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  1. And we get "Sorry. This game only works on Phoenix" on Colecovision.
  2. I noted the nes version is published by Acclaim. Is Dead Tomb a port from which system?
  3. I like listening classic music from time in time but I won't spend all day listening to them. Most radio stations play any kind of songs except classic music. For some reason, listening classic music for me is more like listening silent movies even if classic music is more older than movies. My favourites are: Chopin, Mozart, Tchaïkovski, Strauss and others.
  4. When an author decides for not release his/her works, we have no choice but to accept it.
  5. Done. All I see is a list of members. Nothing else. Any other closed clubs on Atariage show a list of members only.
  6. Your club is open. That's why I can see pictures. Mine is a closed club. Only members can see my pictures likes Albert said. I will response if Google finds my pictures from my club.
  7. Albert, the owner of Atariage, said Google (and other search sites) could show screenshots from my club. Yeah! Google found a picture from "the official Robin Gravel's club". Actually, it's a banner from the main club page where everybody can see anyway. But can Google find my pictures from my topics/blogs inside my club? Only the time will tell.
  8. I just discovered my cat gave birth. I can't tell when Grizeline gave birth. Mom knows where to hide her kitties. I think it's three kitties from the picture. How cute. 😍 But we have to deal with these new cats too.
  9. Can this thing turn Colecovision into MSX computer with keyboard attached?
  10. Thanks It looks more like a remake from the original game than actually a new game. It reminds me Space Venture, a venture hack. Also, I'm thinking to make my own venture game with a twist. I said that in this topic: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/290197-space-venture/page/4/
  11. It's a mixed bag of zelda and venture. How about screenshots where you can choose a room to go in.
  12. I'm player type who won't read the manual and figure out how to play. Also ed1475 has answered different thing and changed his comments later. That's why my answer made no sense now.
  13. I enjoyed this game.
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