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  1. The audio format is probably like Starpath Supercharger and the audio is converted to 1's and 0's and fed through the controller port to internal RAM. It is possible to make CD player, MP3 player (with lossless wav capability) and computer playback in proper format.
  2. LTO is news to me. You just saved me maybe $200
  3. Quite responsive as they used conductive rubber that just about every game controller post-Crash used rather than metal dome. And it's small enough you could play it one handed. If you're ambidextrous, you could probably play 2 controllers game like Raiders of the Lost Ark without having to swap controller or stop to change hands. PS they also made Power Stick for Colecovision. Looks like the tiny Atari version with the number pad cobbled on the back end. I think they also did Intellivision too.
  4. The market rate is over $100 for working version. It's funny how a 30 year old hard drive the size of 3 bricks, requires external power, and really old computer is worth as much as today's pocket sized portable hard drive that can hold about 100,000 times the old hard drive capacity. I'll keep poking. I'd like that extra $50 over "untested but looks good" rate.
  5. Before Macintosh had SCSI, Apple released a 20MB hard drive that connected via floppy drive port. It only lasted a short time as Mac Plus came out with built in SCSI that was faster. Anyway I have this hard drive but I don't have a Macintosh with the external disk drive port. I have a Powerbook Duo with minidock that has square 20 pin connector, a Mac Centris 610 with only internal disk drive, a Wallstreet G3 and iMac with no disk drive support. Any of you have experience with the oddball hard drive and can tell me how to test it beside powering it on and watching for any smoke. According to Google, it used hard drive that had completely different connector and is not SCSI or IDE at all. A propriety format that was only used in Apple HD20. So taking it apart is not an option unless the disk drive connector inside is a regular 20 pin that is same as standard Macintosh internal drive, then I could open it and run the flat 20 connector cable.
  6. GSP also has to eat loss if the package arrived damaged. Seller are not dinged for chargeback. I had someone who bought a vintage guitar for over $400, it was shipped to Australia. The seller showed picture it was extremely well packed, you could probably place an egg in there and run it through cement mixer for days and still not crack the egg. The guitar arrived crushed because of really poor packing. Seems GSP repacked them into smaller box to save on shipping cost. I sent a few older games that were MIB to someone in France. It was packed well. The person in France got the games and instruction but no box. He got the full refund and gets to keep the games and I didn't need to do anything. Lucky because eBay usually won't consider box condition when someone files a dispute.
  7. If that was Intellivision version, there would be piranha feeding frenzy here with about 20 offering to buy in the first 3 seconds. Intellivision is without any current flashable cart and Intellivision is a real pain in the butt to build hardware for, modern flash chips aren't compatible with G1 ROM addressing and data scheme. You need to demux and remux everything between the cart slot and the flash chips and do it fast enough it doesn't cause Intellivision to crash due to missed bit.
  8. Locally none allows it anymore. Goodwill banned CRT TVs at the start of past July and Salvation Army have refused for a while. Other smaller thrift shops and flea market don't carry it either. It's probably a coincidence but I saw a lot more CRT TV at yard sale this year than usual. Get a VCR while you can, VCR (without actually playing tapes) could last a long time compared to CRT TV and VCR usually works as old non-compliant video to more compliant video converter.
  9. An 8PDT switch would be less wire to mod with but it'd be manual switch only, no soft switching by holding button on power on. My TG-16 is modded with an 8PDT switch but it's now useless since I got TurboEverdrive which has built in PCE/TG-16 converter. Modding TG-16 is slightly easier because PCE didn't have region lock. Modding PCE to play TG-16 games requires one minor mod to a CPU to fake the region lock.
  10. Not gaming but something classic (15 year old laptop) and more funny than interesting. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 121366132809 Seems the shipping is rather expensive for a brick. $46.95 to ship a 2 pound dead battery half way across USA? I'd be disappointed if it didn't arrive within 12 hours of payment.
  11. Used to have a Willhem programmer some years ago then it went bad. I still like to be able to read or progra, 2k and 4k eproms so naturally it'd require external power, typically around 12.5v just for vpp I haven't been able to find out if modern USB based programmer can handle old EPROM gracefully or if it'd throw a fit and balk at anything needing more than 5v. PS glad I don't need to do 1k, a typical 2708 needs weird voltage. It's usually easier to double up ROM image and burn it to 2716 and tie uppermost address pin to Vcc or gnd permanently.
  12. Thought I'd help contribute to this thread. The EXT connector for PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 has the same pinout but the metal shield around the connector is different shaped. PC Engine is more rectangle shaped with straight sides while TG16 is more trapezoid shaped with angled sides. Since you're not comfortable with soldering, you could always ask for AV mod service in the WTB section. A common mod uses Genesis 2 style AV port so you could get either composite or RGB out. Yes, TG-16 and PCE can output raw RGB and with about 50 cents worth of parts make a basic amp circuit that will work with most RGB monitor. My TG16 is modded and hooked to a Commodore monitor, the image is so sharp it almost hurts to look at it (and Commodore monitor are shit compared to Sony PVM!!!)
  13. Worn power port is the bane of existence. I've had a few Lynx and Game Gear that was either touchy or wouldn't work at all. A brand new jack with the exact same pinout position and same connector size will work.
  14. They may have been boring but Mattel saved probably 2 cents per cart using tiny label without fancy artwork.
  15. Maybe Meijers? They had FB in the past but it seems to be hit or miss. We still have Kmart around? Just about all the local Kmart closed. Considering their overall status, maybe they won't get any FBs.
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