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    I <3 Fruits, Veggies, Noodles, and Ice Cream for Dessert! I like to run around, Color, play football and soccer, playing outside, and riding my bike.I love reading, music, Talking on the web cam, playing with all the Animals, and very own Fishy. I also love flying in airplanes and going on adventures with Mommy! But most of All I play Atari. It's all about the video games! I'm Mommy's Angel with these cute little horns holding up my Halo!
  1. I bet she'll be a great Atari enthusiast someday... :D

  2. loves watching PBS kids shows! Yay! <3

  3. loves watching PBS kids shows! Yay! <3

  4. Happy Birthday little Whirlwind!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Bean!

  6. Juri

    Merry Xmas, Bean! Hope you got some biiiiiig presents...........:)


  8. JellE

    Melly and I hope you feel better soon baby girl! Tell Mommy you needs lots of hugs and kisses!!

  9. Juri

    Hi Bean!!

    I am flyin´to Brasil on Xmas!!!:) I have heard they have no snow there......kind of strange, isn´t it?

  10. Bean

    How is my friend Juri? :)

  11. One of the cutest most adorable little girls I have ever seen. Lots of love xxx

  12. I consider myself lucky to always see your beautiful smile my baby girl and the chance to watch you grow and learn while exploring the world around you. I'm also very lucky to be able to hug you every day and get hugs from you! *Love* and *Huggz* always and forever! :)

  13. Bean

    I'm glad you are having fun! Sometimes I "blow rasperries" at Mommy when she asks for a kiss or wipe my face off. But I think "rubbing noseys" is cute and it always makes me giggle. I spent a lot of the summer coloring with chalk, blowing bubbles outside, playing ball, eating fresh tomatoes, practicing letters and numbers, and splashing in my little pool. I hope you make a lot of new friends! <3

  14. Juri

    Kindergarden is great Bean! Only thing that sucks is that my dad treats me like a baby in front of the other kids. He always wants me to give him a good bye kiss.......but I run away yelling everything is ok, dad!lol

  15. Hope you like the new doll hun and don't forget half of those gummy bears are yours!

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