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  1. Your issue is that the ST's signal is incompatible with your TV. You need a TV that has more tolerances. I remember reading somewhere that there is a mod you can do on the ST, but don't quote me on that.
  2. Ishar has real time combat but not in the same way that you'd find on LOL or Warcraft. Also, I guess you are looking for something like Homeworld, but I don't think there is something like that on the ST. The games I can think of are more like freespace.
  3. I guess porting Emutos to the jaguar would be easier since it's open source and all. It's already been ported to amiga and there's wip to port it to the Raspberry Pi.
  4. Also, if anyone is into jrpg, fatemaster is an excellent game.
  5. I think that it supports neither. Think of it more like the USB wifi dongle on your PC but instead of USB it connects to the serial port.
  6. That's because I tried to find a term that I hate less than "homebrew" , and maybe attract some readers that weren't familiar with the old terms. Glad you enjoyed the article.
  7. This device (I have built one myself on a breadboard) is not a wifi modem. It needs a TCP/IP stack to be installed on the system in order to work, so I doubt it could work on an Atari 8-bit.
  8. This is not a bad list: https://lowresmag.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/top-10-atari-st-indie-games/ Also, some great suggestions in the comments. (P.S. I've written it)
  9. I love the sound effects of POKEY but I prefer the YM for music.
  10. Well let's not forget Epic and interphase. The only thing missing is support for math co processors on the st and the ste. That would have helped a lot on the application side of things.
  11. I made my own with Arduino. I don't see a reason why this wouldn't work though
  12. All ST have rs232. Only the connector is a 25-pin one in ST and Ste
  13. Pokey is more metalluc sounding and it is amazing in sound effects.
  14. Xnview used to have support for atari formats. It probably still does hidden somewhere in the interface.
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