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  1. Heaven, no big deal on the masks. just an "or" then an "and" with the mask. slower than eor of course though... the mask should have bits set when there is a seethrough pixel in the data though, otherwise the mask bits should be the same as the data, for the most straightfoward "seethrough" effect. some eg using 2 bit pixel, data ends up on top: screen pixel=00, data pixel=01, mask=01 01 or 00 = 01. 01 and 01 = 01. screen pixel=10, data pixel=01, mask=01 01 or 10 = 11 11 and 01 = 01 screen pixel=10, data pixel=00, mask=11 00 or 10= 10 10 and 11= 10 If anyone knows a better way, now would be a good time to share! Of course you want to avoid masking at all if you can...you could draw the big clouds with no masking, then underlay the enemies, using the same method. PS I don't think having a wider, shorter normal "landscape" screen would affect the gameplay much - Unless you're going for arcade exactness, or for speed/memory reasons. Regards Chris [ 04-19-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  2. Makes sense Dan. Not much point taking the timing further if all the 5200 stuff already works fine with that. I guess only a handful of even all the other 8-bit stuff around would ever rely on any tricky mid-line timing. look forward to checking out the new version
  3. Steve's had a lot of experience doing different things, so I hope he's come up with some good stuff for how to do this game. What you are thinking seems reasonable enough for doing with character mode. But just a few thoughts spring to mind...just speculation, only to think about.... Seem to be a lot of clouds for just PM graphics (although maybe if chunky and single colour...). Suppose you don't really want to try multiplex them vertically, if you still want to keep a parallax effect. Maybe in character mode, big clouds as characters and playfield scrolls around? Yes, too many enemy planes for PM graphics. But, what about PM graphics for parachutists and Boss planes?? Chris PS Nice trick with the 96*256 to speed the sprite routine.
  4. Dan, actually, the cycle counting sounds really complicated for the emulator. How are you managing that? Is it fast enough to actually simulate every exact cycle as the beam crosses the screen, or do you have to do some housekeeping at the end/beginning of every line, to make it all even out right? Whatever way, it's all very impressive. You have any plans to support other 8-bit models in the future? Chris
  5. If anyone's interested there's some detailed stuff re that on Dan's own site in De Re Atari Manual. Check out chapter 5. It's an excellent referrence for 8-bit Cafeman, From what I can gather (people, please correct me if I'm wrong), you may not have an "overrun" there. The DLI happens towards the end of the current line, so a WSYNC delays it till the next line down. (In character mode maybe not quite that straightforward) No need to worry about the timing too much. Just do any colour change and WSYNC early, Then you have a little time left for other stuff. Only if there are blank dlist instructions will antic not be stealing. It will be having to get your black data. Chris PS Keep up the good work on Koffi. [ 04-16-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  6. Yes, this is great! This was a fun game, and you have a realistic chance of actually finishing it... Looks like you figured how to get some of the mame ROM stuff. Cool. (to get much more would need the people who wrote the mame driver or the original developers of the coin-op). Excellent that Vector is shaping up too. I'd love to take up your offer of a HIP format Space Harrier title screen (if it's really not too much trouble). You have it working with colour now? Jet Boot, Heaven has laid down the gauntlet! You must feed us some morsels... Have fun and Good Luck Chris [ 04-15-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  7. Your plan to do Ladybug sounds fun, Heaven. I remember seeing it ages ago, but haven't played it....have to check it out on mame and other systems. Does anyone know why that never got onto 8-bit first time around? Maybe a character mode would be good for this game? A lot of other maze games use that. You get the extra colour too that way. Must go now. I have taken up too much of everybody's time, (including my own)
  8. quote: Originally posted by Heaven/TQA: the music, sample player is great! do you use own music routine??? I was reasonably happy with the sample player. Glad there was not too much crackle with the VBI and DLIS going (although that would be better without widescreen). I couldn't get the pokey timers to work properly with no OS(think that was more to do with the emulator), and had to do a kernel. The time-slicing for the man dying is a bit ugly though. The music player is only my first effort from a couple of weeks ago. It is a kind of pattern player with ability to loop back in a pattern. I think from the quality of music on other atari tunes, it is quite poor. It uses no combining channels or filters, but I needed as many channels as possible for sound fx too, and the music quality was not critical. My attempts at envelopes are also poor compared to others. Cafeman's idea (I think) of a library of good envelopes would be very useful! Having midi versions of tune made getting the musical timing very much easier. The