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  1. I discovered my gamepad is faulty today. I noted the gamepad wire is the problem. If I move the wire, I can use my gamepad. Once I release it, the gamepad stopped working. It happens often with headphones but it's the first time it also happens with gamepads too.
  2. My laptop hates me:


  3. Yesterday, I was playing with my gamepad on my laptop. For no reasons, windows stopped recognizing my gamepad and it stopped working. I unplugged and plugged my gamepad many times. No sign of life. I first though the device was dead and I was planning to order a new one. Today, I give it another try. Windows keeps saying recognize/non-recognize the gamepad. Finally, it recognizes the gamepad and I can play it again. I hate when win10 (or my laptop) hates me. 1) It won't play all mp4s I have until it crashes and needs to reinstall again. Now, it plays all mp4s again. 2) It won't allow me to compile my colecovision games with sound for odd reasons. 3) It won't recognize my gamepad for a whole day. I wonder if I should throw out my laptop through the window and buy an old computer with win7 installed.
  4. Does GB Studio have messageboard? Or other places to talk about gameboy programming?
  5. This must be a bad luck today. All batteries I have are run out and it's night.


    I can't use my wireless mouse and need to use touch pad from my laptop until tomorrow.


    Tough time to browse the internet.

    1. CPUWIZ


      That happened to me, in the nineties. 


      All joking aside, I often find myself really needing a 9V block battery and not having one at hand.

  6. GB Studio:


    1. Razzie.P


      Haven't tried it yet, but it seems to be a pretty full featured tool.  I have it on my mental "to check out later" list.


      This game (made in GB Studio) seems to be getting lots of love. 




  7. I decided to make gameboy games and after I checked on atariage, I found GB studio so I give it a try. GB Studio reminds me Click & PLay, a game maker for windows 3.1. If GB Studio is confusing at first, after a while, I managed to understand it. It looks complicated but it's more simplier than you think. GB Studio is only the engine. You need tiles maps and sound editors to make your own gameboy game. GB Studio included a game which you can finish it with your imagination by changing texts, add textures, sprites, and other stuff. I managed to change dialogues for my taste. Take a look. 'My cat gets mad' How sweet. This game is short. But to introduce GB Studio, it's fine. I have no problem to add rooms, sprites and tiles. For sound/music, it's another story. That's I get when I convert from midi to .mod (gb studio sound format). I will ask for help. The original game does not allow to complete all tasks. But don't worry, all tasks can be completed once I finished it. That's all for today. Thanks for reading.
  8. Coco and the evil robots Help Coco to retrieve treasures stolen by Grostesteing. Known issue: no sound. My computer started acting funny and refuses to allow me to compile games with sound. Here the game: coco.rom Here the manual: coco_and_the_evil_robots.pdf You need a colecovision with flash card or an emulator to play.
  9. I bought a PCjr in 1986 and I never noted there are issues as well.
  10. Is Coleco Adam that bad? I'm aware cassette basic can be erased accidently, but after that, ...
  11. There's a corrupted graphics at the botton right of the screen at level 26. I can still play it.
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