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  1. i need this. just this. nothing else really. and a YOU SUCK patch! i remember doing some graphics for it and heard that there's some out there for real now! please help to finish the collection
  2. jahfish


  3. thanks a lot ... would be great if you could make a better scan sometime
  4. http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/2261-activision-patches/ i still need: - Laserblast patch letter (100.000 points / for the round patch) - space shuttle pilot patch (!) - space shuttle commander letter (Dock x 6 and > 7,500 units fuel) - Starmaster "Leader" letter who can fill the last gaps? wow ... according to activisionpatches.com that collection is worth about 4000$
  5. jahfish

    Activision Patches

    Activision Patches. Letters, Ads & Polaroids
  6. havent been here for a while .... thanks for the scans!!!!
  7. wow ... just wow .... the shoes look as ugly as the prices .... what's the point of doing a limited serie? i bet some people will sell the shoe and therefore get their cash back right after the initial "donnation" ....
  8. not sure about that. the main reason for dumping is to create a maximum output with the new releases. atari didn't want millions of ET games going for 10$ a cart ... they wanted kids to spend 40$ on the latest games. plus it was the time when more and more shops surfaced that would sell old stock that they bought cheap. with dumping, they would make sure that most of the money spent on games would somehow affect their actual products where the benefits are the biggest. only once a company has vanished, the games will resurface in a place like best electronics and be sold for a few bucks. at that point it wouldn't "steal" any customers from their target group.
  9. scans should always be in original size with at least 150 dpi ....
  10. i've always wondered what the Harmonyca Rtridge is .... some unreleased prototype burried in a desert?
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