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  1. Glad that is possible to create slideshows with the existing xex files. What would be the most useful change in the default viewer program to support loading inside a proper slide program? Just asking as I'm taking a detour from doing my title screen to making a script that optimizes the raster program better and/or use a smaller DLIST. One of the goals is to convert the xex back if that's all you have. There's a small change in the viewer program to allow different DLISTS so making a small change to be more friendly to slideshow programs, should they be written, can be added. I don't know what DOS can feed back after the xex is returned from or whether a page 6 location or equivalent would be most useful?
  2. Lol Optimising compilers are complicated I don't suppose GCC supports 6502 though
  3. Looking forward to your experiments. Not too surprisingly, TIA has very similar non-linear behavior as POKEY by the looks of it. Without non-linear resampling, combining channels still gives a noticable improvement there. If things can be further improved, that's great news for TIA and POKEY coders. Haven't found dithering to be that helpful at these low bit depths. Although subjective, the dithering is too audible - it noticably adds more noise such as hiss at the sampling rates typically used here (7.8kHz, 15.6kHz). Quieter parts suffer most. Although saying that, it may be great for some samples.
  4. Ouch, that's a bit harsh! Game looks like it's good fun. ...I do sometimes wonder if Pete is the only remaining programer trying to eke out a living writing 6502 code though.
  5. Well spotted on the aspect ratio! It was such a quick and dirty conversion I just remember thinking after resizing horizontally to 192 (widescreen), what an coincidence that vertical was 240, the absolute limit without interlace trickery, and called it a day
  6. Like you and Rybags say it's interesting that Rasterconverter over exaggerates that Impressionist style. Maybe reduced saturation and contrast?
  7. It's a lot more powerful than an Amiga. More like the missing link between Amiga AGA and Nvidia! IMO it's best thought of as its own totally separate thing. Making full use of the VBXE is nothing like programming the Atari. Totally different art assets required too. The Atari "host" is mostly irrelevant at that point, and it wouldn't matter much what computer make or model of computer it is in. IE a VBXE core in a ZX Spectrum could do something identical if there was a version made for it. We're very lucky to have it though, and if people want to program VBXE that's great of course.
  8. Don't forget we're talking about 5 colour with almost no restrictions here
  9. Great news Al Looking forward to this. The Mobile theme is certainly lacking and somewhat inconsistent. EG "Like" a post option, but no way to see them! (Which as a social media function you might expect should be highly geared toward Mobile users)
  10. Thanks for the fascinating info. Sorry I wasn't being very technically precise - So, more memory/register stuffing than bus stuffing 😋. The 32 streams alone with auto-increment/step we'd kill for on the computer side! Very, very nice features to exploit the 2600.
  11. Never were truer words spoke. Nothing stolen, but you could get pumped up thinking you had the whole 114. Bit of a let down, but we just have to handle it. Wheely a shame ..ok, not proud of that last one...
  12. Ah, OK, it's a Harmony based game. Slightly disappointed - thought that level of amazing was too good to be true on just stock 2600. Awesome job still due to the TIA limitations. To be fair there's probably nothing else that can push the 2600 further Isn't there a cart with a fast coprocessor to do bus stuffing on the a8 too? Can't remember the name.
  13. I can't understand the code, but from previous explanations, i believe the random start points of many solutions helps it avoid finding the easy to guess(highly probable to keep hitting randomly) solutions that don't actually work out better long term. That's important as it can't really undo earlier choices because they will not be better.
  14. Yeah, the counter wrap is normal on the version 7 rastaconverters. That probably started happening when the multi-threading was added. The speed up was so great that I doubt anyone left it running that long to hit the issue before then.
  15. Yeah, that's a shame. If you started over and could adjust till the lighter blue dots disappear to the left of stingray on the destination, it'd probably help. The eye is too subtle to have much luck with most likely
  16. Lol. Just some little enhancements to space harrier which are taking much longer than I hoped 😁
  17. Thanks, thought as much. I'm doing a title screen, so looks like some CPU upgrade users will have to miss out
  18. Slightly off topic, but has anyone got rasterconverter pics displaying on Ataris with CPU upgrade, or is it totally reliant on the accelerator having a "normal" speed setting?
  19. You're not done till you've wrapped the evaluation counter around a couple of times 😁 Sometimes it helps going back to an earlier save and continuing. You might luck out on a better solution as it's fairly random, although some solutions are much more probable to be found.
  20. Sorry can't help at the moment either (only a few more months, please god), but love the idea. Totally agree with Level42. You're going to need a proper collaborator if you're going to use cycle sucking modes such as CIN for a few more colours, unless you want to spend a lot more time learning 6502 and the platform. As you know better than most, these vastly different 8 bit systems don't play well with generic code!
  21. Shuffling LMS and soft sprites on top? Complex Sprite routine.
  22. If more limits on positioning cars and road(s), are imposed, something a bit like Outrun could be possible. Getting nicer results than Pole Position, Pitstop or Elektraglide would be very difficult though. Free placement of colour would be limited with hills and massive sprites.
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