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  1. There is a market place forum for these types of posts.
  2. I used to spend a ton on vintage and that dropped off a lot. However, of the past few weeks the vintage is picking up. I vote vintage.
  3. 110$ shipped right? I will send you a check since you hate PayPal. Just pm me your address. I am sure I have it somewhere but it might take awhile to find it.
  4. Do you still have it? If you do I will take it.
  5. Whom ever out bid me in the last two secs, congratulations.
  6. If you still have it and can wait till Friday for payment, I will take it.
  7. Mr. Do's Castle is sold I will update this list as payments are recieved. Thanks Jim
  8. Pictures have been added of what I was able to locate. I still think I have a few more gems to add but I can't find them atm. I also have a MVS system, if anyone is interested I can take pictures of it. If you are interested in anything and would like detailed pictures just ask. Everything is "make an offer" Jim P.S, After looking at the pics I noticed a Video Life in one of them. It is not for sale as it is a repro and I promised to never sell it.
  9. I have sent a reply to all the pm's I recieved. If you sent me one and you didn't hear back from please resend it. I truthfully was unprepared for interest I have recieved so far and that is my fault. I should have a list or at least some pics. I have decided to not make a list. What I will do is take pics of everything I have and anything anyone is interested in I will take more detailed pics of those items. With work and the holiday please give me till Friday night to have all the pics up. The room my games are in I can barley get into it atm and my in-laws have my camera. Sorry for the delay guys, I will have the pics by Friday night. Thanks Jim
  10. ( UPDATED) Well, my wife and I are going to be moving soon and I no longer have room for my collection and while I don't "need" to sell my collection extra money for the move would be great. My collection is rather large and some of my bigger ticket items are gone, however I still have a copy of Air Raid and Atlantis 2. I will try to get a semi complete list made up and posted over the next few days. I have several 7's 8's 9's and only 2 r10's that I can remember of. I also have a neo geo that was converted into a console (can't think of the name of that atm) with like 4 games, sega games etc. While I am trying to compile a list if anyone is looking for something specific let me know and I will take a look to see if I have it. Everything will be "make an offer" Mr. Do's Castle - Sold Harbor Escape - Sold MOtocross Racer - Sold Chase the Chuckwagon - Sold Rubik's Cube - Sold Air Raid - Sold Waterworld - Sold Stargunner - Sold Dice Puzzle - Sold Scuba Diver - Sold Artillery Dual - Sold Ghost Manor - Sold Spy Hunter - Sold Front Line - Sold Vulture Attack - Sold Below are all the of the pics I was able to take. These pics were meant to be a reference to what games I have (or atleast the ones I was able to take pics of atm). If you are interested in anything and would like detailed pics please let me know. The Atlantis pictured is an Atlantis 2
  11. Oh now I understand. The PM comment. That was to prove my point. Which I did. Yes sell that free off your rocker. If your a collector why sell it? You got it for free. Anyway, this is my last post. Good luck selling.
  12. What? I targeted you as a new collector? Why would people get mad at me for selling? that is just dumb. The private MSG? And yes I have showed my true colors. By telling everyone how much you paid so they wouldn't get scammed by a reseller?
  13. Yes sir you are correct. Never should have sold to you. Now your trying to take advantage of collectors. Had I never said anything you would have made money on this whole deal, and sold everything and nobody would have any idea. PI CIB for 12k, LOL In my experience listing items on ebay for way more than the item is worth drawls attention, just not the kind you are wanting.
  14. Well since I have made posts that you don't care for. And I will not be getting my off your rocker back here is another one for ya. Yes you are correct. I made first contact about selling, in response to your request thread. However on Aug 23rd at 11:53 am I received this PM from you. "Hey Jim - thanks for the advice - Wondering if you have other games your interested in selling? I knew at one point you were interested in selling the air raid - still? Thanks again - let me know w/your prices if you'd like to sell " The advice part was about opening the PI cart. So ya, I figured you would not do what I believe is the right thing but eh.
  15. Well I was told in a pm that you put your eli's ladder up for sale on the 22nd. The Pm about buying more of my games was submitted on the 23rd. Seems a bit odd. However I can not confirm the date of your sale on the date. I think it is great that you are selling the a2 for what you bought it for. Now do that with everything else. The off your rocker should be sent back to me, because I threw that in as an extra at no cost. Just sell the stuff for what you paid. That has been my problem all along. If you had the games for a yr, even a few months then ya, get what you can get. But 3 weeks? If you need the money pass on the good deals you got, send me back the off your rocker. You get your money back, and some people get some good deals on some really rare games.
  16. If your "situation" is what it is, why do I have a pm in my box asking about my other 9' and 10's? How about my air raid? Still interested? If anyone is thinking about buy these games from this guy pm me. I will gladly tell you what they sold for. And just so everyone is clear. Yes I am a great guy as he pointed out. I am just in a bit of a mood as of late.
  17. No I didn't sell them for market. I sold them under.
  18. It is what it is. They are his games now and can do what he wants with them. What kills me is he got some VERY VERY good deals on these games and is now trying to resale them for double, triple and more. If you need the money just weeks after they were bought why not sell them for what you paid and pass on a good deal to someone else? But whatever, I wash my hands of it.
  19. Not when I am getting requests to buy more.
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