other tunes will be very hard. quote: and btw... your conversion looks better than the c64 conversion because when objects overlap it seems like there are sprites and not "chararcters"...have a look on the c64 one... then you know what i mean... heaven/taquart The c64 conversion (and other computer ones) must have had very tight deadline for release. Also I have advantage of more ram, and disk. The Amiga version especially was a big disappointment(I love that machine -sorry to admit in an Atari board). The drawing routine is one of the few routines that I am quite pleased with - please don't look at the rest of the code, it is a mess in places! [ 04-14-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  9. quote: Originally posted by Heaven/TQA: rockin!!!! i am impressed... it is well adapted (except i do not prefer interlacing in action games... maybe optional???) heaven/taquart You're impressed! I think some of the work done by demo coders and teams(like yourself) and other developers is more impressive. In fact because of the overwhelming comments I have received, I have felt obliged to point this out and explain why more games weren't like this, on an small update to my web page On the update, I also wanted to thank the testers. They have convinced me I need to do something with the interlace mode, especially with PAL systems. Having an option for it sounds like a good idea(although this will be tricky) quote: so... question shaddy... where have you learned atari coding??? :=) you are definitly no beginner so...what have you done in the past??? What's on the web page is true. I haven't released anything before. I have just played at doing my own stuff for fun(In fact I didn't know there was ever an Atari 8-bit scene until a year or so ago)I did want to be a games developer when I was younger, but I have seen technology progress way beyond my my skills in mathematics and coding, so there were no realistic prospects there. Console and PC stuff is just so amazing now. I have just stuck with what I enjoy. [ 04-14-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  10. Fishing for a lot of answers there, Heaven! I'll have to deal with them in a couple of posts, and I'll try keep them short, to save boring everyone else to death in the messageboard! (Also more posts because I only just noticed you get more stars the more posts you do! Just like being back in primary school/1st grade, only the stars are blue, not silver or gold! Only Albert and Alex get cool flashing stars though!) In no particular order then: quote: Originally posted by Heaven/TQA: do you use own music routine??? and how have you converted the patterns of the arcade & the arcade gfx? i plan to do a same conversion for lady bug... i use mame and make screenshots and convert them into atari bitmap format...(or font...we will see) After mame "screen shot"(it luckily doesn't anti-alias, even though the screen is), and manipulation/re-drawing with art package, I have a utility to convert to my format and send to a .bin file which the ATASM cross-assembler or other utilities can then read straight in. I just watch and keep playing back the alien patterns in mame, and try and copy something similar into my pattern data. I haven't bothered to create a utility to help design the patterns - the cross-assembler is so quick, I just preview and edit it with the real code. [ 04-14-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  11. quote: Originally posted by Gunstar: Actually, I have a joystick with auto fire and tried it and it won't shoot at all with auto-fire on!!! Hmm, your autofire definitely works on other things? If so, I'll have to look into it. quote: ...and yes, I do have a very sweet setup with my 130XE (17 years in the making ), I've got 3 drives, extended memory (beyond 128k and recently installed-320k), a plotter, PC surround speakers (I modified my XE with two POKEY's for stereo sound), tons of games and a real arcade stick (which I'm using with your demo now as it works great for button mashing and relieves the hurt ), and the SIO2PC cable&APE software so now my XE has access to all the memory, CD-rom, harddrive, 31/2" floppy and modem&printer of my PC. Not to mention my keypad, mouse, trackball, touchtablet, paddles steering wheel and APPLE monitor. I've got a windows-like environment called ATOS that is wonderful (but requires at least a 16meg harddrive or APE and a PC hardrive), and my computer talks to me!!! I'm the original 8-bit hardware hacker&innovator. I'm about to upgrade my XE with a PAL Antic chip so I can run all the PAL software too!!! (it will still be 100% NTSC comapatible) WOW! that IS a very cool setup.