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  1. Glad people like my artwork. I like Edward's games much more!
  2. In honor of Stephen Wrenn Smith, Good Deal Games is releasing the ROM to his excellent ROAD DUEL game. I think that Stephen would approve if he was still with us. I want as many people to be able to play his game as possible. In case you don't know, Stephen was the first and only legally blind programmer to design and program a game for the Atari 2600. I was honored when he chose my little company to publish it. Due to several interruptions resulting from health issues (such as cardiac arrest) the typical 4-9 month development cycle was prolonged to over seven years. Regardless, he pulled off his childhood dream of making his own Atari game and I was so proud of him. KUDOS again to you, buddy! May you get a perfect score playing 'Road Duel' in Heaven. The conventions won't be the same without you. Best, Michael of GDG's Homebrew Heaven www.GoodDealGames.com Road Duel.bas.bin
  3. I should probably mention that the GDG store will reopen at some point, hopefully before year end. Michael of GDG's Homebrew Heaven www.GoodDealGames.com
  4. Due to some technical issues with the website (our order form and more stopped functioning), and a drastic curve-ball that life threw my way, I closed the GDG store in April. However, I'm still very much on the scene, so if anyone has a "gaming emergency" I will do my best to help you out. Just e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll try to make the gaming world a better place!
  5. How is this fantastic looking title being made available? How does one get on the list? Michael Thomasson
  6. “Good Luck, you’ll need it!” It’s a hands-on, no-holds-barred, do-or-die adventure! “The year is 1999. Television has adapted to the more violent nature of man. The most popular form of television remains the game show. One show in particular has dominated the ratings. That show is Smash TV, the most violent game show of all time. Two lucky contestants compete for cash and prizes. Each contestant is armed with an assortment of powerful weapons and sent into a closed arena. The action takes place in front of a studio audience and broadcast live via satellite around the world. Be prepared. The future is now. You are the next lucky contestant!” Smash TV is the unofficial sequel to the duel-stick shooter Robotron: 2084, also designed by Eugene Jarvis. The game’s story line is loosely based on The Running Man, a 1987 film based on a novel penned by horror author Stephen King. The game says very little, but when it does it throws out cheesy catchphrases like “Total Carnage, I love it!” or “I’d buy that for a dollar!” The latter being a nod to Bixby Snyder, the fictional TV host that appeared in the film RoboCop. The contestants mow down hordes of attacking enemies using rocket launchers, grenades, smart bombs, and spinning shurikens, all while the audience cheers on the player. There is a seemingly endless wave of assailants comprised of tanks, various snakes including the Cobra Twins, and “gentlemen” such as Mr. Shrapnel, Scarface, and The Mutoid Man. Making a cameo are the Robotron Grunts disguised as Hulk Clubbers. Up for grabs are gold bricks, toasters, home video games, automobiles, televisions, luggage, video cassette recorders, all-expense paid vacations, and of course the coveted cash bonus! Best not to inquire about the “good meat” that is also awarded. Sponsorship must be healthy, as the game show very generously awards the prizes in very large quantities. Perhaps the producers figure the player won’t make it out alive to claim the dozens of lawn mowers and hundreds of pieces of luggage! How many VCRs does one person need, anyway? “Let’s Go!” Grab 10 keys along the way to gain access to The Pleasure Dome and earn “BIG money and BIG prizes!” *SPOILER ALERT* In the end, the game show host mutates into the ultimate boss, hurling hundreds of eyeballs while phrasing more verbal interjections. “Bingo!”
  7. I was expecting this inquiry. The omission is intentional. The book was designed with North American console games in mind. If successful, a second volume containing coin-op, imports, PC, etc. will be released. Thanks to those that have expressed an interest or already picked up a copy. I TRULY appreciate the support.
  8. DOWNRIGHT BIZARRE GAMES: Video Games that Crossed the Line Downright Bizarre Games pokes fun at the video game industry, an entertainment business that often takes itself much too seriously. This is a hilarious look at the odd side of the industry, from games outside of the norm to bad art and outlandish dialogue. Also featured are unfortunate headlines, marketing fiascos and publicity stunts gone awry. All these eccentric and strange events are documented within this book which gaming professionals wish had never seen print. SoftCover: http://www.blurb.com/b/7444244-downright-bizarre-games Deluxe HardBack: http://www.blurb.com/b/7444204-downright-bizarre-games
  9. The items are half off the listed price. So if something is listed for $10, the amount required to secure the item would only be $5.00 Some items are one of a kind, while we have duplicates of some games.
  10. 50% OFF at GoodDealGames.com We just shipped out our 15,000 order! To thank my customers, we are offering 50% OFF ALL RETAIL ITEMS! The only rules: You must order five or more in-stock items, flat shipping rate of $9.99 per domestic box, only items listed on linked page below (no homebrew). Offer expires November 6th. Go CrAzY and THANK YOU! http://gooddealgames.com/inventory/Retail%20Games.html To clear earlier confusion, the games are listed at full price, so you'll get them for half of the listed price.
  11. We just shipped out our 15,000 order! To thank my customers, we are offering 50% OFF ALL RETAIL ITEMS! The only rules: You must order five or more in-stock items, flat shipping rate of $9.99 per domestic box, only items listed on linked page below (no homebrew). Offer expires November 1st. Go CrAzY and THANK YOU! http://gooddealgames.com/inventory/Retail%20Games.html
  12. Bill, I wish you the best in doing so. I know it saved my family! It could certainly do a world of good for your girls. Pay for their upcoming college education, and more.
  13. For the Largest Collection of Video Games. His custom shelving is so impressive.
  14. I'd like to be the first to formally congratulate Mr. Joel Hopkins for being recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records. Kudos to you sir for such an AMAZING achievement. You have an absolutely beautiful collection! Cheers, Michael Thomasson
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