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  1. As I wrote in my last entry, I recently decided to get a Playstation 3...partly because a new gaming system interested me but mostly because it gave me a Blu-ray player. I've already bought a half-dozen Blu-ray titles with another 7 coming via the mail soon. But I have 3 PS3 games now...with anaother on the way as well. So here are my first 4 games for the Playstation 3... Red Dead Redemption--I also mentioned in my last entry that this could be my first game for the PS3 and it was indeed. I have only played this for a few minutes (lots of stuff going on)...I arrived in town, took a horse ride to an abandoned fort where my bad brother had taken it over...and then my cat brushed against my system, pulling the cord out of the wall. Bad cat! But I enjoyed what I saw and I plan to get back to this game very soon. The next two games were Christmas presents from my nephew Derek... Bioshock LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Bioshock becomes my first "Greatest Hits" title for the PS3...wow, that didn't take long! I haven't been reading gaming mags in a couple of years so I'm not sure what this game is all about. I have a couple other LEGO games...one of Star Wars (on the Xbox) and one of Batman (PS2) so I have an idea on what to expect. Batman: Arkham Asylum is the game I recently put in an order that also included a couple Blu-ray titles. I have heard from several people that this is the best Batman game yet...of course, some would call that faint praise since most feel most of the Batman video games to date have pretty much sucked...though there are a couple I have enjoyed playing (mostly on the SNES). This game must have come out awhile ago since it only cost me about $22. And a sequel is already on the way. So what will be PS3 Game #3? I'm not really sure but it's taken all my resistance to keep from buying MLB: The Show 2010. I love baseball and I want to play it on this system, but it doesn't seem to make sense to get this game since the 2011 edition will probably be out in just 3 more months or so. But I will have at least 4 other games to keep me busy until that time.
  2. I got an e-mail today...the PS3 has shipped and should arrive via UPS sometime on Thursday.
  3. I actually already ordered a PS3. I ordered a 160GB version. Thanks for the suggestion about that HDTV site. I was not familiar with that one.
  4. For awhile, I have been thinking I would never get another gaming system...I figured I had more than enough systems and games to keep me busy for the rest of my life. But I decided to rethink that and get a Playstation 3 since I've been told at my favorite DVD site that the PS3 is also a very fine Blu-ray player and I've been thinking of getting one of those. So the system will serve two purposes, as both a game playing machine and an upgrade in my movie-watching system. I ordered a PS3 on Wednesday and it could arrive either late this week or, probaboy more likely, early next week. I forget how it's coming. Of course, this brings up the question of what will be my early game purchases for this system. I may not actually buy any PS3 games until after Christmas. I told my family I ordered this so they could get me either PS3 games or Bllu-ray movies for it for Christmas. If they don't get it for me, I imagine my first game for it could be Red Dead Redemption which I understand is one of the best games for the PS3 so far...and I do like westerns. I'm also a big baseball fan so I know I'll want MLB The Show so the question there is do I get the version out now and play it right away...or do I wait and get next year's edition? I also need to get myself a new TV so that my Blu-rays will look their best. My nephew is recommending I got a Vizio (he has the 37-inch set) while people at my DVD site say I shouldn't consider anything other than a Sony or a Samsung. I was originally planning on getting a Sony, so I may stick with that thought.
  5. Thanks. I probably need to do some double-checking to make sure there aren't a few DC Comics games out there I've somehow missed...
  6. I recently discovered none of my local stores carried the color ink cartridge I need for my HP printer so I ordered one online...while I was at it, I ordered a DS game from the same place at the same time. The game I got was Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? This is yet another in the subset I have going of DS games based on TV game shows. I also have Family Feud, The Price Is Right, 1 Vs. 100, and two editions of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? I guess I should get Jeopardy! next. The Millionaire game arrived yesterday but I couldn't play it until this morning because my unit needed recharging. I deduced that Meredith Veira (the host of the show since it began airing as a daily half-hour edition) was not involved with the game since they did not use her likeness on the case. Instead, they have some guy doing the talking. The game plays like the daily version before this season...three lifelines including Phone A Friend, Ask The Audience and Double Dip. I like the game though I wish the text were a bit larger. It's a bit tough to read the questions quickly which comes into play when you have only 15 seconds to respond to the first five questions. I guess I need to invest in some sort of magnification screen. This game brings my DS library up to 33 official DS games.
