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  1. Wasn't Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters an RTS for the NES? I kinda liked it. autumn_drag0n
  2. Armada Tanks is a PC game I came across in my Download.com New Releases browsing. I saw the screen capture and thought "That looks like a slick version of Tanks But No Tanks/Armored Ambush/Combat". So I downloaded it, played it, and for the most part I have been right. My two gripes are there is no keyboard control option (the mouse control does make it more interesting/challenging) and the windowed mode is not truly windowed since it cannot be dynamically resized. Aside from that this game has a definite retro appeal to it and is worth checking out if you like tank arcade style games. It's an hour demo and the $20 price tag is too steep for this game, IMHO. Armada Tanks Like it? Dislike It? autumn_drag0n
  3. I am back in college at my old age (30) and in our Art Appreciation class the instructor asked "What things are certain?" some wanna-be geek says "All video games are beatable." It's still bothering me and it's been almost a week. This statement as all of you know is NOT true. I wanted to stand up and say "Really, ever played Mission Impossible for the 7800?!" or "Some games have no ending and are just based on how high you can score?!" But he's probably never seen anything older than a PS1 and probably thinks graphics "make the game". What are your stories like this? autumn_drag0n
  4. Lime green Game Boy Color (or Pocket?) with Pokemon Yellow in the cartridge slot in Left Behind: The Movie, son of the airline pilot is playing it. White DS Lite (obviously not classic) being played by receptionist at the abortion clinic in Juno - she is really hammering the buttons too. autumn_drag0n
  5. I don't own one but I would like too. I am curious about these obscure poorly-performing (in sales that is) systems. I would definitely like to have it to play Wheel of Fortune on (my wife would really like that). Another system I would like to pick up and check out is the Hyperscan. Strange, huh? If any of you are looking for a loving adoptive home for your no longer wanted Game.com let me know autumn_drag0n
  6. After reading your post I had to go check out Gangster Alley and Space Master X-7 (via emulation). I thought both were pretty fun although a bit difficult, especially Gangster Alley when the "lights go out" in the windows. I really liked the happy faced bomb wielding escaped con that tracked back and forth on the roof and they we he says "Ha ha ha" after you lose. Space Master X-7 was pretty cool too, I like games where the player is charged with destroying a base (albeit repeatedly in Space Master X-7). Anyway thanks for the post which led to some gaming ideas for me autumn_drag0n
  7. Sorry for "bumping" this topic, it's not why I am replying. I didn't realize I was b!tch!ng, it's not something I usually do. I just wanted input from others who read video game reviews and what they thought of these differing reviews on Mythicon's similar games. autumn_drag0n
  8. I was going to chime in on this topic and name a few games, but then I thought - The Atari 2600 library of games doesn't really have any games with outstanding or great graphics (by todays standards or the standards of the late 80's). But it doesn't matter because regardless of graphics if there is no game play then there is no game regardless of graphics, others have already pointed out Adventure for bad graphics but no one has denied its enjoyable game play. So now I leave it to the grammar / spelling police to correct everything that is wrong with my post - because that's way more fun than talking about and playing games autumn_drag0n
  9. I completely agree. Dark Chambers is slow but very enjoyable due to the amount of exploring and item collecting. Yes, the enemies keep turning into their weaker forms until they are destroyed so that can be tedious (The 7800 version of Dark Chambers does the same thing but it is more like Gauntlet and therefore has a faster pace). By the way is that Fidel? Viva La Skeletor!
  10. I always thought Dark Chambers being more like Adventure (basically the graphics of Dark Chambers plus the game play and speed of Adventure) would make a cool game. Someone should get to work on that autumn_drag0n
  11. LOL! I totally see it. autumn_drag0n
  12. Haven't watched the video / heard the song yet. I like Savage Garden though. Santa Monica (last song on their self-titled CD is very good, IMHO) + one of the lyrics is "...I could be a space invader..." autumn_drag0n
  13. Out of boredom I started playing Snail Against Squirrel. I think I understand the idea: I am the squirrel, I have to retrieve nuts before they fall to the ground (because a squirrel would never eat anything off of the ground) from the lower left and right corners of the screen while avoiding snails (the squirrel's natural enemy, of course). After retrieving the nut my pace slows and I must carry it to the top of the "tree". Anyone else ever played this game / ROM? Just curious. autumn_drag0n Ha look at my score how serendipitous (not really getting a nut to the tree top is 1300 points).
  14. I am interested in learning more about the Atari 5200 through emulation (after I fully explore the 5200 I will move on to the 7800 as these are two systems I did not own but have always interested me). What is the best 5200 emulator and is it fairly easy to configure and use (the less command line the better for me)? Can a gamepad be configured to work with it? What are some good 5200 games (with available ROMs)? Thanks for all of your knowledge autumn_drag0n
  15. Okay, now I feel obligated to take Mythicon's games for a spin on an emulator. I have played Sorcerer before and thought it was okay. autumn_drag0n
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