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  1. The Best catalog is completely worth it, not only does he list parts that aren't on the website, but there are other random bits and photos in there that are fun to look at. I've been ordering from him for years, I always send polite emails with the part #s and prices ready and he gets back to me very quickly. Sure the site is outdated, but I've never had a problem finding anything on it and for a lot of these parts he is the only source for finding new old stock. I'm glad he's around and still putting out new/upgraded parts and accessories.
  2. Have you taken the CD unit apart, cleaned and re-seated the edge connector?
  3. I don't know that it's cheap, but a loose Jag, Jag CD + Atari pro controller probably fetch around that much. I see an ended auction for over $1,000 with just a Jag, CD and regular 3 button controller. I need to grab my NOS Jag CD out of storage and get while the getting is good.
  4. I've seen this too on books mostly, but also DVDs. Shameful IMO.
  5. It's been fun watching the journey of this title. Amazing feature list here!
  6. What you are mentioning is the exact opposite of 3do's strategy. They didn't take a loss keeping the price low.
  7. A repo? Are Jag games so expensive now that repo men come and take them from people who can't pay off their loans?
  8. Yeah, no doubt the small EEPROMs the Jag used were the culprit. IIRC the SNES and Genesis both supported far larger battery backed SRAM sizes.
  9. I just read the manual for the 3do version, it looks like it supported saving, but didn't save the status of customers in the park. So when you load the game, you have zero customers.
  10. Also I don't see how Pitfall would be a rush job on the Jag. It's just as bad as the other versions, but it happens to look nicer. If all the other versions were amazing A quality games then one could call what we got on the Jag a rush job, but otherwise it's on par w/the others IMO.
  11. Number nifty fifty made it safe and sound here.
  12. I remember playing a few different versions of this, including the Jag. The game itself seems flawed to me from what I remember, pixel perfect platform jumps required and it can often be confusing where you're supposed to go. It does look great, I will give it that. Regardless of the system it's on it is, to me anyhow, at best a mediocre game. I probably put more time in the Genesis version than any other, thinking I must be missing something. But I wasn't.
  13. We've all got different tastes, as long as you're enjoying it that's all that matters. You might also want to check out Telegames' site since you're in the UK, they've got some good games to pick up.
  14. Cool and in 2009 Apple stock could be bought for $5.
  15. Very cool! It's also nice to see another Xenon run for those who missed out the first time around.
  16. I stand corrected, I've never actually played a CDi game (to the extent one can "play" a CDi "game") so I had no idea. Still, the argument stands that 3-buttons plus a keypad was not the smartest move at the time. The Pro controller should've been the ONLY Jag controller.
  17. I hope this works out for the OP, sounds like things are on their way to being resolved.
  18. Another groundhog day here. The original pre-order through Saint's website is where you can find your number if you pre-ordered through him last year. The Google sheet on here is for when Al gets stock from Saint in the AA store. AFAIK, there is no numerical list publicly available for those who used Al's Google form.
  19. Ah, my mistake, I thought you meant Uwol. Got it now.
  20. Not really sure what you're looking for, an updated version of the game? This has been shipping since last year.
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