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  1. Your historical news proves nothing of what you've been saying, and in fact seems to be far more in agreement with what everyone else has told you. So, once and for all, let's put this entire argument to rest for you: Adding a CD drive into the Jaguar at launch would've raised the Jaguar well above the price target that Atari had set for the system. End of story. If you think that adding a CD drive would've resulted in no more than a "small bump" in price, then you're really off your rocker.
  2. This, folks, is delusion of the highest order. I rest my case.
  3. See, if even JagChris can see through your bullshit, then it's probably best to take your ball and go home.
  4. Not sure where you're getting that bit about liking a post I didn't read. And I certainly have not been starting arguments, you've done an excellent job of that yourself though. What you said is classic projection.
  5. How does what I said have to do with seeing your "dms"? Am I not the first person to wonder if you're Kieren Hawken? I guess that wouldn't be surprising.
  6. There's only one person I've encountered who is capable of this level of delusion. Kieren, is that you?
  7. I wonder if ataritiger and Leeroy ST are the same person. They both have the same habits of posting incomprehensible gibberish and then circling around on themselves when someone refutes them.
  8. I nominate myself to NOT be a moderator in here, kthxbai.
  9. Now or never, the status update game must go on.

  10. It would be nice if a mod could update his initial post with links to each new post from The Historian. Would make this thread easier to follow if starts getting pretty long.
  11. Thanks for posting those. I wanna say I had seen a grainy image of the brochure page before, but my memory is a bit fuzzy on that. I had been curious in seeing what the actual rides looked like.
  12. It's no surprise here. Atari would have to hire someone to write an emulator that's a little more complex than ones for most other conventional consoles, all for a system that sold at the bottom of the barrel during its lifetime. The Jag was in no way "highly regarded" like a certain someone keeps saying, in fact it is widely mocked and at best serves as a mild curiosity for that reason alone. It would be great to see it done, but it's not the least bit surprising that it hasn't happened.
  13. Yup, you are right, everyone else is wrong, and apparently the god of video games is going to magically come down from the sky and proclaim you the God Emperor of the Jaguar. Got it.
  14. No, it's taken an extreme amount of deciphering multiple posts to entangle the clusterfuck of your writing style. Don't blame everyone else for misunderstanding when you can't take a minute to clean up your own posts.
  15. Piecing together everything he's written, his claims of having worked on Bubsy don't seem so far-fetched. But it has certainly taken some digging to decipher it all, thanks to his scattershot style of writing. And still, I'd say he has absolutely no room to insult or belittle you the way he did.
  16. The Jag community has a long and sordid history of people coming into it and making outstanding claims about themselves or something they're working on only for it to turn out that they're completely full of shit. The whole ordeal with Jane Whittaker has only been the latest thing to come to light, but by far not the first. Of course, your own extremely vague style of writing certainly hasn't helped your own claims, so it shouldn't be difficult to see why so many of us have been skeptical about what you said.
  17. Ok, that clears it up a little more. Must have been a complete clusterfuck of a situation, especially considering that most of the enemy sprites in Bubsy have extremely jerky movement and no more than 2 frames of animation.
  18. What exactly does that have to do with the mythical and completely imaginary Jaguar mini?
  19. Ok, just went back to your older post and reread this. So, you were part of a team inside Atari meant to provide support for external developers, judging from what you wrote here. That's not uncommon at all, yet your post didn't really make it clear that YOU were on this team. So, you were contracted just to provide developer support for one single game, and simply for helping to improve collision detection? That seems to be an awfully specific role, especially if you're working on just one game.
  20. No, actually it doesn't make sense. Sorry, but you're being intentionally vague to the point that it's simply hard to follow what you're trying to say. "Improving sprite quality" can mean just about anything. Do you mean quality of the artwork? Using higher color-count sprites? More animation frames? Were you an artist or a programmer? What tools did you use in order to "improve sprite quality"? I'd like to take you at your word here, but you've done absolutely nothing to give yourself any credibility in this regard, especially as you were the one insulting Zerosquare for being an "armchair developer". I'm sure you can give more detailed answers to these questions without doxxing yourself.
  21. I can confirm, I found the Xbox 360 controller's D-Pad borderline unusable.
  22. No kidding. If there was one thing I think the Jag actually excelled at, it was in the realm of music. Stop with the pissing match. You're not the only developer here who worked on a Jag game professionally during its shelf life. There are plenty of devs in the Jag community who have overinflated egos, but Zerosquare is certainly not one of them.
  23. None of those bugs escaped my attention back in the day (except for the NVRAM one). Yet another one is that whenever you hit the speed boost in the first bonus area, it doesn't reset back to saying "Yes!" instead of "Boost!" until you hit another speed boost.
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