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  1. My Soviet era apartment: http://tiny.cc/yktftw

  2. I need TP for my Bunghole

  3. Ukraine is...different.

  4. Ukraine is...different.

  5. Atari, Rest in Peace. Again. http://t.co/04hG2wKK

  6. Question for the AA hive mind. Was MULE released for the A8 on cartridge?

  7. Question for the AA hive mind. Was MULE released for the A8 on cartridge?

  8. Start off some auctions, Atari 7800, XL/XE, and Jaguar items: http://tinyurl.com/az3n7zs

  9. Thanks to everyone who reported that abusive Facebook page! It's gone!

  10. Catching up with Game of Thrones. Love the intro music :)

  11. Just cast my 1st vote ever. (became US citizen last year) Gary Johnson 2012!

    1. Sauron


      Congrats! Voting is an important right of every American. Don't let the naysayers downplay your vote for Johnson.

    2. (See 18 other replies to this status update)

  12. Gameplay video of the impressive new Chetiry homebrew game for the Atari 2600: http://t.co/XLy6kexw

  13. It's Hockey Night In Canada - showing a game from 1979 I think - best game I've seen on TV in years... except Boston just scored on Montreal

  14. Okay, most of us here are guys, so let's be honest....who is your fav porn star, past or prsent? Mine would be Lisa Ann. And heck, the girls can weigh in also if they want. :)

  15. Watch Japan and China.

  16. Super Zapper Recharge :)

  17. Got a complete Lemmings for Lynx in the mail today!

  18. To everyone on Atari Age; Most of the statuses you will likely see come from my Twitter, may have to turn it off if things get too extreme.

  19. Is downloading ios 6

  20. Fucking *&(*)!# replacement reps cost my team the game! If that was a hold, I'm President of the US! So damn pissed right now, get the regular guys back ASAP!

  21. Who would you rather buy content from? Amazon or Apple?

  22. 35 years of console launch prices, adjusted for inflation: http://t.co/n5SK2WFr Sorted by price: http://t.co/xygjv1TN

  23. Holy shit, what the hell are my Red Sox doing?

  24. Just thought of a way Apple's rivals could get around Apple's increasing stranglehold on mobile interfaces.

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