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  1. Magnificent. Wonderbra. Smooth. Pretty cool. ☺️
  2. Almost all demo and games at http://sometimes.planet-99.net should work with FlashROM99 and without Memory Expansion. ☺️
  3. Be aware. A sprite in your game, will still occupy 16 pixels in height even though you only set 1 pixel in the pattern. Maybe you can settle for only one support sprite for the guard closest to the player. I guess you're more or less calculating the position of the tiny sprite, and with that value, you could find if it's in the span of the player. Effectively being able to drop the support sprite altogether.
  4. TI Basic > GPL > Machine-code (Assembler) https://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/gpl.htm
  5. The original release didn't have the colors. It was by design. Upon request a more colorful version was released. I think most of us find it a challenge to get through all 9 levels. Next challenge is to improve your final score. The higher up the screen you hit them, the better scores you get. 🙂
  6. Level 1 has 3 aliens, level 2 has 4 aliens and so on. With each level the aliens can move faster. The last level has 11 aliens. You’ll get a trophy if you shoot all 63 aliens.
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