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  1. Great YouTube video, just stumbled upon it myself. First time I have seen the digital data tape eject button being located front top right corner of the drive. So cool seeing new variations of the system after all these years.
  2. Looking to add the picture label variant of the "Fun with Numbers" for the 2600 to my collection. If you have one for sale in nice shape, preferably with the manual please let me know. Not really interested in the box, just the cart and manual. Thanks -ColecoManic
  3. Never mind. Did some searching and found the picture again. Thanks www.atarimania.com . Looks like it was an old ad for Haunted House. Still a very cool picture for the game. http://www.atarimania.com/pubs/hi_res/pub_haunted_house.jpg .
  4. I am curious to know more about the story behind "Haunted House" In my opinion, the working title's (Nightmare Manor) cover art for the game looks far better than what came out for the released version. The Nightmare Manor art conveys a much more darker and spookier game image. Since most of the game occurs in the dark, it's more fitting to have dark artwork rather that the released version which predominately uses light brown/white colors. It also captures many of the game elements (Ghost, Spider, Bat, Eyes). My guess is that it was probably rejected due to religious reasons. Wonder if the original game concept included the assembly of a crucifix which was later changed to an urn. Attached is a picture of a label I fabricated for one my extra Haunted House cartridges. The Atari artwork I used was found on the web many moons ago.
  5. Hi all, I recently won a CBS Electronics brochure off ebay that contains something that may be of interest to fellow Coleco Adam fans. In the brochure, it shows a full page spread of the Coleco Adam standalone prototype with the stringy wafer drives. Okay, we have all seen that model before. But one detail I noticed is that on page 3, there is a line drawing of what appears to be an all in one version of the Adam with the keyboard and cartridge slot in the same casing. Looking at the specs, it seems like at one time, Coleco may have been considering simply repackaging the ColecoVision to include a keyboard in one unit.
  6. 1st family computer - Single board MOS KIM-1 (Fond memories of playing Hunt the Wumpus on it) 1st real/practical family computer - TRS-80 Model 1 w/L2 BASIC, expansion module, dual Percom drives, Epson MX-80 printer, voice synthesizer My 1st personal computer - TRS-80 MC-10 with the 16K memory expansion pack My 1st real/practical personal computer - Coleco Adam (Still have it to this day)
  7. 3-D Tunnels of Terror was my first game for the Apple II+. A 3-D wire frame version of Pac-Man written in Applesoft Basic. If you own the September 1983 issue of Electronic Fun with Computers and Games, you have the program listing if you so desire to rekey it in. Also had a follow-up game for same computer called Qube Hopper (A Q-Bert knock-off using low res mode). It was about to be published by the same company, but never made it due to the video games crash, which in turn resulted in the subsequent discontinuation of the magazine. Did a few games in Basic for the TRS-80 Model 1 and MC-10. Tried to sell them to Tandy with no success. Oh those where the good old days.
  8. The last item is a cartridge port extender for use with the ColecoVision Expansion Module #1 (AKA Atari adapter). http://atariage.com/forums/topic/162549-expansion-module-%231-2600-adapter-cart-port-extension/
  9. The accessibility of the Adam’s power switch can be easily remedied with a well designed power strip (The kind with the cord opposite of the On/Off switch)
  10. Wow! Your right, they are one and the same. Darn it, I guess it was legit after all. Should have placed a higher bid back in 04.
  11. Noticed one very minor quirk, and can't exactly call it a bug since the cause if it is rather unconventional. If you play it on the ColecoVision's 2600 adapter and use the ColecoVision's main console reset button to reset the game, you will end up with both raster and vector asteroids. To reproduce this, you need to be playing the game when pressing the ColecoVision's reset button. It doesn't happen when the title/options screen is up when hitting the ColecoVision's reset button nor does it happen when using 2600 adapter's reset button.
  12. Here is one that sold on ebay back in '04. Sorry, I am not the winner. I was worried about the authenticity at the time, especially since the label looked like something printed off a color laserjet.ColecoVisionCPKWorkout.pdf
  13. Backups of the three 3.5" floppy disks that go with the ColorVision dev kit before I sold it on ebay many moons ago
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