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  1. Why the hell did Brad Delp kill him self.... @#[email protected]#$!!!

  2. Happy Turkey Day, from someone who can't find anyone else in his city that is celebrating today.

  3. Happy Birthday, USMC!

  4. It amazes me that some of the lamest status updates can generate feedback.

  5. GO RED SOX! Win it all again for New England!

  6. Ahhh......hydrocodone.

  7. Changing my username to Bang Ding Ow.

  8. I luv my atati.

  9. Remember, if your girlfriend is cheating on you, just get on your knees and give her a ring. Marrying her will make everything all better and she'll never cheat on you again. [if you believed any of that, punch yourself in the face.]

  10. Sit Ubu sit. Good dog.

  11. Apparently Adelaide, SA is twinned with Austin, TX.

  12. My brother passed away last night

  13. Who's the black private dick That's a sex machine to all the chicks?

  14. Am I the only person that LIKES black jelly beans?

    1. Sauron


      I love black jellybeans. They're the best.

    2. (See 24 other replies to this status update)

  15. I just been told my brother has terminal cancer

  16. Reading about modern consoles only makes me more grateful for my classic consoles: no updates, no reboots, no DLC to nickel and dime me to death, and no DRM or prohibitions against used games. They JUST WORK.

  17. Bought an Apple SE/30 on goodwill in 2003 for $25. Now I see people on eBay selling it for $400! I wish I still had it.

  18. hello Dear, that what have make a local sexy in Your area.

  19. Someone please tell me when it's Friday!

  20. 40th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon

  21. Always wondering: why does Hollywood cast actors for German-speaking roles who have an abominable pronunciation (e.g. Denis O'Hare in "True Blood" - esp. in direct comparison to the excellent German of Alexander Skarsgård)?

  22. Hello from America!

  23. Finally had some time to play FTL yesterday. Fun little game! Tough, also....still can not finish the trip in Easy mode, though I get THIS close.

  24. Just had my Atari 800 go flying off the desk. A cracked corner, but easily repairable with glue. Stupid cable...

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