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  1. I looked around but haven't found an answer. Is there a way to take a screenshot that can act as the graphic image when scrolling through the Atari game list in Stella? Does one of the console buttons allow taking a screenshot or do you have to enter some menu to do it, etc? I have a few games that don't have game screenshots attached and I'd like to add them. Thanks, John
  2. Ah... There we go. Thanks unixdude. I have very little experience with Github, so thanks for pointing that out.
  3. Yes. 2. Extract the contained `sdcard.img` file from the zip archive. I searched for sdcard.img but it says no file found. The only .img files are ... ft1000.img ft3000.img I don't think those are the .img files needed to uncompress to the microSD card.
  4. Ok. My Retron 77 just arrived. I'm looking for the latest sdcard.img file to update my MicroSD and pop it into my Retron 77. I came across DirtyHairy's Github page and reading the instructions there it says ... # Installation guide 1. Download `sdcard.zip` from the [releases page](https://github.com/DirtyHairy/r77-firmware-ng/releases). When I go to the releases page I see the following zip file "r77-firmware-ng-release-6.1-beta2.zip" that does not appear to be a filename.img file. Am I missing something, or do I just format the SDCARD and copy the contents of the zip file to the card?
  5. I just ordered a Retron 77 and have one question while I anxiously wait for it to arrive. Can we set a bezzel graphic to cover the black left and right sides of the screen when playing the games in 4:3 mode on a High Def TV? I have the Flashback 9 and it has those bezzels which replace the simple black/empty area of the TV screen. It would be cool if a similar option is possible or will be possible for the Retron 77. Thanks, John
  6. I have the disk and cart version of the first game. I'm very interested in this part II release.
  7. Hi everyone. I just stumbled upon this thread. Looks like a great project. I take it that it isn't officially released yet, but once it is I'm interested in one and if those awesome looking cases are sold, I'm in for one of those too. Oh, I am curious if the SIDE2 cart would be compatible with this? I have one with lots of games on it from my modded 600. Also, I was going to pick up a XEGS keyboard to use with this. I have a XEGS system, but want to get a dedicated keyboard to use specifically with this system and not take away the one from my XEGS. Thanks, John
  8. I wanted to ask if anyone knows if there were ever remakes of the Sesame Street Kid Controller overlays? I searched through these forums but only saw very old threads and there wasn't really any info other than perhaps the idea came up before and someone was possibly willing to make the reprinted overlays for the kid controller. Anyhow, I have a young niece (6 yrs) who loves video games which mostly consists of Apple iPad games and such. A few years back when she was 4, she loved playing Pac-man and Galaxian on my arcade machine, so I wanted to start showing her the Atari, Intellivision, and Colecovision so she could enjoy some of the classics and also (hopefully) develop an appreciation for the games and systems that were part of the home video game craze back in the 80s and also the ones I grew up with when I was just a few years older than she is now. Well, hopefully there is good news. I searched ebay, but some of those Sesame Street games are $$$ and I'd only need the overlays. If anyone has any info, please let me know. thanks, John
  9. Thanks everyone for the info. I was a little saddened when I realized Solaris does not have the first person combat like Star Raiders. I assumed it did until I checked out the game a short while ago. I like the amount of info and features the game brought to the table, but the non-first person combat strikes the game from my list of Star Raiders like games. Thanks to some of the information above, I see that Space Spartans for the Intellivision seems to be a Star Raiders type game. I never realized that and will definitely take a look at that game on my Ultimate Intellivision Flashback. Thanks again for all the help. PS: Been watching Star Trek: The Original Series again on Netflix recently. Watching the show got me thinking of the old EGA Trek and Super Star Trek from back in the day and I got the itch to play, then I realized Star Raiders is more fun because of the action-based gameplay. That is what started my recent interest in Star Raiders type games. LOL Oh and I enjoyed Star Trek: Strategic Operations as well, but it was more of an arcade game to me so I never really linked it to the Star Raiders genre in my mind. Still a fun game and one I played the hell out of on my Atari and eventually my Colecovision back in the day.
  10. Inky, Thank you! I can't believe I forgot about that one. I had it back in the day but don't think I played it much. I'm adding it to my list of games to check out.
  11. Hi everyone! I have been getting the itch to play Star Raiders again on the 2600. I remembered there were at least 3 games of similar play style. They were Starmaster by Activision, Phaser Patrol by Starpath, and of course Star Raiders by Atari. Well, today I was going through my collection of manuals and saw Solaris. I heard of the game but never played it before and thus had no clue of the gameplay. After reading the manual I'm guessing its another Star Raiders type game, one that I was not aware of. So, my questions are.... 1. Are there any other Star Raider type games for the 2600 other than the 4 I listed above? 2. Which game is considered the best/most advanced game in the genre? Thanks, John
  12. I've been working on converting box art that I found online. I never liked using the scrapers because a lot of the art is poor quality. Anyhow, what I wanted to ask is this... Does anyone know if there is a way to have the boxart image in Emulationstation rotate or alter between the front and back of the box every 'x' number of seconds? I'm only asking because I noticed there can be some important info on the back of the box such as the Sears games that list the various settings to choose for specific gameplay difficulty or settings. Currently, it appears ES only shows the single image of the front box art. If there is a way to swap between the two automatically every 5 or 10 seconds that would be great, or if there is some sort of key we could press that would switch a game box art from the front to back manually when we highlight a specific game in the list that would work also. Any info is appreciated.
  13. I took a look at some of the games that I thought did show the high score or at least until powered off. Space Invaders Deluxe (Hack) does, but Ms. Pac-Man, Defender Arcade only seem to keep the last score. I always thought it was the high score that would show after the game was over. Maybe I'm getting them confused with the Atari 7800 versions. No big deal, I was just curious if it was possible for games that do temporarily store the highest score until the game is reset, or powered off. I guess not many of the 2600 titles did that back then.
  14. I'm building a Raspberry Pi image for my Ultimate Atari Flashback project. I had an idea to make a folder with all the arcade ports released on the 2600 (Defender, Ms. Pac-Man, etc...). I then wondered if it might be possible to somehow save high scores for these games so when I go back to play the same game next time, my previous High Score would still be showing. I know the games themselves can't do this, but that is when I thought about the emulator (Stella). Perhaps it has some ability to store the high score data similar to how MAME did it for arcade games (via a high score text file per game. Ex: dkong.hs). I know you could probably set Stella to save a snapshot on exit, then auto load that next time the game is started, but that can get messy. For example when you exit the game in the middle of a play. The next time you'd launch that same game, you'd be back at that same point in the middle of the previous play, not at the start screen, or title screen as normal. Anyhow, I'm not aware if it is possible, but it would be great if there was some way to store high score files or data automatically for games like Defender, Kangaroo, Gyruss, Popeye, Missile Command, etc. If anyone has any info or knows of a way to achieve this, please let me know. Thanks, John
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