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  1. Hello, I have a 1702 that has a slight video defect. It's noticable; it bothers me; I don't know how to fix it. (It's been re-capped but the problem persists.) Beyond that, it takes up a lot of space. I'm hoping some folks can chime in here with flat-panel model suggestions, preferably with SVideo. I've seen a couple of suggestions (an RCA model at Walmart for $120) but they're only composite. A friend suggested a particular Samsung, but it's a security monitor and the current going price is $389. Sooo... no? I'm not married to any particular size screen, for whatever that's worth. Any suggestions appreciated!!!!! m
  2. Correct. It's not an RF modulator. Even though there's a suspicious black box along the cable, I believe it's just a cable. Since it works with the Atari (which also has an in-built RF modulator), I imagine it would work the a C64. I've got a few things on the way to help test it. I have a replacement PLA on the way, better video options, among other things. We'll see. I verified the voltages today and did some probing with a logic probe and it's making all the right voltages and sounds so far. I'm hopeful. Thanks for replying again!
  3. Here's an image: http://i.imgur.com/2NfLwMr.jpg This cable and box is the one that connects to the RF output of an Atari 800XL to a TV. The coax adapter I mentioned plugs into the coax input on a TV. The other end accepts an RF signal from a cable like this. I know the cable works with the Atari 800XL to this same TV. The 800XL also has an internal RF modulator. Does that help?
  4. What kind of cable can I use, though? Just RCA? I don't have an antenna input on my TV but I do have an RF-2-Coax converter. Thanks for replying.
  5. I bought a C64c. It has a power supply, but there are only four pins on it which may or may not be suspect. The computer LED comes on. I connected it to a TV with an RF modulator. It's an Atari modulator, but I guessed it might be okay to use. The output, however, is a solid gray screen. (I don't have a monitor, otherwise I'd try that!) I don't mind if I bought a project. I'd like to try to troubleshoot the problem. I have a logic probe, a multimeter, and have some soldering and desoldering experience. Can anyone give some tips on what to check?
  6. I have enjoyed everything that ANTIC has published and will continue to. Cheers.
  7. I liked Spider Man. It was pretty challenging for the time, at least IMO.
  8. Just wanted to add that the Portfolio is a really cool piece of tech. I've never owned one, but I had a friend who ran his tech support on one back in the day. Very cool.
  9. Boo! It won't work in my Linuxes. I wish these companies would bypass Facebook, though. I just don't like giving up access to my profile to applications anymore. Facebook's privacy is a sieve.
  10. I probably remember Demons and Diamonds mostly because it was one of the few Atari games I didn't understand within a few seconds of playing. Most Atari 2600 games had pretty simple concepts and controls. Sure some took a little (or a lot) longer to get, but this one seemed counter intuitive for me. I shoot something and it turns into the international symbol for death. It was just strange. I don't recall that I picked it up when it was new.
  11. Wow Rhindle, I'm glad you like it so much! I'm really glad we have a fan. My video is up there too with my interviews from Bo Peep Show. Yes Pete & Pete is what he was going for, that's what he told me. Happy to hear that you'd love to see more videos in the same style because they are in the works they just take A LOT of time to make. Also cartoons are being made that are very ridiculous but funny I think you will enjoy them Thanks again Please give that man back his Atari Video System X, Joe.
  12. It's kind of too bad. You can search for Atari and it pulls up some choice hits!
  13. I'm not a member so I can't see the search results but perhaps some of you guys are? Ancestry.com's Sears Catalog Search
  14. 1984. So, this was right in the thick of the crash. I note they're giving away a free Cabbage Patch doll with purchase.
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