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  1. Yes, Project M ... It looked absolutely lovely and I really wanted that to come true
  2. What was that Castle Wolfenstein clone named again? That looked impressive too with GTIA graphics
  3. I very often used 2.6f due to the fact it could copy sectors. So when I had a bad disk, I tried copy it with this, mark down all bad sectors and retry those a lot. Sometimes I got lucky and all sectors copied, which I could never have done with a disk copy. Also did this on protected software, then tried to find the routine that checked the sectors and edited that. Hacked quite a few games like this. I never managed Alternate Reality or the English Software Smash Hits packs (still would love to find the routine for that bad sector check)
  4. Not sure which I have copies of, but you can check: http://pokeysoft.no/games/atari/a8str.htm Search for : Flight Simulator II Scenery They are called LA, Ch, NY, SF Star, Seattle Fa, Tokyo Osak Haven't booted them in a looong time, so do not remember if they are any of the disks you need
  5. http://www.atarimania.com/list_games_atari_search_99. Chessmaster 2000 perhaps? Or Atari's own Chess, which even I can beat (okay to win a little while learning ) or perhaps Parker Chess. The others I struggle to win in, but I only know where the pieces can move, not how smart it is to move it there :-)
  6. Try the one on my page ... I am fairly sure it was working when I was young (Not tested on emulator) http://pokeysoft.no/games/atari/a8arc.htm Search for 079a
  7. When will this be released and how much will it cost? Pre-orders? Thanks, looks great
  8. Forget it :-) You can turn the center square too. Didn't know
  9. Is this not possible everytime? Kinda random? Because one level had only two exits and both ended in dead ends. Just wondering. Great game, but can't do so much better than around 60 moves
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