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  1. Thank you very much for answering my doubts, once you buy the necessary I will build this invention regards
  2. Hi phaeron, Thank you very much for including the necessary support to use 3 buttons, so we can continue to modify games for the Joy 2B+ project regards
  3. Thanks for sharing your design 😁, but what parameters did you use resolution, infill, filament? regards
  4. If we ever talk about releasing the editor, but there are no dates for it and I do not know if it will. since the comments of Robert Jaeger were not encouraging so to not lose all their work we will make a new version of their own. We will do as did Avalon and Mirage companies that made the same type of game but with their own versions. 😅 Keystone Kaper hat?
  5. If there is a repository but still does not upload any code, only some designs like the browser and new designs of the enemies. but it would be great to also have your collaboration. That is a proof of concept that the friend Jose did but it will be implemented in the new game. We have also thought about using two buttons using the Joy 2B+ project good job, I did something similar but not use what was already done in the montezumas regards
  6. It would be an honor to help, the idea is to create a new adventure but with all this improved because Robert Jaeger did not like the creation of Montezuma Again!. then to avoid any problem we came up with a version 3. but using the original name aztec moctezuma and design it to be an explorer who enters an Aztec pyramid regards
  7. Hi all, I am also a fan of the game, and create a similar but simpler character. I've been talking to the creator of Montezuma Again but to design a moctezuma 3 "using the original name" but respecting the gameplay and style. but all renovated and improved regards
  8. jajajajajaja ok, if it is a cheap EPROM M27C4001 technically it is 4 Mbit ( 512Kb x 8 ) regards
  9. Hi JAC! Thank you very much for sharing your cart design, it served me perfectly for another plate design printed 0.2mm and 10% filler as it was a test regards
  10. congratulations for the design of the plates, they were very good. regards
  11. Thank you very much for answering, I was actually doing something wrong in my code. These memory addresses are not documented but they work in altirra. I attached an example where they use them. infinite life charger.zip regards
  12. Hi phaeron, I found another thing that does not work like the original equipment XL-XE, is when I want to make a JMP $C598 (boot disk) but if I use the JMP $C680 (cassette boot) if it works. I hope you can review, when you have time. regards
  13. congratulations for the modification tane, I liked the idea of the buttons. copying !!!!! regards
  14. perfect, this modification was very famous where the chip is replaced by others of higher capacity and apply a few connections. I have only seen this expansion in 800xl leaving 64KB as main memory and the rest 192k for banks of 16KB in what I understand from the documentation regards
  15. Hi phaeron, I have a doubt altirra supports this 256k memory expansion for 800xl made by Claus Buchholz? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/122470-ram-upgrade-applications/?p=1481893 regards
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