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  1. David, I remember using a third part backup software to do that save game archive. I almost never used the supplied backup routine from the game. It was always a pain when I forgot to make that backup, played further, and then died. Starting back up again at a much earlier point (from an existing backup) was the pits! I must admit that I never completed the game. I read somewhere on this forum that completing the game is something of a "hit or miss" proposition. The designers didn't make an ending that was set, or something to that effect. Still, I spent many hours enjoying the game BITD.
  2. MultiDesk solved the 6 ACC limit a long time ago. However, PP's warning still applies. Every loaded ACC consumes memory, even when it is not active.
  3. All, Right before Antic went out of business, Charles Cherry (then a member of the ABACUS user group and an employee at ANTIC) was able to get a set of these upgrades (with the controller options) for $99 per set. A number of us members of the group purchased these and we had an installation party at Charles' house. I don't think I ever saw a lower price for this upgrade.
  4. xxl, Do you know where I can find purchasing information for that? I tried the TF_HH site, but I did not see it for sale there.
  5. zbyti, that is correct. Only the disks listed under the Issue Disks link (not the category with the pictures of disks) are actual issue disks. The rest are special disks that NAU or Page6 put out during their operation. I am no expert on this magazine (it was based in the UK, if i remember correctly) and I did not hear of them until the early 2000's while looking for disk images for my emulators.
  6. Hi, the trick to this one is to use the hyperlinks on the landing page. For instance, access the https://page6.org/pd_lib/ link in the post above. Click on pd_lib.php link. Now on the page that appears, scroll down to the CATAGORIES section and choose one of the links there. I chose the Issue Disks link and I was able to successfully download the disk image for the first issue. The links below the ISSUE DISKS section on the main page do not work. They all lead to the LEECH warning. The links below each of the other categories lead to pages where you can successfully download the disk images. The link to download the image is on the left side of the page and is labelled Download. Hope this helps.
  7. Mr. Fish, Thanks. Perhaps I am not understanding the lack of such a command in the TBXL manual. I will give those examples a look.
  8. I am attempting to create a checkbook balancing program using Turbo Basic 2.0 on a stock 800XL. I can create the program menu and create records for checks, deposits, and POS/ATM transactions. These records are written to disk with each subsequent record being appended to the associated file. I can read back each record from the disk. Here is where I get stuck. One of the key elements of this type of program is to mark an issued check as having been cleared by the bank. I have a variable in each record to hold this status, but I can't come up with a method of setting this field of the record and then replacing the entire record on disk in its original position. Is this possible using disk-based records? I had thought NOTE and POINT would be useful here, but Turbo Basic does not seem to support those commands.
  9. BillC, Thanks. I misunderstood gilsaluki's post. I will email Paul shortly. I appreciate your help.
  10. gilsaluki, Sorry, I did not mention you in my reply. I can't find any AtariAge members for Paul V. Alhart. It is probably my poor understanding of how to do that here. Can you either PM me with that contact information, or point me to a topic where he posted something?
  11. Mathy & Smokeless Joe, Thanks for your suggestions. I will look up Paul's contact information and get in touch. I will also look at both of your suggested sites for information about the caps and voltage regulators. Lastly, sorry for taking so long to respond. I have not been back to this forum in a while.
  12. Hi, I am looking to see if there is someone in the Cincinnati area who can perform some electronic resurrection work on a couple of old 1050 disk drives. One is a Happy enhanced drive and the other is stock. Both have old leaking capacitors that need replacing. If reasonably close to Cincinnati, I can meet for a physical transfer of equipment and for payment for service. Otherwise, I can arrange for shipping (both ways) and payment via PayPal or cashier's check. Any takers?
  13. All, I went ahead and bought a modern power supply. Surprise! My 800xl booted up great. No issues. Looks like I dodged a bullet on this one. The ingot is already gone out with the trash. Thanks for all the suggestions and direction.
  14. DrVenkman, Thanks. I will follow this advice as far as I can. I will order a new non-Ingot PS and then test the machine with the cover and shield removed. Won't be for a while, though, so I won't be reporting back here very soon. Probably a few weeks. I appreciate the help!
  15. I believe I have become a victim of an Ingot PS failure. I know, should not have been using one, but it was the only PS I had to hand. All was well until the last time I turned on the 800XL. Now I get a scrambled screen output and sporadic sounds. I am guessing that I have a fried ANTIC, at minimum. I don't have any diagnostic equipment, so I can't isolate anything down. I can order another PS, but is there any hope for this machine?
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