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  1. 3 Favorites: Shark! Shark! Utopia Dracula 3 Hidden Gems: Pinball Skiing Night Stalker 3 Great Homebrews: Stonix Super Space Patrol Maria But there is more great and fun games than this short list! (thunder castle, AD&D, venture, frog bog, world cup soccer, demon attack (the 6 second alternative game mode is excellent!), sydney hunter sacred tribe, etc.). What a great system it was (it is!) Too difficult to just extract 3 games!
  2. I have just found a very interesting photo on the switchgaming website. Don't know if you here already know it? It shows a b&w photo with a handicapped person playing with the Bowling game on Studio II! This photo is extracted from a book written by Karen Hugues, in 1981. I will try to find this book if possible but it seems not available yet. https://switchgaming.blogspot.com/2008/03/accessible-gaming-in-1981.html
  3. Sorry to post again these informations. And yes of course, the 22 family stores are a really interesting aspect. Do you know if they are sort of DIY or a real "commercial" realization (like Vectrex stands for example). Do exist other photos of this store?
  4. Don't know if these informations have already revealed but I've just found, in the Ebony magazine dec.77, a small article about Jesse Williams, a manager at RCA Corporation. On the photo, we can see a demonstration Studio II! Too bad we can't see it in entirety! Here are some captures from google books. Don't know if it exists a PDF or if someone on this topic has theses documents in better quality?
  5. Fantastic work! The gameplay is very good even with the Intellivision disc. I have only played it on jzintv but I will try to test it on a real hardware with a CC3. One little remark: the character doesn't seem to advance a little bit when he is jumping in place (vertical). So, perhaps, it could be more difficult to be correctly positioned to go upstairs or downstairs sometimes?
  6. It is by Arnauld Chevallier but, yes, the Arkanoid clone is Stonix and it is a fanstastic game! evg2000: very good idea to develop a rotary controller, congrats! I could be interested in buying one. Can it be connected to Inty II model only or can we have chance to use it on an Inty I?
  7. Very interesting and thank you for the scans of the instructions cards: you participate to preserve informations. Kudos to you ubersaurus!
  8. +1 for the spinner (good idea my dear Youki!) And I think it could be fantastic to add the Vectrex compatibility because lots of Veccy games can use LRTF commands (some have been hacked for this use and some new homebrews function with this scheme too).
  9. Many thanks for these informations, I really appreciate! OK, so the system box is not reliable... As I haven't the Bandai system, do you know if there a bundle pack with a game or if customers have to bought one game separately? Also, can you recognize the three games at the left of Royal Dealer on the packaging of the console? I think it can be Tron (Maze-a-Tron?), Motocross (with alternate graphics in this case?) and Chess perhaps (but, also, with alt graphics), but I am not sure.
  10. I would like to establish a complete list of Inty games distributed by Bandai in Japan. Here is the list from intvfunhouse: Auto Racing Backgammon Baseball Boxing Football Frog Bog Golf Hockey Horse Racing Night Stalker PBA Bowling Sea Battle Skiing Snafu Soccer Space Armada Space Battle Star Strike Tennis Triple Action And, in my opinion, there is probably more. Because, if we look at the system box, we can these games displayed: Armor Battle Astromash Basketball Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (WIP screenshot, the same as in some catalogs) Space Hawk Sub Hunt Tron Utopia Checkers Reversi Royal Dealer Questions: - what are the three games at the left of Royal Dealer? I think it can be Tron (Maze-a-Tron?), Motocross (with alternate graphics in this case) and Chess perhaps (but, also, with alt graphics), but not sure. In an old Intellivision FAQ, I have read that Astrosmash was not distributed in Japan. So, not sure the other games have been imported. - Do you have more information than mine? - Do you know why PBA Bowling is the only game which has kept the brand name 'PBA'. Other, notably sports, have taken off the mention like NHL, NFL, Major League, etc. Thanks for any help!
  11. Today, I have take a look at my Victory model and, too bad, the serial number lacks (totally erased, I think it was on a sort of little sticker). So, don't know it is interesting to take pictures? (I have no box, no manual) But, good news, I also have a Conic M-1200 that I can photograph. The box is not in a good shape (seems to have received liquid. Too bad, the pages of the manual are glued, because probably of the liquid!) but the system is clean and works So I will post photos of M-1200 asap, probably tomorrow
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