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  1. Based on the box, this game only accepts VGA/MCGA, EGA and Tandy 1000 graphics. But what the requirement won't tell, the game also support CGA. That's right: Might and Magic 3 can play on "beautiful, fantastic, incredible" four color. Don't just take my word, take a look at these screenshots. Where the game begins. Clues can be read on the walls. The guilds look more darker in 4 color. The bar. Yuck! Not bad in this picture. Choose a spell to use. The fountain head cavern map. One of these fountain heads. Alright. I stopped torturing with these "wonderful" 4 color screenshots. I guess in 1991, cheap computers are in CGA only and even most publishers dropped CGA, few still use it. Honestly, if I knew MM3 supports CGA, I would buy it but I'm not sure if it would run on my PCjr with 640k. It would take forever to load and spend time to switch diskettes.
  2. I noted there is a fourth Castlevania game for GBA and it's not NES Castlevania. What is it and was it released in Japan only? https://news.denfaminicogamer.jp/news/210924l
  3. Sometimes, I want to torture myself and other people. Here Pacmania on Commodore Vic 20. Warning: flashing images.
  4. My top 10 Vic-20 games



    1. SpiceWare


      Have you played Bandits?  If I made a top 10 list it would be in it, most likely at #1.



      Omega Race would also be in my list.  It was one of my favorite arcade games back in the day, and the VIC port is quite a bit better than the other home versions:


    2. carlsson


      It reminds me, I wonder if anyone has tried/succeeded in patching Bandits to run on PAL systems. I'm afraid it too closely related to the raster beam to make that a non-trivial task. A few other games like some Imagic ones exist in both PAL and NTSC versions. The majority work on either, as long as you adjust the screen positioning though.

  5. Ms. Pac-Man Donkey Kong Sword of Fargoal Pole Position Galaxian Demon Attack Serpentine Jungle Hunt Creepy Corridors Lode Runner
  6. I just got Fire Emblem Warriors from mail. I completed the first chapter. It's hash & slash game more likes Heretic II. Fire Emblem Warriors is my second New 3DS exclusive. The first was Minecraft. Most games are expensives. I was lucky to buy Fire Emblem for $8 only.
  7. It's weird for me. More likes if Nintendo released 3DS and New 3Ds at the same time. I don't understand what Microsoft is doing this way.
  8. Ok. Were both S and X released at the same time?
  9. Sound likes Xbox Series S and X are two differents systems.
  10. Doom on ColecoVision?
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