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  1. Off to get some more internal titanium and plastic body mods installed tomorrow. Neck last June, right knee now, left knee as soon as possible after that. Lower back when I can't stand it any more. Old sucks.


    I'm definitely paying for TSA pre-check when I can travel again.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Best of Luck Big O!   I hope it all goes well!

    3. BigO




      Doc said xray shows perfect placement of implants.


      I survived. Took a short walk using a walker. Achieved 0 to 96 degree range of motion. But that was before the nerve block wore off. PT promises to be significantly more painful today.

    4. BigO


      2 to 100 degree range of motion today.


      Home now.

  2. So...today's Atari is equally adept at making legal maneuvers and game consoles? I hope that, in the long run, the legal boondoggles don't end up costing the console backers (not me) all of their money, but that's sorta starting to smell like a possibility. If the console does ultimately come to fruition, maybe it will usher in a series of games featuring a brand new hero: The MisAdventures of Ichabod Phineas Troll.
  3. Meh. Stuff happens in life. I understand if somebody experiences some disappointment about this not moving ahead. But no money taken, no promises broken. There are other ways to skin this cat. If you happen to be sitting on a pile of spare money, you might be able to ease the pain of making it happen. I know I'd appreciate being able to revive a couple of dead units I own. I'm undecided as to whether a sudden increase in the number of working units would damage the value of my working units, or raise enough interest in the Microvision to increase the demand thereby increasing the value of all of my units. The ones with the new screen might even end up being worth more than the ones with the original, functioning displays. Then again, I don't buy this stuff as an investment, so I guess it doesn't matter.
  4. That's interesting, though it sounds backward to what I would have expected. Doesn't the human targeted audio play from the KidVid speaker? Or am I just misinterpreting something? Do you actually mean to mix the channels? Or do you mean to capture both streams, one to each stereo channel? So, are there actual audio frequencies being fed into the console controller port? Or does the deck internally convert the tones to digital 1's and 0's? Wish I'd kept my KidVid now. Maybe I'll stumble across another one at a thrift store again some day.
  5. Thanks for all of your work on this. If you get bored and want to add a menu to another classic, I vote for Circus Atari. It doesn't have a zillion variants. It's just a game I like.
  6. That's pretty much the way I see it. I don't have a problem with the business model. He's got an investment to recoup. He may never even get to breakeven if he tries to cater to cheapskates like me while also serving those who find value in the more expensive (and hopefully more profitable) offering.
  7. I'm waiting for that myself. I have no boxes in my collection. Back in the olden days, we threw the packaging materials away. I'd have serious heartburn about throwing away a $10-$20 box. I understand why people want boxes, and I want to support the authors of games that I like, but the boxes don't add value for me so they end up being a hindrance to me buying for now. It's just video games. I can wait.
  8. Whatever you decide to build in the vein of a Circus style paddle game, I'll play it.
  9. I think it's worth a try. I think I may even have suggested an analog switch early on in this thread.
  10. One idea. Pretty generic output can be used with many systems. If someone wrote a game to directly detect and respond to digital inputs, that would include the 5200.
  11. I failed to see the part that says touching the solder point on the board also stops the jittering. In that case, I don't know what the problem is. Since that circuit is already feeding a .1 uf capacitor, I would expect that adding a few picofarad by touching it would have much effect. If it really is only a problem with Kaboom as observed by willis, then there's not really any reason to do anything. If so, also does make me curious exactly what the cause of the jitter is in Kaboom. I always assumed that it was programmed to be overly sensitive to a minute change in resistance, or something like that. I haven't really studied the problem, but guess that it jitters at resistance values very near the threshold of a change to the next screen position. Now I'll have to poke around and see if anyone has determined the actual root cause of the Kaboom jitters. I hadn't thought to check that behavior with the digital paddle experiments I've been tinkering with. I might try to use a high precision potentiometer which is not so subject to slight movements as the standard paddle. Does the jitter only happen after a movement, or will it continue to jitter with a completely stable input. Does it jitter when bombs are not dropping? (just some notes for my future self)
  12. Try touching that contact with something nonconductive like a wooden skewer. If you can reproduce the results using that, then there is probably a mechanical problem with how that terminal connects to the resistive material in the potentiometer. If you know how to solder, you could also try replacing that pot with the one from the other controller to confirm that the problem is directly with the potentiometer. I suppose you could even just move that wire over to the unused terminal on that pot. It would make the paddle work backward, but it would help identify the problem.
  13. I can probably find an unmarked one if that would be useful.
  14. I wouldn't put much faith in those markings. I may have marked them at different times for different reasons after acquiring different information.
  15. The Atari paddle has a 0 to 1 Megohm potentiometer so that doesn't narrow down the options very much.
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