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  1. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the ST many years ago for our old webmag. I remember he was very polite and very helpful. I always followed his posts here and on facebook, he will be missed. Best wishes to his family and friends.
  2. Sorry nothing to contribute really
  3. You can check this video. The card works with the ST but the image is bad. There are various videos on youtube that show this working. However, there is also GBS Control, custom firmware with an ESP8266 Arduino that apparently gives great results. I'd love to see how it would perform on Atari ST. Here's a video of someone doing the mod.
  4. It's probably a dns issue. Maybe the change hasn't propagated all the way since I still see the board is under maintenance message. Funnily enough I use google dns.
  5. I am curious as to where you see the SCSI port. If you pose at 10:41 you'll clearly see the 19-pin ACSI port.
  6. Did you also see the brochure?
  7. Or if you want a more similar experience to THEC64, you could get a raspberry pi, one of the various atari st 3d printed cases and install Rastari (or BeePi for a more modern ST experience).
  8. You ll have to wait for Cj to port wings of death and lethal xcess for some great shooting action. Best played with the original ym2149 sounds though tmfx isn't bad either.
  9. There is always zombie apocalypse by stax
  10. That is completely incorrect though. Actually if it were in ROM it would run slower because ram is quite a bit faster than rom. Assembly is the preferred way to program 8, 16 and early 32-bit systems because it will be much much faster than basic, c, Pascal etc. Using anything else is basically a trade off between time, speed and what is acceptable performance.
  11. I don't know much about Amiga, but it seems to me like you want a program launcher. Assuming you are running regular TOS, not Magic or MiNT, you have a few options. Check here at the programstarter section to see if anything suits your needs: https://www.atariuptodate.de/en/util/
  12. It's not an Atari though, it's an Amiga that runs EmuTOS. EmuTOS can probably be ported to anything. An Atari ST like computer has to be more than a port of EmuTOS. I'd argue this is equally an Atari then: https://github.com/kelihlodversson/pTOS
  13. Well, we live in the era of the revived home computer. There's the raspberry pi, the orange pi and any other pi you can think of. They are the very definition of a home computer, in both user base and use cases, if you ignore the gaming in a non retro way part. Whether the VCS will be (? on be) something like a home computer, I'd guess yes. It's definitely not a console. I've said before, that a ryzen mini pc at that price is a great offer. I just wonder what kind of single thread performance it will have. As for a case, I think a TT mini case, or a XEGS one (without the pastels) would be really nice. I am not a bif fan of how the original VCS looked. As for the OS, I read an article the other day on customizing linux. That would be nice. https://hackaday.com/2019/10/07/a-bootable-greeting-for-the-xenomorph-in-your-life/
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