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  1. If there is a video on the project wiki, I put it here in case you didn't see it. you just have to change the keys for the pc gamepad. regards
  2. A version already exists Joy 2B+ 😁 button two loop and button three for the pump. Regards
  3. 😱wow !!!! Congratulations to all the team that participated, it really is a relux. Now I understand friend TIX, what did you mean!!! 😁 regards
  4. Screaming Wings 2020 adds new hack of this classic. already available from the git.😜 Regards
  5. It is the best for you to take advantage of all the modified games and you can make your own programs using the altirra emulator for testing.😉 There are several projects to put more buttons on the ATARI, but this one is easy and has many games.😁 Greetings
  6. I understand you, detecting a different value is not a bad idea. but making that change is not good for all already modified games and the altirra emulator. Another data because it must be one, so it is compatible with 2600 and with the sega games pad, with this it is compatible with more games that were designed asking for the value 1 to detect if there is a gamepad with a second button. The resistance value was not random, the most compatible with what exists was sought.😇 Regards
  7. Hi, That example only detects only one button, the bad thing about changing the resistance that many games already modified will not work for you since the value 1 or 228 is needed. Another detail that the value 228 is by default for PADDL0 and PADDL1. To validate the two buttons is easy ; Valida Joystick 2b+ joy2b lda PADDL0 and PADDL1 cmp #1 beq existe no_joystick mensaje error jmp joy2b existe mensaje ok regards
  8. check this project there they do it with the paddles https://www.hackster.io/dillon1337/transforming-atari-2600-controller-661443 Greetings
  9. values 1 not pressed and 228 pressed for each paddle Greetings
  10. to not use the keys you have to use the library to emulate being a PC joystick.😁 https://github.com/MHeironimus/ArduinoJoystickLibrary Greetings
  11. It is understood. Personally I find the .CAR format better since it helps you save the type of bank the cartridge uses. Thank you very much ebiguy for the improvements to this great program. Test and we are perfect when disassembling and reassembling😁 😅I found something that doesn't work well when using F8 change an lda stick0 for lda stick1 for example, it does not matter if you write lowercase or uppercase. when closing, the section of the disassembler changes a lot by 3 bytes that for the moment ... Greetings
  12. Hi vitoco, I have also thought the same, but to emulate a normal joystick and Joy 2b+ with a micro arduino. https://www.hackster.io/BuildItDR/arduino-atari-adaptor-6f295e Here is a simple project, there is another way to leave it as a real pc joystick but you need to change the firmware of arduino 😅 Greetings
  13. I found another detail that does not open .ROM larger than 16kb and none .CAR files_rom_car.zip It would be nice if it had compatibility with 8kb, 16kb, 32kb, ..... up to 1024kb. Greetings
  14. thanks for the new version 😁, now try a 16k favorite game of mine I found that it does not generate some memory labels and if I add them by hand the game is damaged. LBA74 equ $BA74 LBA76 equ $BA76 LBA0C equ $BA0C LBA05 equ $BA05 LBA2F equ $BA2F I add the files for you to check and if I am doing something wrong. monty.zip Greetings
  15. whether to uncheck the option "Show 'A' in accumulator mode".👍 Since the default assembler is MADS, should it be unchecked by default or not?😅 if I could disassemble an autorun.sys menu and then reassemble. I compared it binary and it's fine. original autorun.xex file and new file new_autorun.sys, and attached a zip with everything. that for the moment ... Greetings autorun.zip
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