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  1. I had a blast playing Minecraft on 3DS today despites its flaws.
  2. Maybe if they release a neo geo mini console likes nes mini. Not with a mini arcade cabinet called 'neo geo mini' I found in the internet.
  3. For a $600 system with $300 per game, Neo Geo stands longer than Atari Jaguar, Amiga CD-32 and 3DO. Most Neo-Geo games must be in high quality.
  4. I'm not sure how to run a dos game from tape unless DOS supports cassette driver as well.
  5. Let me see ... If Colecovision was like Telstar Arcade, we would find a Z80 in each cartridge?
  6. Coco and the evil robots & high score Boulder Dash / Popeye



  7. I dropped a message at the colecovision programming section. If someone can help me, we might have Coco with sound. It would be great. Tomorrow is the last day for high score Boulder Dash / Popeye. I don't care too much with Popeye but I still improve with Boulder Dash. I believe there are 2/3 more caves to complete before going back to cave 1 with level 2 but more difficult.
  8. Sounds like Odyssey 1 except there is a chip in each cartridge. Introduced in 1977, I was thinking Telstar Arcade cartridges has roms since this kind of cartridge was introduced in 1976 with Fairchild Channel F.
  9. Since Coleco Telstar Arcade is a console, I wonder if it possible to make new games on this system?
  10. Donkey Kong Metroid Legend of Zelda Super Mario Bros 3 Bomberman
  11. Upcoming consoles:


  12. I went to Best Buy online to check upcoming consoles. - Playstation 5: available in November 10th 2020. - X-Box Series X: November 12th 2020. - Intellivision Amico: It's all I found for Amico. - Atari VCS: On Amazon Canada, check out the price for PS5: $1749.99 for a PS5? For that price, I would buy a better PC than I have right now.
  13. I tried it. Still no luck. My SDCC version is 3.50.
  14. Thanks I noted in Megagames, https://www.mobygames.com/browse/games/neo-geo/, there are games from 2005 to 2019. Are they homemade games?
  15. At the beginning, Neo Geo offers any kinds of games. But at the end, most games released are fighting games. That's I saw in magazines like Gamepro. Did SNK release other genre beside fighting at the end of Neo Geo?
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