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  1. This is already being discussed here:
  2. There are plenty of the Saturn ARs on EBay, first result is for $35.99 shipped from a US seller. And yeah, they're clones, but EMS has been making them for a long time. I'm amazed there is still enough demand for them to keep making them.
  3. It's hard to say, prices still keep climbing. I'm not sure what is drawing new fans to the system, anyone with Atari nostalgia likely got into the system years ago. Best and B&C seem to be moving their NOS systems at $700 or whatever they were last time I looked. Now is probably the time for me to sell my NIB Atari Karts.
  4. It's probably easiest to keep an eye on the GD thread here, Saint's latest post sounds like what you read on Twitter:
  5. Will this be on display in your museum?
  6. The second sentence in the first post in this thread states 100 copies.
  7. Yep, that's already been mentioned. B&C and Best shrink wrap their systems.
  8. That's because so few people bought them new in the box in the 90's.
  9. I think a lot of people just gave up on Sega by that point. You've got the 32X, then the Saturn which as mentioned didn't do so well in the US...by the time the DC was out I can't imagine consumers had much trust in them to spend another $200 on something that might be short-lived. Which it was, but it did have a quality library. Plus the PS2 with DVD support was on the horizon. No matter how great the games were, the cards were stacked against Sega.
  10. I bought a Dreamcast around launch (still have Hydro Thunder w/the bugged audio) and thought it was pretty amazing for the time. Then I kind of crapped on it, the same way I didn't really appreciate the Saturn initially. Although the Saturn was more or less a failure here in the US, it had a great life in Japan. Unfortunately the DC never got that chance. But it is pretty amazing the library we did get in such a short lifespan from shmups to fighting games to sports and more. The Dreamcast even managed to making fishing fun.
  11. Always great production value with those Songbird releases, the manual looks great!
  12. Was not releasing the 64DD at launch the biggest mistake Nintendo made with the N64?
  13. I recommended the Atari Age Marketplace.
  14. Sauron gets it. The N64 controller paved the way for the future of 3D gaming. After Sony saw the N64 controller they began to develop the dual analog which led to the dualshock and the rest is history. History that started with the N64. Who knows how long it would've taken manufacturers to figure out 3D gaming if it wasn't for Nintendo.
  15. Well for the games that do use the d-pad, you move your left had to the outer portion. Clearly you are confused, hope this helps. I've got all my OG N64 controllers, none have any wobbly analog sticks. But then again I also don't have fat bratwurst fingers so I suppose that's a factor in not breaking controllers.
  16. If you go by years that games were actively released, I'd imagine the NES is close to a decade. ETA: Well that might not be a fair judge of lifespan since 4 "Just Dance" games add 4 years to the Wii's lifespan using that logic.
  17. Haha yep, there are countless threads here on why the Jag wasn't successful. And if you look at the N64's releases, the vast majority were in 97-2000...and even 97 wasn't that great in terms of quantity. Anyone who was around back at launch knew what a pretty sad 1996 that was for N64 fans. I remember one kid in my dorm had one and the rest of us pretty much mocked him because he had like 8 games to choose from. As mentioned above, I was way into PSX at the time despite having both a SNES and NES, the N64 wasn't on my radar until probably mid 97. I still don't get why people make those "LOL THIS CONTROLLER IS CONFUSING HOW DO I USE IT" videos for the N64, I never found it confusing at all. You can safely ignore the d-pad for almost every game.
  18. IMO you'd have a hard time selling the lot all at once, especially with what the Jag games go for in 2021. You may get better prices selling on EBay however there are the fees and risk of a buyer complaining and trying to get a refund. There is also the Market on here but you'd want to provide references since you're new.
  19. Generally speaking, serial numbers are unique. It is special, it's the only Jag with that serial number. Congrats!
  20. That doesn't mean it was shrinked originally. Both of the sellers who deal in new Jag consoles have their own shrink wrap machines. Both myatari (B&C) and Best shrinkwrap these consoles. Yep, they're reputable dealers, but again that doesn't mean the consoles came like that 25 years ago. With all the cost cutting Atari did, I doubt they'd even spring for the 1 cent it'd cost to wrap these consoles when no other manufacturer was doing so. Anyhow, enjoy the Jag!
  21. I think it's because if you're 10, 1 year is 10% of your life. When you are 40, 1 year is 2.5% of your life. I just made that up, but it seems legit.
  22. They weren't, no. I'm sure someone will prove me wrong, but I can't think of any console that was shrinkwrapped.
  23. Did you try this: http://www.2600-daptor.com/index.htm
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