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Gunstar: I used APE so far and just loaded it off the CD-rom, but APE has the ability to make real disks and I could try it if you want, seeing as I still have 3 1050's, one with Happy, one with US doubler and one regular...so if You would like I can try it with all three at different speeds. But the APE software has the ability to emulate the high-speed I/O anyway, so I'm sure the results would be the same as APE. I didn't really notice any significant pause in the loading, but then lots of games pause when loading for one reason or another so I don't really notice these things or think they are relevant. Sounds like you have a nice setup there. I would love you to try it with a real disk if you get the chance. The problem was when it was set to run slow, like a normal atari disk. It would pause for several seconds before continuing and stopping, then continuing, etc. It should only stop for less than a second (which is how it was working with everything except Atari800WinPlus30. But that seems a very accurate emulator, which is why I was worried) quote: One thing that would be nice is a rapid fire option, this game really hurts the thumb&fingers constantly mashing the buttons and I can't seem to find a pause; I assume one hasn't been implemented yet? Whatever happened to joysticks with autofire? I used to have a zipstick which was great for this. There'll be a pause for the end of each stage (and maybe in-game), which should give your fingers some time to recover
  13. Thanks for the suggestions Mindfield. Other people have been kind enough to e-mail ideas about this too (thanks Andre). I will re-consider different ideas for more colours at some point. I'm no great expert in this area. There are drawbacks with all the methods (as far as I know) and I will have to experiment again to decide the best compromise (Maybe even go back to 4 colour!) Chris quote: Originally posted by Mindfield: I think in this case more severe flicker, if placed in strategic locations, wouldn't actually be that bad. In the explosions, for example, flickering between to very disparate intensities (light red and dark red, for example) would actually work to advantage in having the side effect of looking like glowing embers. You'll notice that games like Afterburner, for example, intentionally flicker the intensity of the jet engines to make it look more lifelike. Another alternative, as I mentioned, is to use layered player/missiles (if you're not already using them, and it doesn't look like you are). Mapped over explosions or the like, they can have their own colours, so could kinda fill in for the absence of them elsewhere. It's a little kludgy, but it works. [ 04-12-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  14. Gunstar, thanks for trying on real 130xe, and all the compliments (that applies to everyone else too) It's a relief to know it works for real! You have an APE cable or did you create a real diskette? AtariWinPlus3.0 keeps pausing on the boot with fast disk off (but not on other versions), did that happen to you? I agree about colours looking dull or washed out, the emulators don't all do the same colours (even with "real" palette). I know Cafeman was saying he was having trouble with choosing colours for Koffi because of this. Now my 800xl is fixed, I can try and choose some better colours, although they can't be too bright or the flicker gets really bad. Some more info about "illegal" opcodes from the Atasm Assembler Help Text There's some screen shots of the master system version here (click on versions to find it). Very big and colourful graphics (bigger than the arcade even!) Regards Chris [ 04-11-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  15. Thanks for the compliments. That's high praise indeed coming from you guys. Thanks also for the advice so far. I'll keep you posted of any significant progress, but don't expect anything much soon.
  16. You are right Heaven, so it is possible. there it is in issue 11 c=hacking. code and explanation too. Lots of other stuff too. I'm adding this link to my favorites (even though it's C64!) Thanks
  17. Please visit my web site if you want to try a demo of the game I'm doing as a hobby. I have got to the stage where I'm hoping for some feedback from testers (with real 130XE if possible) Thanks www.sheddyshack.co.uk
  18. (shock) I have never heard demo writers exaggerate before. (got to try all the graemlins) [ 04-06-2002: Message edited by: Sheddy ]
  19. I was researching and coding up some sample playing routines a while back on 8-bit, and I came across some info about a demo, or digi player(?) (from Kactus & Mahonney, I think), that claimed to be 5 1/2 bit resolution. Any of you pros know how that might work, or is it just a joke? Only ways I could think to get more than 4-bit would be a "dithered" sample rapidly changing from, say 2 to 3 to give the effect of volume 2 1/2? Or can the channels be "combined" in volume only too? The manuals warn to not exceed 32 volume when using more than one sound channel. Can volume only give greater speaker excursion with more than one channel combined? If so, the emulators don't seem to allow for this. My experiments didn't seem to work with this. (Although it could be trying to convert the sample data that was the problem) Not desperate for an answer, but curious if anyone else has tried this kind of stuff!
  20. quote: Originally posted by Dan Boris: 1. Multi-color Overlapping players. This was my first priority in the new version and I already have it working great. Does anyone know how this effects missiles? Dan, the missiles overlap the same way as the players when bit 5 of PRIOR is on. In fact,you can think of them as just an extension of the player that shares the same colour register, EXCEPT when you use bit 4 on PRIOR, which gives all the missiles a separate colour - They don't seem to do an OR overlap then. EG bit 5 on. M0 (or P0) over M1 (or P1) have overlap colours. Hope this helps. Regards
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