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  1. me too.........just waiting for dinner to be ready and then off to play the best songs around on RB2
  2. Ooops......sorry about that. I was mistaking the VGC for that loser Angry Nintendo Nerd. Apologies to VGC.
  3. He deserves to burn at the stake for listing these games. He's just a cheap hack/one-trick pony anyways.....so it doesn't matter.
  4. Shit.........I guess this is what I get for being late. Missing up a game like this. I just recently watched the first Phantasm for the first time in a long time........BOYYYYYYYY!!!!! That part where the kid watches him walk by and stand by the Ice Cream truck is so freakin' bad-ass.
  5. Halo Wars should be up there. It's one of the most solid RTS' I have played since Starcraft. Fallout 3 is THE game to get, though......assuming you already love the plots of the first two Fallouts and the gameplay style of Oblivion.
  6. Same as everyone above: I'll probably buy it out of principle. Mr. T... Nazis..... Foos..... I'm there.
  7. Yea...I have a lot of shitty looking carts with caked dust and dead 'daddy-long-legs' smashed all over them.
  8. I've had many names over the years in all the Guitar Heros. My band name in Guitar Hero World Tour: Methadone Guitar Hero Metallica: Dopesick Rock Band: ho
  9. Great game co-op. They basically give ya'll both command of the same thing. So it's up to ya'll to multi-task.
  10. maybe one day they'll find it in their hearts to port this to the 360. but i'm not holding my breath.
  11. Love the Pitt. Even better than Operation: Anchorage. Dominated the Trogs so the campaign wasn't much of a problem. My allegience went to Ashur and not to Wehner and the slave rebellion. Maybe one day I'll see it in my heart to sink down to Wehrner's level. I may be the 'Scourge of the Wasteland'....but I'm no baby-killer.
  12. Past week playlist: Civilization : Revolution Age of Booty Fallout 3 - new campaign 'The Pitt' Resident Evil 5 Guitar Hero : World Tour
  13. Yeah. I've played it. I finished the one player mode. Neat game. I wish you could directly control more ships, though. Yeah...me too.....because your AI buddies stink at strategy. The only level I've yet to beat is the last level. That level is a monster.
  14. Still obsessing over Civ. I've beaten the game using about half the civilizations......my favorite being the Aztecs for the obvious 'healing after combat' perk. Been playing on the King difficulty mostly. I'm having a hard enough time with it so I'm edgy about trying Deity. My Civ gaming may come to a short halt since I'm getting RE5 and GH: Metallica soon.
  15. I played the trial version of Battleship and it was not even worth 5 dollars, IMO. AND, the trial version only lets you play until you destroy one friggin' ship......they don't even let you finish a game. WTF?!?!?! I can see paying 10 bucks for the whole shebang but not PER game. I was very turned off by the whole thing and deleted the trial without the bat of an eye. This will have to eventually come to a stop one way or the other......because even hardcore XBLA guys like me are starting to refuse the shit they spew. Maybe someday, their prices will come down.......but not anytime soon. And from the look of all the future XBLA arcade games coming out within the next two monthes.....I can only realistically see myself trying out one or two of them. The rest looks like shovelware shit.
  16. Thats basically it, online that is. I've only come across one or two opponents that actually build up their bases and create vast armies. 75% of the people you'll come across will try to rush you......so your whole game is spent combatting the constant rush and then rushing, yourself. It doesn't help that on XBL's main pages, they give you two or three video strategies on various rushing techniques. Thanks alot M$. Way to combat n00b rushing.
  17. I'm thinking about it. Haven't gotten a DS game in awhile because I don't have time for anything other than 360 in my spare time. Looks wonderful and was the only DS game I was looking forward to. Glad to hear it is good. Despite what many people say in reviews, I REALLY enjoyed GTA Advance when it came out...and this has the similar look and feel.....but upgraded immensely.
  18. It's not coming to the Wii. He was making a joke. Umbrella Chronicles, anyone?
  19. On an off-topic question: has anyone played Age of Booty? That game ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! It's probably in my top 5 XBLA ever now. It's so easy to play an so addictive. I get my ass whooped on multiplayer all the time, though, because everyone I play seems to be a pro and knows every detail of every map and how to go about dominating in it.
  20. Is that basically what one-player mode has? Unlimited time to plan and build.
  21. I just got this game on a whim......on a side note, I never really got into the original Civs.......and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! My past couple weeks have been used playing Halo Wars, Dead Rising, and Age of Booty constantly but I'm afraid this game is going to keep me occupied until Kingdom Come.
  22. Don't worry about the timed missions and protect missions. After awhile, you'll beat the levels and get over it. The "bread and butter" is in the skirmish and online multiplayer. There is no time limit on your fun there.
  23. Yup..........free download for the trial....but you have to pay for the full game. My only gripe is if you have to pay 800 points for EACH game. I wouldnt mind paying 300-400 points per game but 800 apiece. Sadly, I'll still find myself getting Battleship, Connect Four, etc. etc. M$ has my moneybag, sadly.
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