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  1. Your result has skipped some zeroes.
  2. Thanks for the idea. "Important threads" are so relative to individual interests. Previously I used the Forum Search a lot, but the flexibility there, is now very limited. I now use Google Search with the option "site:atariage.com". Works fine for me. I know everyone's not there (jumping to Google), so if someone wants to make a list of "important threads", and put a link to that thread inside the READ FIRST!, all fine with me.
  3. http://www.cpcwiki.eu/index.php/BASIC_Benchmark http://www.geocities.ws/peterochocki/computers/pcwbm.html
  4. A clip from the 2018 Steven Spielberg movie "Ready Player One". 7,5 out of 10 based on 314,423 user ratings (IMDb). Related to the Atari VCS game "Adventure" (topic).
  5. https://www.electricadventures.net/Pages/Category/24 The sprite design section allows: multi-layer pattern design animation sequences export to assembler and C formats import data directly from existing source code
  6. This is the first episode of a series. It started out in 2014.
  7. So the GPL processor didn't make it. The 9985 didn't make it in time. The Z80 works like a charm, but someone doesn't like it, and they quite successfully "erase it". They have to shoehorn the 9900 in. Basic runs slow. You couldn't run Assembly on the stock machine - unlike all the other competitive computers. They're making it relatively difficult for third party developers. GROM and GPL also secured a relatively closed architecture. Their expansions are relatively expensive. Do I have to mention the joystick port. And at some point on the curve of success (units selling), they sell the 99 at a loss, and they're not making up for it. - So with all this "TI only and keeping it to yourself", I think they could certainly have made a general consensus for "erasing" the Microsoft involvement. Whatever, Microsoft probably had the longest laugh. - Now, we could try and blame Microsoft for TI Basic running so slow.
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