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  1. You can load these from within Magellan.
  2. Just don't make each game run for too long. Edit the video to make it short and sweet - include some fun and interesting moments and silly outbursts. Well, easier said than done.
  3. No. The TI-99/4 has only one set of uppercase - no lowercase - or just the same. The height of these characters are mostly 6 pixels, whereas the TI-99/4A has uppercase about 7 pixels and the "lowercase" at 5 pixels in height. The memory allocated in GROM for "lowercase" is 6 pixels high, maybe indicating that a more true lowercase was planned at some stage.
  4. Doesn't the ISR under normal circumstances try and read the QUIT key ? That in itself might interfere.
  5. It's not here at my Netflix in Denmark. But thankfully I've seen it previously (on something called YouSee). Very nice. There's another series called High Score (on Netflix here at my end). It's an absolutely must see !!!
  6. Here's one ... Click to get bigger version.
  7. I don't have supercart, fg or fr in physical form, but I'll manage.
  8. Junkman is a relative easy thing to redo. Hope asmusr and tursi can jump in and confirm.
  9. Is it clear or it is unclear ?
  10. Opry99er once try and help, but was left out in the cold. So yes, it does indeed seem to be about control. Democracy vs. control. I know what's the easier option.
  11. So you're referering to something more than 6 years ago. The link is even broken. But thanks for at least being somewhat open about what shortcuts were taken. I will always try and stand by my word. I'm sure I was as honest as I could at the time.
  12. If one was dedicated and had the time, it wouldn't take long to recreate this. What does someone like asmusr say ?
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