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  1. Congrats for this conversion of Parsec. Love that game on TI99 at the time. Could you please list the additional things in the physical release in comparison with the v13 freeware? Thanks!
  2. All informations, on the following topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/285538-bomb-on-basic-city-special-edition-pre-ordering/ Today is the time limit to place an order.
  3. The new game of Alain Prudhomme (Vetea) for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive is on the way! Bomb on Basic City Special Edition has a lots of improvements, new levels, enhanced graphics, two player mode, zombie mode, etc. And a demo of Papi Commando Tennis is offered on the same cartridge as a bonus! Bomb On Basic City is published by Côté Gamers, a French editor who has already published different games: Knight'n More on ColecoVision and Escape 2042 on Atari ST. More to come in the next months, on different machines too ! Don't wait to preorder it, the delay is really short, until tomorrow evening for American people. Of course, there will be few copies left after the delay but don't really count on this: there will only around 10 copies left. Please note that the edition has two box labels and two cartridge stickers, for NTSC and PAL versions and a great little book about the makingof! Also a free playable demo is placed on the official website, you can download it and test yourself a part of the game. The preorder page is the following one (direct link): https://goo.gl/1CxWey Here are the details with this image:
  4. The full manual/makingof is, even if it's a French game, in English (and in French too
  5. I am interested in buying one PCB and one spinner, if possible of course. If not, one PCB only.
  6. I'd rather place this information here, specifically for the fans of Studio II instead of Marketplace (if it not the good place, please let me know and don't hesitate to erase this post): I have a loose Hanimex MPT-02 system (with Grand Pack loose) to trade (I'll take photos in the next few days if someone interested). And I am looking for another Studio III clone like: Apollo 80 Mustang 9016 Sheen M-1200 Toshiba Visicom COM-100 Trevi M-1200 Victory or, why not, other items from other systems could interested me like intellivision synthesizer, astro bomber for Epoch Game Pocket computer, etc.
  7. I'm for one copy. It is a very great idea to allow PAL collectors to run the game on a PAL system
  8. Just "in the wild", bought from a person that sold these games. Some games lack of manual. The Story of Studio II and its clones is very interesting!
  9. Here are the photos of MPT-02 games. Language is italian so it is surprising as Trevi M-1200 is the italian version of MPT-02 clone. And, clearly, the packaging is not a Trevi one. So, probably they are Victory games because of the design and considering the fact that Hanimex is not mention on the box. Enjoy!
  10. Oh these games are not to sell, they are for my collection But I don't remember seeing these versions of these games on the Internet. My post is only to participate to save informations about the Studio II serie. I'll try to take pictures today or tomorrow.
  11. I have found some Hanimex MPT-02 games, in box (not in a good shape!) : biorhythm math fun concentration match speedway tag space war/intercept I can take photos if anybody interested to see the games. I can also scan the notice, etc.
  12. Oh, great news the last days! Congratulations to preserve two "new" Visicom carts! And I am very interesting in knowing more about the coinop predecessor of the Studio II. Having informations and photos about it will be fantastic to understand the conception of the Studio II.
  13. The Dreamcast game 'Alice Dreams Tournament' is available now. You have the choice between standard or collector edition and the choice of the cover! If you don't know which game it is, it is a fantastic Bomberman clone but with a lot of features, of game modes, of characters, a very good use of VMU for asymetric gameplay, etc. Don't hesitate, it is a pure jewel http://alicedreams.com/tournament/?post_type=product&lang=fr And the Soundtrack/OST - 27 titles - is also available in pre-order. You can hear with better quality all the soundtrack in the game. Each level has a different music in this game! http://www.cotegamers.com/boutique/index.php?id_product=39&controller=product (this page is in French language but at the bottom you'll have an English description)
  14. I think I have found the answer: is 'C' a sort of 'joker' (when the player don"t want to use an other character)?
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