  7. I got 3 more games on Monday...two for the original Playstation and one for the Xbox... Batman Forever: The Arcade Game (PS1) Batman: Gotham City Racer (PS1) Aquaman (XBox) I have heard that Aquaman is one of the worst games ever...as bad as Superman 64? Never having played Superman 64, I guess I'll never know. I was thinking the other day that there was a Lobo game and I'd need to get that if I'm to have every DC Comics video game that was made for my systems but it looks like it never came out for the SNES though it did apparently make it out for the Genesis (which I don't have).
  8. Catwoman is a game for the Nintendo GameCube system...it probably also came out for the PS2 and original Xbox which were the other consoles it was sharing shelves with at that time. I had some time to kill this evening so I put it in for about a half-hour and fooled around with it for a bit. One thing I found out is it's virtually impossible to get killed in this game. There was gunfire all around me and it knocked me back here and there but my character never fell down and died. Even a fall from a fair height didn't faze her...but then, that's true of regular cats, too. Camera angles can be a problem in this game but there's a control you can use to swing the camera around so it usually isn't that big of a problem. The first part of the game isn't so tough. You are placed in the middle of a heist and you have 2 or 3 other thieves to dispose of which you can do easily. My problem came with the next segment (broken up by an origin sequence). Here you have to go from one spot outside of buildings to another and I had some trouble figuring out just where to go and how to get there. You can climb buildings and fences but sometimes you can't climb all the way up...you have to jump from one wall to another sometimes. I'm sure once I figure out where I'm supposed to go, I'll like it more. Oh yes, if you leave the controller be and not move Catwoman for about 2 minutes, she starts this slow-motion gyrating dance with the camera getting some nice close-ups of her. Maybe this game should've been rated R? The graphics aren't the best I've seen but they're not that bad. And I won't mind returning to this game now and then.
  9. I got one game today...the last day I'll get a game until at least Monday so my consecutive days of getting a game ends at six. Today I received Batman & Robin for the original Playstation. This is the first game I've gotten for the original Playstation in quite awhile. I have no idea what the last one was. I actually have 3 more coming, though...all Batman games. Of course, the only unfortunate thing about getting this game finally is now I have to actually play it.
  10. Today marks the fifth mailday of the week...and the fifth day of the week I have received at least one video game. This time, none of the games were super-hero games. Interestingly, all 3 of the games I got today are games I owned before...but which I eventually sold or gave away. So now I have copies of them again...all 3 games are for the original Xbox... 1. ESPN NFL 2K5 2. Halo 3. Halo 2
  11. I never saw the movie so I can't comment on that. You mean 2 hours of Halle Berry in a catsuit isn't enough for you?
  12. I'm on a roll...have received games 4 days in a row...(7 total games, I think)...

  13. I'm on a roll...have received games 4 days in a row...(7 total games, I think)...

  14. I was wondering if I could receive at least one game in the mail every mailday this week since I had ordered over a dozen of them. Today is day #4 and I received yet another...so only 2 more days to go! Today's arrival... Catwoman for the GameCube I have heard this is a pretty bad game but I've also been trying recently to complete my collection of all the games featuring DC Comics characters for systems I own. That means I even have to get (shudder!) Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis! So now I have this game. I think about all I have to get to complete this mini-collection now is that Aquaman game and the Batman games for the original Playstation...and they are coming.
  15. I received 3 games today, all for the Xbox. I think 2 of the 3 were new and one used (I'm not home as I type this so I can't double-check just now). The games I got: 1. Superman: The Man of Steel 2. Madden NFL 2009 3. Major League Baseball 2K7 I believe the MLB 2K7 was the last baseball game for the Xbox and I think Madden 2009 was the very last game for the system period. Added note: I have now double-checked and only one of the games, the Superman one, was new. The two sports games came used but they seem fine...and include the manuals and everything so I'm happy with them.
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