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  1. Compared to other old computers, I don't think accessories are expensive. With a $6-15 SIO2PC-USB you can connect the Atari to the PC and load 99% of the software. Good stand-alone solutions cost circa $50.
  2. First of all, I make or convert an image with Atari Graphics Studio (download on the left side of that page). I export the image as FastBasic (author kindly added that format for me). In FastBasic (I use Mad Studio IDE), I paste the exported data in the code. Then I write, for example graphics 8+16 setcolor 2,0,0:setcolor 1,14,14 move adr(background),dpeek(88),7680 (this number is image's size in bytes)
  3. Thanks. As usual, on December I paid with bank. I will use PayPal next year. For me it's not a big problem but nowadays people like easy subscriptions and renewal procedures.
  4. Is it now possible to pay with Paypal?
  5. Or here, if you prefer ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Rescue-Expedition-ATARI-XL-XE-game-cartridge-NEW-Released-2019-/323954836501
  6. Sisyphos http://mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=S (Homesoft has clean versions of old games)
  7. Didn't know that German game! Nice game and International Karate/Boulder Dash like animations.
  8. Unfortunately I have not the skills to program such good games. @gorgh is the coder, tunes are by Caruso, @Kaz atarionline.pl gave some ideas and @Duddie made and sells the package.
  9. Nowadays it's rare for me to finish a game but during last holidays I finished The Rescue Expedition. I really enjoyed it. It's a very good game with some unique features. First of all the rope, you can freely throw it to the ceiling and swing, climb up or ride down, with nice physics. The second feature I'd like to mention is dynamic illumination, based on player's position (check out picture 2 and 3). Not unique but inusual for a game of this genre is the fact chambers elements are randomly generated: platforms, enemies, traps, treasures position change every time the game boots up. Collectors will love the (nice price) package. Video: https://youtu.be/REzqxFKFAVA
  10. I can confirm that latest 1.6 version works on my stock 1050 disk drive!
  11. At last I have the time to play the game. Cart autosave feature is very useful.
  12. Clown, converted from a famous Amiga image (25 colors) Philsan_Amiga_Clown.xex
  13. Snowfall Atari Snowfall Atari (2019)(Philsan).xex - compiled Turbo-Basic XL - 160x96 pixels image edited and converted using Atari Graphics Studio program by Tebe - RMT player by Raster, adapted for TBXL by Marok - original Atari Basic snowfall code (80x48 pixels) by Fred Key (1986) - Depeche Mode Little 15 tune by Jakub Husak (2010) - packed by Homesoft
  14. If I am not wrong my contributions (NewTek Demo and Snowfall Atari) were already reset compliant. Can you confirm so I know which files to keep?
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