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  1. Sorry, too late. I sold off my 32x a few years ago. I think I may have kept the really odd cable I found that worked with the 32x. It's several feet long, gray, molded 90 degree connectors on each end. Now that I'm thinking of it, I don't recall it being in the box of Genesis stuff. I did find my custom hacked A/V cable. But, now you've got me wondering where I put that goofy cable...maybe I did send it with the 32x...
  2. The cartridges are not just a game rom. Each one has a processor. There were two different processors used so a multicart to play all original games would have to deal with that. I built the beginnings of a game using an 8 bit PIC microcontroller so it doesn't take a ton of horsepower. So it may be possible to put is something that can emulate the original processors. Or the games could be ported to a single processor.
  3. I am certain that they would immediately recognize that it's just a harmless old Microvision; nothing to worry about. Really, I kinda pictured it being in a box. But in my scenario, hilarity might not ensue.
  4. $20 +shipping is what I was thinking. I need to put it back together and test it. It's going to be a busy one but I'll try to PM you this week.
  5. That's about 1.9 more people than are interested in my house. 🙂 Looks like it could be worth somewhere in the vicinity of lunch +/- tip. I don't need 3 or 4 different Genesis consoles since I don't play any of them.
  6. I assume that using SMS functionality would require a Genesis flash cart, which I don't have. I sold my SMS a couple of years ago. I can't really tell how active the mod scene is but maybe it's time to consider letting this unit go.
  7. Just for the sake of curiosity, I took it apart again and snapped a couple of pictures this time. Date Code? Lighting 1 Lighting B
  8. Nope, no such marking on mine. I took it apart and looked for a number like that before I made my previous post. There's an A32 up near the right corner, indicating the pin number of the cartridge slot. The upper left says A1. Near-ish to the A1 was what might be a date code: 98.22. What are the other tell tale signs? Lack of any upper right hand corner VAx marking makes this the exceedingly rare and extraordinarily valuable version, no doubt. Early retirement, here I come! The only other marking that seemed possibly relevant was 171-7545C near the lower left corner (B1) of the cart slot. There was a marking that said CSPD CAD-TEAM. The ASIC(assumed) is square to the board as opposed to the 45 degree rotated one shown in this linked picture, which also has VA2 printed on it. So, maybe it is a VA1. Linked from online source. This is not my board.
  9. I wonder why that is. They have a working device, other than the display, so can imperically determine all of the attributes of the signals being applied to the LCD: voltage, frequency of state changes, polarity reversal, etc. Other than current draw, I'd think everything is right there. But, I'm not an LCD engineer. I've connected up LCD's out of other toys (not suitable for putting in the console) and they seemed to work fine, so I doubt there's any super-magical-secret-sauce involved. It may just be that the technology has changed so much that nobody knows how to duplicate the old methods. In China, surely the necessary reverse engineering skills could be found. That level of work might be prohibitively expensive though.
  10. Frequently played cart holder doo-dad added.
  11. So you would need a VA1? I somehow thought the ambiguously worded text was excluding a VA1 from the mod. I'm pretty sure I know where mine is. Maybe it's a VA1. Edit: Mine's model MK-1461, which is apparently a VA2. Back into the closet it goes.
  12. 😢 I wonder if a suitable pressure vessel could be made from PVC pipe and fittings, and maybe a schrader valve designed to be fit into an alloy wheel. Though, it might not even require much, if any additional pressurization beyond the captured atmosphere. 4"(?) PVC could surely withstand an atmosphere of differential air pressure. Just a thought.
  13. Interesting, how many references can be found saying "I did it" without citing the actual source where they learned what to do. Must be totally, intuitively obvious... This page referenced below has one clue that might yield useful search terms, or might just be the answer. I don't know enough about the Genesis 3 (other than having one somewhere that hasn't seen daylight for at least 5 years) to understand exactly what the context is and what's being said. I think this page is actually saying that these pins are missing from one model's ASIC chip making it impossible for that model. It may be bad information, but it's information. http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?10687-genesis-3-incompatible-fix
  14. Thanks. Any excuse to do steel fabrication, woodworking, teach myself something new (laminate on the shelves)...and buy more tools.
  15. Not exactly my collection, but something I built to allow dragging part of my console collection out of the closet. Still working on placement of consoles, and switching/selection and a couple of other accessory items. The resident consoles are expected to be (all with multi-carts): Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Fairchild Channel F Magnavox Odyssey 2 Coleco Colecovision Mattel Intellivision Vectrex Probably will have to fab up another shelf beside the Vectrex, above the 2600 to fit everything in. Started with the TV stand below the 32" TV. Added on the two platforms above which were copies of the base. Built mostly out of leftovers and scraps. Well, at least I thought it turned out well. Probably looks better in person.
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