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  1. I have at last got myself a 2600 I picked up cheap at a flea market since the ones I have at home are all boxed up. It is so nice to at last be able to play some games again! Though my "on the road" collection of games is a bit paltry I am quite proud of it. I was just wondering what some people would suggest as a few games with a party kind of feel? I am going to a buddies house in Hattiesburg MS and need to find something we all can enjoy. Most everything I have with me is single player games like Atlantis and Pitfall II. Anyone have any ideas for me? I am looking for some odd suggestions that are a bit outside the box.
  2. You did a great job! I really have always enjoyed this game and I do not feel so much like a black sheep anymore! I wish more people would watch the video.
  3. Wow. I am just sitting back and thinking about how in such a relatively short time video games have gone from huge mainframes to a good number of peoples living rooms. It just makes me wonder what is right around the corner.
  4. I remember way back in my early days of finding classic games (Late 90's) I tried my hand at emulation. I had all my games on floppies and really enjoyed it! But then when I got my hands on a 2600 and actually started to play the games with the joystick I never really looked back. I use emulation now for rare games or for when I am not at home. But all in all I really do enjoy the feeling of the controller in my hands and the imperfections of my TV hookups.
  5. The game and watch series is what got me interested in classic gaming in the first place. I owe this man so much! He was an amazing person and I will remember his contributions fondly.
  6. I think for me it has to be Jungle Hunt. It captured the arcade feel quite well and it even did a decent job on staying faithful to the arcade levels.
  7. This really brought my spirits up! I have been casually collecting for a few years now and I always felt a bit intimidated by some of the collections I see on here. My collection of 120+ games are all games that I enjoy playing (Mostly my Frostbite....It's calling me again!) I would rather get a game I could spend hours with then shell out hundreds of dollars on a rare cart in box that will never be opened or played.
  8. Oh you know it! It is the first console I plan on hooking up.
  9. I really just wanted to thank the 2600 for saving me back in high school. I was going through a rough time and that system saved me as did this site. Back then I never posted on here and just sort of lurked but I would always browse this place for games that I wanted to find and get reviews on them and look for peoples opinions on different games. Always striving for that high score kept me going and my thoughts away from more depressing things like my parents divorce and my problems with a social life at school. I just really wanted to thank this site and that wonderful system for making my days more bearable. Thank you Atari Age! Thank you 2600! I hope that this site brings me as much enjoyment in my new home as I leave Detroit for Sacramento to start a whole new life. (Sorry if this post is out of place)
  10. Seems a bit steep for me. But then again I am just a casual collector who gets the games for the fun factor.
  11. 1. Seaquest 2.Tennis 3. Jungle Hunt 4.Laser Blast 5. Pitfall 6. Pitfall II 7. HERO 8.Frostbite 9.Pac-Man Jr, 10. Mario Bros.
  12. This is like a gaming wet dream for me. I would love to see this done!
  13. It's nice to see someone else who had trouble with this place! For me it has to be the dungeon designs in LOZ: Majora's Mask. Horribly done in my opinion.
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