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  1. yep ... btw i am still looking for the wall defender inlay card, in case anyone has one left from a broken regular box.
  2. that should easier to get your hands on.
  3. then the only thing missing will be the Bomb DC-2 pack. aaaaah, there's always something .....
  4. at least i am seeing the badge in my collection. .
  5. a proper pic of the bounty hunter star
  6. the Coupon for the gloves ... top right corner
  7. Activision Promo cardboard folder with promosheets inside
  8. Company profile handout for investors/business partners, 1982
  9. folder from Ariolasoft, the german activision distributor
  10. here's some more ... 1983 jacket for the CES
  11. i need this. just this. nothing else really. and a YOU SUCK patch! i remember doing some graphics for it and heard that there's some out there for real now! please help to finish the collection
  12. jahfish


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