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  1. Arcade perfect, not so much, but some really good ones include: Super sprint Badlands Super off road (There's a theme here) Sinister development's Asteroids and Space Invaders Battlezone (it's running the arcade logic with a 6502 emulator) Rampart (nice mouse controls) Moon Patrol (I prefer the A8 version) Rodland Star Wars
  2. I never had an issue with the d-bug patch. Try that.
  3. You can also run Virtual Escape or many other demos. Running CosmosEX with 512K might be a bit too little though, since the driver will get a few precious KB.
  4. Yeah, it has an attract mode and it can't shut up about welcoming you to Goldrunner. Not a very enjoyable game though, but great music and smooth action.
  5. I am not sure I have the heart to watch your video. I really miss my falcon but the way life is going right now, I am less sad that mine is fried, i wouldn't have time to turn it on. Maybe it would be worse. I don't remember if it's your first falcon but I wish you happy exploring.
  6. Well there's this. https://docs.dev-docs.org/
  7. Like I told you (i think) on YouTube, I really appreciate how much effort you put in the research of your videos. Looking forward to many more. About one step beyond, it's a really nice puzzler. Looks great too. I played it quite a lot.
  8. This also might be some help https://github.com/ctzio/PS2X2STmouse/blob/master/PSX2Joy2STmouse.ino
  9. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the ST many years ago for our old webmag. I remember he was very polite and very helpful. I always followed his posts here and on facebook, he will be missed. Best wishes to his family and friends.
  10. Sorry nothing to contribute really
  11. You can check this video. The card works with the ST but the image is bad. There are various videos on youtube that show this working. However, there is also GBS Control, custom firmware with an ESP8266 Arduino that apparently gives great results. I'd love to see how it would perform on Atari ST. Here's a video of someone doing the mod.
  12. It's probably a dns issue. Maybe the change hasn't propagated all the way since I still see the board is under maintenance message. Funnily enough I use google dns.
  13. I am curious as to where you see the SCSI port. If you pose at 10:41 you'll clearly see the 19-pin ACSI port.
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