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  1. Lol, thats the only video I have not yet watched. Yeah, I like the I/O slot, be nice if it finds use beyond the Sega CD but guess thats up to Analogue and/or Kevin. The Super NT seemed so minimal after the NT Mini, even though it might never get used I like to see(think about) expansion possibilities.
  2. So was wondering about the tech specs of the Mega SG hardware over the Super NT? Does it have more/less ram, same fpga or newer/bigger? Is much space left over in either the FPGA in the Super NT or Mega SG? Am I right in thinking the audio got an upgrade over the Super NT? Be nice if Kevin could answer but appreciate he might not want to give anything away, I guess others who have taken it to bits might be able to comment on RAM and the FPGA? Thanks.
  3. Yes, I think every PAL game I tried on the NT Mini did run, just the speed/sound was wrong. So yes, technically you could play it but you wouldn't want to. You would assume kevtris will sort this now it's being sold as a commercial project (rather than the freebie on the mini). I'm sure I did ask and received reply from kevtris way back in this thread about the SMS core on the mini.
  4. No, speed is way out, unplayable on the NT Mini.
  5. Analogues site says it will play PAL and is compatible with mega drive games. My concern is the master system core, as the NT Mini core currently only supports NTSC which is quite a small catalogue of games. Hopefully it will have been updated.
  6. I agree. Another thought is that they may now have enough clout to get a license for BIOSs and produce officially licenses or branded systems.
  7. I know they have history with new geo but I wonder if they might just skip it (and pc engine) due to lack of mass appeal (sales). N64 would make sense from a sales point of view but that thing is technically bonkers, so would perhaps take too long. PS1 makes more sense technically until you think you have to put a CD-ROM in the thing. Sega Mega Drive was the obvious choice after seeing the super nt but I don't think I can guess the next console this time. Maybe the next year will just be adapters for mega sg and super nt, or maybe do a multi fpga retro computer?
  8. Radfoo


    I'm guessing he made that batch last year and has not done any since.
  9. Radfoo


    Sent him a message a week or so ago. Seen one went on ebay for €350 today, don't think it was up for long - https://www.ebay.de/itm/VECTREX-VECFEVER-CARTRIDGE-/192564216355?nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=tT0T4t47pPN5zjlFjg8VHt2Y%252FKo%253D&orig_cvip=true
  10. Sounds interesting, do you know if it was using the v.st board or something new? Edit, somehting new! see
  11. Gameboy Colour on the NT Mini is really good, worth a try. Have my best Tetris DX score using it.
  12. It works great, but I think he is referring to PAL, many games were not released on NTSC (when I last tried PAL did not work). Thanks
  13. anyone know what the j4 and j7 headers are for? edit - is one of them for the LED?
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