works, check there but not past christmas is my best guesstimate to when he calls it quits. Ciao I was just checking out his stuff and i really want that 7800 system with games. Always wanted a 7800, even though there are not that many games...but it does have FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!! Gotta start working extra to get that now.
  6. Most of the time I don't pay attention to homebrews but this one looks really good. Good plot...based on another good game. The gameplay style sounds fun too. I was thinking of getting it. Any reviews on it? Anyone have any thoughts on it? Does it come with a box or just the game and instructions?
  7. I mostly have to get all my Atari games off E-Bay since I only had a few surviving since I was a kid. (Though with NES games, theres always a local video game shop carrying them so I don't need to use Ebay as much) I hate it when the Ebay STORES that you order from always list their games as having been cleaned, tested and in working order...but when you get the game, it looks like a kid chewed on it and the connector is so dirty its brown. yea they tested it all right....in their friggin imagination. every single game i've bought from many different sellers and ebay stores have all said the same thing Clean, Tested and in Working Order. I practically have to Q-Tip the games to death. You can't tell about the games either because most of the time the sellers have 100% seller rating. sometimes i wish they would say Condition of game unknown or may need some cleaning. Don't tell me it's clean and then when i get it....i go %*[email protected]#!!! I've only bought games from ONE Ebay store that have been actually decent and clean when I Q-tipped them after getting em in the mail. Retro Game Spot is the store. At least someone knows how to clean games. Heres three perfect examples of what I was bitchin about: 1: This is the funniest...I ordered an extra copy of Fishing Derby from some guy in Canada of all places. It gets here and I dont notice it at first but as I'm cleaning it...all these little black dots are coming out. After awhile I looked in and it looked like there was black sand all over the place and caked in the tiny crevices. I don't know what the hell that stuff was but I wasnt going to stick it in my Atari. When we emailed the guy about it...he was like "Cartridges get dirty as they age so here are some cleaning tips" I aint a friggin two year old. I know how to clean my damn games. What I don't know is how all this sand got caked in my cart. He finally sent me a better copy WITHOUT sand in it. 2: I get a copy of North and South for the NES the other day and like all other sites. Cleaned Tested and in Working Order. I turn it around to look at the contacts and it looked like Pippi friggin Longstockings had shed her hair into my game. There was hair all over the place. How the hell did it get stuck to the connector??? Where did it even come from????? 3: I got a copy of the Mutant Virus for NES today and it works after a good cleaning but the cart looks like hell. Its got bubbles all over the place. I thought I've seen shitty carts but damn. It looks like someone tossed this little game in the microwave for awhile. And of course , the picture provided by the REPUTABLE store showed no signs of any cartridge damage. But, lo and behold, it gets here and its all bubbly. Whew....at least I got that off my chest. It just kept building up so I had to let it out somewhere.
  8. So true about Guitar Hero. That game has eaten up much of the last year for me. It all was worth it after getting the Battle Axe on Expert though. Now I've been jammin' on the Guitar Hero 2 demo. Its only 4 songs but it gets ya' drooling....
  9. I'd say about 3-4 hours if you count playing the games, cleaning and testing games (which is in itself very time-consuming), and reading up stuff on game websites like atariage, gamefaqs, etc. oh well i don't care because it's part of my life. has been for almost 25 years, ever since i could hold a joystick in my hand.
  10. 1: Pressure Cooker!!!!!!! 2: Berzerk Hardcore Robot Killin' 3: Dark Cavern 4: Seaquest 5: Keystone Kapers 6: Dragonfire 7: Maze Craze (only when theres 2 players) 8: Cosmic Commuter 9: Burgertime 10: Stampede (I still keep tryin' to last the first 3 minutes!!!)
  11. okay...this is starting to grate my nerves....everytime i start my game of towering inferno...it works fine...no glitches or anything, but when the game actually starts I can't move my man anywhere ...its like the joystick isnt plugged in..... my atari is in perfect condition, every game works fine, my joystick works fine on every game, and i've cleaned my towering inferno cart so much it looks brand new.....can anyone help me or give me any advice on why this is occuring? any help would be appreciated -corey
  12. Popeye Based on the ever-popular arcade game and cartoon character, Popeye for the Atari 2600 is a faithful conversion that stays true to the gameplay roots of the arcade game. You play as Popeye, who is constantly being chased by Bluto, and you have to gather enough hearts that Olive Oyl sends down to reach the next level. Each level gets harder but theres always the spinach, which let's Popeye knock Bluto out for a few seconds. Another Parker Bros. hit.
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