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  1. The auction goes they man in the front row with grey suit and puffy white tail! Thank you, everyone, for participating. Please check back in the next few days to see if there are any freebies left. Update: He took the lot! Thanks for a fun auction. Night Driver
  2. Any last minute questions? Please ask now. I'm heading off to work a 5-hour shift at 4:00; will return just in time for the end of the auction (9:42.) See you then! The auction is currently standing at $49.95
  3. 24 hours, 43 minutes.... and holding steady at $39.01
  4. 2 days left We're holding steady at $39.01 In the home stretch, though... Things could get interesting! (Lots of extras being thrown in w/ possibly more to come... please read thread for details.)
  5. If I remember correctly: the sound on the Jag worked, but w/o video The previous owner tried to modify it to work w/ RCA connectors All in all, this auction has morphed into the following monster: Flight Commander & Spitfire Attack Atari Jaguar w/ two (2) new controllers Jaguar Doom & NEW IN BOX Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Coleco Alien Attack Nintendo Power Pad Playstation (busted) Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga/Mappy/Pole Position/Xevious plug-n-play Odyssey II K.C. Munchkin & Pocket Simon (for the blind)(not pictured) (edit: For those just joining this auction, please read previous posts for item descriptions. Most are tweaked in their own, special way. Thanks, Night Driver.) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  6. With just 3 days left, the auction is currently at $39.01
  7. There will definately be some extras being thrown in w/ this auction! (Winner desiring.) I'm not a fix-it-guy. Over the years, I've accumulated a modified Atari Jaguar (that needs work,) a Nintendo Power Pad (that may, or may not, work fine,) a Pocket Simon (w/ sound- but no lights,) a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga plug-n-play (w/ glitchy fire button,) Coleco's Alien Attack and some other stuff... Odyssey II's K.C. Munchkin, for example. All, or none, of it will be included with Flight Commander and Spitfire Attack for free (except for additional ACTUAL shipping costs. [if the winner is not interested in any/all of the extras, they will be available for free (plus shipping) to first interested party.]
  8. Great! I kind of thought that would be the case, but I wanted to get the facts out there. I'm psyched. $35 Still five days left!
  9. Update: Checked out Flight Commander and found that the wiring has become a bit glitchy. It worked when held in the right position, but will require soldering to be fully playable. If you have a bid in, feel free to reconsider if you'ld like. I would hate for anyone to be disappointed. That being said, you may have intended to renew the connections, anyway. Still Interested?
  10. Current Auction Bid for Spitfire Attack & Flight Commander $2! (plus shipping) Five days to go.
  11. Thank You, JibbaJaba! The last time I was on AtariAge, my avatar was a current photo! With 6 1/2 days left in the auction, CebusCapucinis is in the lead! Current bid: $2
  12. The Spitfire cart is tested and works great. The Flight Commander is busted at base and needs repair. I have had it plugged in and registered response. This somewhat rare game and controller shouldn't be sitting on my shelf. I always intended to fix it, but never did. Interested? This is a Seven (7) day Auction... starting now and ending 9:42 PM EST, Tues Dec. 08, 2009 Bidding starts at $1 plus shipping
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