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  1. Thanks Gury, I recently used Mad Studio to create this game (Thoghtcrimes) during a game jam session (Global Game Jam in Warsaw):
  2. Philsan - I'm glad you like the game. The idea of this illumination followed me for several years, and finally there was a game in which it could be used. Gorgh did a good job with programming. Mytek - a long piece of rope (about 60 yards) were bought in a regular DIY store in Poland, and then cut into smaller pieces.
  3. A great marketing idea! Congratulations, tmp. 500 000
  4. You unlock the other ponies when finish the whole level. Agree with recommended buttons swap.
  5. Gibstov: It's good to hear that there is progress in game development. Just to motivate you, we played your unfinished game in public places in Cracov (Poland), where Atari 65XE was available on the street, for tourists, and in the trendy restaurant, for customers, also in our UBU Lab on Jagiellonian University! I pushed adult, serious people to play as a little pony Some direct greetings to you inside the movie In the second movie, it's me playing your game. I haven't figured out how to play Rainbow Dash yet...
  6. Nice, installed! I'm still preparing the report, so let's check what can be removed from the list
  7. Great! Could you consider swapping joystick controls to more casual: the fire button activates shooting and joystick move down results in teleporting?
  8. Wow, a lot of improvements! Thank you. I'm going to use it as usual and will report bugs and propose add-ons . PS. New icons look ok
  9. Another bug: Mad Studio switches the normal/inverse fields after saving the font set. Small improvement idea for this character set editor section: allow to copy single char to another cell. It can be useful when you design your own set (like me)
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