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  1. It's not an Atari though, it's an Amiga that runs EmuTOS. EmuTOS can probably be ported to anything. An Atari ST like computer has to be more than a port of EmuTOS. I'd argue this is equally an Atari then: https://github.com/kelihlodversson/pTOS
  2. Well, we live in the era of the revived home computer. There's the raspberry pi, the orange pi and any other pi you can think of. They are the very definition of a home computer, in both user base and use cases, if you ignore the gaming in a non retro way part. Whether the VCS will be (? on be) something like a home computer, I'd guess yes. It's definitely not a console. I've said before, that a ryzen mini pc at that price is a great offer. I just wonder what kind of single thread performance it will have. As for a case, I think a TT mini case, or a XEGS one (without the pastels) would be really nice. I am not a bif fan of how the original VCS looked. As for the OS, I read an article the other day on customizing linux. That would be nice. https://hackaday.com/2019/10/07/a-bootable-greeting-for-the-xenomorph-in-your-life/
  3. This reminds me a lot of Attackwave by Paradize. It doesn't seem too bad.
  4. The main problem with a modern atari is would be that many of the core concepts of GEM were flawed and i don't know how much of it would be fixable without breaking compatibility. Having said that Magic and Mint +xaaes + desktop have made a quite beautiful system.
  5. Falcons nowadays are more expensive than when they were new. It's funny, because if the were as sought after back then, we wouldn't be talking about the Atari VCS but we'd have youtubers comparing the the Falcon SE with whatever overpriced thing Apple is releasing these days.
  6. Nice! Glad to see it running emutos too. Did you try to run any programs?
  7. Yes, you are absolutely right. You shouldn't have to search every time you need a little thing, and you don't always find the exact thing you need. Sometimes like you say, it's hidden inside somewhere and what is obvious to some, is not to everyone. It all comes down to whether people want to help or not. Anyway, please keep us updated on your project and don't be afraid to ask. Someone will surely answer.
  8. Your issue is that the ST's signal is incompatible with your TV. You need a TV that has more tolerances. I remember reading somewhere that there is a mod you can do on the ST, but don't quote me on that.
  9. Ishar has real time combat but not in the same way that you'd find on LOL or Warcraft. Also, I guess you are looking for something like Homeworld, but I don't think there is something like that on the ST. The games I can think of are more like freespace.
  10. I guess porting Emutos to the jaguar would be easier since it's open source and all. It's already been ported to amiga and there's wip to port it to the Raspberry Pi.
  11. Also, if anyone is into jrpg, fatemaster is an excellent game.
  12. I think that it supports neither. Think of it more like the USB wifi dongle on your PC but instead of USB it connects to the serial port.
  13. That's because I tried to find a term that I hate less than "homebrew" , and maybe attract some readers that weren't familiar with the old terms. Glad you enjoyed the article.
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