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  1. My first vcr can record sp, lp and ep. My second vcr can record sp and ep. Not lp. But it still can play lp movies.

  2. Star Trek: lower decks


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    2. Serguei2


      I just watched reviews.


      Somes like it, others not.




    3. SlidellMan


      Here's what The Critical Drinker has to say: 


    4. jaybird3rd


      ^ I love Critical Drinker and Nerdrotic!

  3. When I watched Star Trek: lower deck for the first time, I thought it was stupid and dumb. I stopped watching it 15 minutes later. The next day, I watched it again. Now I started understand the story better and I like it. I think I will watch another episode.
  4. The controller is very sensitive on this game. I cannot always make the player to stop at the right moment.
  5. Was Barbie from Epyx first dress-up game released in 1985?
  6. Likes a tyrant


  7. I started a new world in Minecraft with Minecraft Comes Alive mod. This time, I decided to abduct women from villages. That was funny.
  8. Records broken:


  9. So many records broken on this one.
  10. Tournoi d'énergie (Energy tournament) makes more sense for me.
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