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  1. interesting research, I once had a light pencil based on this design for XL/XE I think it is simpler than the CX-70. anyone made it? 😅
  2. ascrnet


    😅I am still waiting for an AVGCART to appear with two cables, one for ECI and the other for PBI. Since the SIO cable is easy to make at home. 😉
  3. It's good that it doesn't work for you!!! since you didn't take the symbol to open it.
  4. Yes it opens!!! you must stand underneath and press the joystick button. 😅
  5. here you can find some 😉 https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Articles#section-Articles-VoiceAndDataCassettes
  6. no problem, here it is 😁 abu-ntsc_hack.xex
  7. now I share a version modified by me to have infinite lives at the request of a user who needs to play it on the real Atari, since he can't finish it with 10 lives. 😄 abu-pal_hack.xex
  8. arrived on !!!! its beta PAL version.😉 abu-pal.xex
  9. published a version for Joy 2B+ "test version by its creator", so it is much easier to handle the two different jumps. 😁 abu-ntsc-2b.xex
  10. Great contribution thank you very much another game for Joy 2B+🤩 For the third button you can leave it and also SELECT for those who do not have 3 button. 😅 In the emulator altirra has Joy 2B+ support here I leave you a video of how to configure it to perform your tests in development.😉 If you need a compatible cable you can buy it on aliexpress.
  11. thank you very much for the photos, but I'm only interested in this one because I had not seen this version of pcb. It's interesting that you just take out the chip and make some joints and that's it.🤩
  12. i see you didn't understand me. i don't want the schematic since i made it😅, i was referring to a picture of the modification to use 3 buttons from a sega gamespad. an example NES:
  13. Could you share a picture of the connection to document in the Joy 2B+ project I have several of other joysticks and gamepads that are easy to make. 😀
  14. You're not wrong it's like this for a second button. 😉
  15. The Joy 2B+ is easy to make or use with a sega Genesis controller. It requires no special hardware, just a small modification to the joystick or gamepad itself. It also has support in Altirra for testing. More than 70 games already modified, several users have contributed games to this project.🤩 In any language you can program the second or third button, an example in ATARI BASIC. 10 PRINT STICK(0),STRIG(0),PADDLE(0):GOTO 10
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