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  1. Many thanks for these informations, I really appreciate! OK, so the system box is not reliable... As I haven't the Bandai system, do you know if there a bundle pack with a game or if customers have to bought one game separately? Also, can you recognize the three games at the left of Royal Dealer on the packaging of the console? I think it can be Tron (Maze-a-Tron?), Motocross (with alternate graphics in this case?) and Chess perhaps (but, also, with alt graphics), but I am not sure.
  2. I would like to establish a complete list of Inty games distributed by Bandai in Japan. Here is the list from intvfunhouse: Auto Racing Backgammon Baseball Boxing Football Frog Bog Golf Hockey Horse Racing Night Stalker PBA Bowling Sea Battle Skiing Snafu Soccer Space Armada Space Battle Star Strike Tennis Triple Action And, in my opinion, there is probably more. Because, if we look at the system box, we can these games displayed: Armor Battle Astromash Basketball Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (WIP screenshot, the same as in some catalogs) Space Hawk Sub Hunt Tron Utopia Checkers Reversi Royal Dealer Questions: - what are the three games at the left of Royal Dealer? I think it can be Tron (Maze-a-Tron?), Motocross (with alternate graphics in this case) and Chess perhaps (but, also, with alt graphics), but not sure. In an old Intellivision FAQ, I have read that Astrosmash was not distributed in Japan. So, not sure the other games have been imported. - Do you have more information than mine? - Do you know why PBA Bowling is the only game which has kept the brand name 'PBA'. Other, notably sports, have taken off the mention like NHL, NFL, Major League, etc. Thanks for any help!
  3. Today, I have take a look at my Victory model and, too bad, the serial number lacks (totally erased, I think it was on a sort of little sticker). So, don't know it is interesting to take pictures? (I have no box, no manual) But, good news, I also have a Conic M-1200 that I can photograph. The box is not in a good shape (seems to have received liquid. Too bad, the pages of the manual are glued, because probably of the liquid!) but the system is clean and works So I will post photos of M-1200 asap, probably tomorrow
  4. Thanks Blazing Lazers! Do you want to see some photos of the Victory model? I have one and I can take pictures. Just let me know. I have published some photos concerning the Hanimex system some months ago but not the Victory.
  5. Very interesting story about the canadian release. Thanks to share these informations! Don't remember if we have already talk about in this topic but do you know what these two documents are? Is the document with spirals can be a manual? The other seem to be a little catalog. Do exist scans of photos of all the pages of these documents? Could be interesting to know what are the contents.
  6. Please, add me on the list for one Lynx Agacart. Thanks!
  7. Congrats for this conversion of Parsec. Love that game on TI99 at the time. Could you please list the additional things in the physical release in comparison with the v13 freeware? Thanks!
  8. All informations, on the following topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/285538-bomb-on-basic-city-special-edition-pre-ordering/ Today is the time limit to place an order.
  9. The new game of Alain Prudhomme (Vetea) for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive is on the way! Bomb on Basic City Special Edition has a lots of improvements, new levels, enhanced graphics, two player mode, zombie mode, etc. And a demo of Papi Commando Tennis is offered on the same cartridge as a bonus! Bomb On Basic City is published by Côté Gamers, a French editor who has already published different games: Knight'n More on ColecoVision and Escape 2042 on Atari ST. More to come in the next months, on different machines too ! Don't wait to preorder it, the delay is really short, until tomorrow evening for American people. Of course, there will be few copies left after the delay but don't really count on this: there will only around 10 copies left. Please note that the edition has two box labels and two cartridge stickers, for NTSC and PAL versions and a great little book about the makingof! Also a free playable demo is placed on the official website, you can download it and test yourself a part of the game. The preorder page is the following one (direct link): https://goo.gl/1CxWey Here are the details with this image:
  10. The full manual/makingof is, even if it's a French game, in English (and in French too
  11. I am interested in buying one PCB and one spinner, if possible of course. If not, one PCB only.
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