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  1. We keep on updating the project Joy 2B+, this time improving the testing program thanks to the collaboration of our friend Eyvind Bernhardsen We have also added two new compatible games: Gemdrop Hans Kloss Regards
  2. the famous "!" appears because the screen is cleared in 400/800, but in XL/XE it is another address, that's why it appears. 765 169 125 LDA #125 ; CLEAR SCREEN 767 32 164 246 JSR PRINT ; $F6A4 Mapping the XL/XE
  3. thanks for the help, it's been years since I stopped complicating my existence with Mac/65 and ATASM. now I only use MADS because it has more comfortable instructions to work from a pc or notebook.😁 greetings
  4. I understand you, I used these sega gamepad to disassemble and remove the cable for several projects including the Joy 2B+ and MultiJoy.😁
  5. thank you very much for your answer, I thought that all the functionality was already complete.😅 Regards
  6. Hi all, Try to set up a sdrive, apart from adding the disk what else do you do ? I did not understand how to make it work 😅 Regards
  7. that's the first thing that was done, I made the PR to share my changes to the project. 😉
  8. Hi all, I would like to know who is in charge of the develop repository branch to test and accept the improvements that I am sending and another user. I sent a private message to ebiguy but no response, is there anyone else ? Regards
  9. Thanks for sharing this adaptation, I put it in the repository. 330 ohms resistors are necessary, without them all the adapted kits will not work.
  10. what a nice project @Eyvind Bernhardsen, I also updated the Joy 2B+ repository to link to this.
  11. Hi, I recommend the ATARI ROOTS an excellent book to start in the world of the assembler from scratch. The second book is MAPPING THE ATARI, where the locations of memories are explained in detail. Greetings
  12. is an option that I have also thought about, the other option that was modified by third parties according to what I have reviewed there are important changes in the machine routine that includes this program without considering the translation from English to Spanish and a presentation screen that they added. I am still looking for more information to find out where it came from, also now I am attaching the program in case someone discovers something else that I have not seen. Lienzo modo 7.bas Greetings
  13. Thanks, this is the version that was published in the analog magazine number 16 which supports 7 colors on screen. "GRAPHICS 10/7 PAINTER" I'm looking for the version that supports four colors. I am interested to know in which magazine it was published "GRAPHICS 7 PAINTER" Greetings
  14. Hi all, I want to know if anyone knows in which magazine this image editor "GRAPHICS 7 PAINTER, P. BUDGELL 1983" was published😅 I have only found the most advanced version of this editor that was published in the analog magazine number 16 "GRAPHICS 10/7 PAINTER" Greetings
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