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  1. I don't have supercart, fg or fr in physical form, but I'll manage.
  2. Junkman is a relative easy thing to redo. Hope asmusr and tursi can jump in and confirm.
  3. Is it clear or it is unclear ?
  4. Opry99er once try and help, but was left out in the cold. So yes, it does indeed seem to be about control. Democracy vs. control. I know what's the easier option.
  5. So you're referering to something more than 6 years ago. The link is even broken. But thanks for at least being somewhat open about what shortcuts were taken. I will always try and stand by my word. I'm sure I was as honest as I could at the time.
  6. If one was dedicated and had the time, it wouldn't take long to recreate this. What does someone like asmusr say ?
  7. All fine. But this private mail stuff. Why all the secrecy ? Control ? Isn't it a thing of the past ?
  8. Extended Basic and Mini Memory. Extended Basic gave access to sprites. It quickly presented issues with timing (collision detection and lack of speed (compared with other Basics)). Mini Memory. This was a relatively cheap way to get around Basic and Extended Basic, and get to the speed of most of the other popular computers. Was fun for a while. 768 bytes was like a limit, unless you got rather advanced (which the other computers really didn't require). I even got the 32 Memory Expansion, but overall view demanded I'd move to the C64.
  9. Thanks. And my sympathies too. Sounds bad. Last Christmas I was ill, and sneezing and coughing felt like explosions inside my head. Luckily I'm not anywhere near that otherwise.
  10. Thanks. I'll write you a PM (Personal Message).
  11. Thanks for the offer. I'll write you a PM (Personal Message).
  12. Thanks. I know the game doesn't look impressive, but I know quite a few who still think it's a great relaxing game - on the Atari 2600.
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