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  1. That is exactly what that list is.
  2. TheRaven81, Isn't this what profiles are for? I have not tried them, so I could be waayy off base here, but everything I have read here in the forums seems to suggest that profiles are used to load specific states for the emulator with specific hardware/software present when the emulator is started. If I am right, all that is needed is to create a profile that contains just the bare-bones system, ram, and add-on hardware you would like to use every time.
  3. Kyle22, Synfile+ might fit the bill, if all you are interested in is inventory control. Been years since I last used it, but it was my choice for database purposes back then.
  4. Toddtmw, Perhaps back in the day you did something like this (assuming your string was large enough to support it and you already knew how long A$ was): A$(x,x)=B$, where X is the index of the last character in A$. Doesn't seem so clunky to me. Just requires more direct knowledge of how your strings are configured.
  5. I believe Mudd's line was: Listen to me very carefully, everything I say is a lie. I am lying. At which point the poorly programmed android could not equate a condition where someone who lies could make a truthful statement to that effect. Not being a master of logic, I can't speak to the actual difficulty in reconciling those two assertions. Obviously, I am poorly programmed as well.
  6. toddtmw, If this were an ASCII printout, that would be a carriage return.
  7. No, not really. Just someone who needs to be avoided and pitied. Sounds like he was once a reasonable fellow.
  8. Mclaneinc, I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. Russell Ruark Jr.
  9. atari65xenajm, This may be a simple case of not removing the internal BASIC on the XL/XE machine. Try either holding the OPTION key (I forget which Fn key this is in Altirra) down during the boot or choosing the option to not use BASIC from the menus.
  10. All, Here is the MAC65 listed, tokenized, and compiled version of the boot loader.QuickMenu.txt Just rename the attachment to either *.zip or *.7z and extract to your favorite local directory.
  11. Harry, In case you don't know of any emulators, may I suggest either STEem (there is an original and one called STEem SSE) or Hatari. Both are currently being maintained (except for the original STEem) and there is support for them on various forums should you need it. You can also seek help here for any questions you may have about running them.
  12. McLaneinc, Here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas from "sunny" California, USA. I hope you and yours have a great holiday season. And to all the rest of the AtariAge family, Merry Christmas as well.
  13. Mechanicjay, While you are waiting, and I understand the desire to use accessories specific to your application, I would like to point out that PrintShop graphics can be imported into Newsroom. I did this back in the day when designing a family newletter.
  14. AMenard, Please don't feel like you have initiated anything negative. As the last couple of responses to this thread show, this has become a perennial topic. Your question was well intentioned and was received in that fashion by the vast majority of those here. I would like to add my assurances that Atarimax will come through with your order in due time. I am sure he appreciates your patience.
  15. Aces123, I used Machine Language for Beginners as my introduction to 6502 on an Atari. I don't claim to be more than a novice, but the examples provided in that book helped my understanding of the basics.
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