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  1. Last 3 I found: Los 3 Cochinitos = Oink! Invasores = Space Invaders Hopefully I will find some of their boxes and/or manuals and scan them See you! Jorge A. (SegaMasterMonster)
  2. Here are the first ones. Sorry for the poor quality, but my scanner is as old as my first Atari . Please let me know if the size is ok, otherwise I can scan them again. Tanque Robot = Robot Tank SuperCocinero = Pressure Cooker Policias y Ladrones = Keystone Kapers Heroe = Hero Galaxia = Galaxian Enduro = guess El Esquimal = Frost Bite Decatlon = guess again Amo del Espacio = Starmaster Is common to see all of them either in Atari or Activision case (as in the photo in the first post of this topic) 3 more left; I´ll have the scans ready by tomorrow night Hope this helps. See you
  3. It has been ages (AtariAges?) since I posted here. Sorry, been through some problems but now I´m ready for action Hello there! I was wondering if those scans would still be useful to you and the site, my friend. I now have all Mexican versions I own out of the mess (I believe) and can scan them all if needed
  4. Hi again! Yes, there are 2600 systems with built in games here in Mexico but they are called "clones" as they (or at least the ones I´ve seen) are not legal or distributed by Atari, and I believe all of them are "Atari Jr.-like". I have seen clones with 32, 64 and 100+ games built in! and you can still get them, they are not very rare, but sometimes some of the games included don´t work. Oh, and thanks for the welcome! Oh yes, "Atari de (from) México" existed. As I remember, they re-labeled the games as rheffera says and used Activision or "normal" Atari cartridge cases and just made the Spanish boxes and manuals. Here is a photo of the El Esquimal and Supercocinero backs: And yes, it was possible to find a Supercocinero with an Atari case and the same for the others. Of course, pirates of these Mexican versions were common, but you can tell by the print-quality of the label most of the time. The systems (again, the ones I´ve seen) were just assembled here in México and included a Mexican warranty,manuals and boxes in Spanish. Here is one of the systems I have, you can see the label below and the case made in Taiwan: But they actually made ac adapters (which look really cheap), like this one: And of course I can scan the cartridges for the database! just please let me know where I can send them to Now that is the million dollar question. What woudl the box look like? I doubt that anyone on here has ever seen one for this is the first time they have been mentioned Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have another copy of Supercocinero, in case you or somebody else is interested , and a good friend of mine has some of the original boxes and manuals of these Mexican versions and will scan them for us. I will post them here as soon as I receive them. Yes, even today all related to Atari is very desirable by Mexican videogame collectors. You can tell by the number of auctions which end with high bids, or in flea markets for example, where 2600 cartridges are best sellers, I would say In fact, there were more Mexican versions with labels which include boxes and manuals completely in Spanish. Examples of this are "Héroe" (Hero) and others like "Policías y Ladrones" and "Los 3 Cochinitos" (I don´t know the names of their american counterparts). And look at this beauty I found in my mess: This one too has "normal" Atari case, but what amazes me is that this is not based on an Activision game: you can tell that is Galaxian of course. BTW, some Atari 7800 games included manuals in Spanish too when were distributed here. Hope these pics and information help a little
  5. No, they are not. At those times they were sold in big stores (most commonly Sears, as I wrote) and they came even with warranty and catalogs. Nowadays they are not easily seen at least where I usually look for. Oh, and they also sold Atari systems assembled here in Mexico too . Probably they look like pirates because of the low quality of the labels used, and also the damage time has done on the ones in the photo
  6. Hello my friends! just wondering about the possible rarity of those old Atari 2600 Mexican cartridge versions. I remember those times when Atari stuff was found everywhere, and I believe it was Sears (?) which began to sell these cartridges; completelly legal, with boxes, instructions and labels all in Spanish. Probably all of them where based on Activision classics, like the ones I have in this photo: Tanque Robot = Robot Tank SuperCocinero = Pressure Cooker El Esquimal = Frost Bite So do you know if they are considered rare or maybe the same as its american counterpart? BTW, this is my first post!
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