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  1. I have helped for beta-testing, the cartridge is compatible with NTSC systems. No board pieces like QftR, "just" a straight-up adventure/exploration game (it is not a real platformer)! Also, be sure the making-of is very interesting to read, to know more about the game
  2. Official teaser is online, here:
  3. Game has been totally revisited, enhanced and polished by Alekmaul and published physically by Côté Gamers (at the same time with Uwol quest for money). So ROM file has been "erased" as it was just a first release without beta-testing, not well-balanced and so on. There are topics on AA about these two physical releases.
  4. I have scanned the manual of the Hanimex MPT-02 system. It is in French language and in very good quality. Don't know if it is has already been saved but I think it is better to do things like that twice than never! Enjoy!
  5. Thank you! Nice to see such cool little game on CV!
  6. All recent news concerning Chip-8 are great! Good work, specially Sylvain! I am posting here instead of Market place, but I can cancel this post if needed, no worry. I have one Hanimex MPT-02 complete in box for trade (even with polystyrenes and extra-joystick adapters). I have some games, also for trade (see on photos: star wars is not in a good shape, but it is Star Wars!). Interesting to trade specifically against a RCA Studio II, in box too. I also have one loose Hanimex MPT-02 system. Could consider another trade for that (not only on MPT-02 systems). I am looking for S2 games too (except: Baseball, Blackjack, SpaceWar and Tennis/Squash) I could also be interested in other clones like Sheen, Apollo or Mustang (and games also) or on other systems (I am looking for Basic on Super cassette vision for example, etc.)
  7. Yes, Secam is a French system (with Scart). The big advantage is this console has a native RGB output. The problem is that I don't succeed to launch the game correctly on this model: buggy screen or no image. And all other games work fine. I'll try to open the cart and insert just the pcb to see if it could solve the problem. But on my Inly II all is ok! Rev -> MP sent, thanks!
  8. Great game! It plays very well, even the Intellivision disc is not always well fitted for some direction changes Just some remarks: - my cartridge had encountered problems to run on a Secam Intellivision, but no worry with my intellivision II (NTSC). Dont know if someone here has the same problem? Other games, even homebrews, run well on my seam inty. - The manual I have received has been badly stapled, the two sheets are well staggered and, moreover, their outline seems to have been cut by hand, which is not very nice! The rest of packaging is great, no problem with it, just a bit disappointed by the manual. So is my manual the only one like that? - A question about the game, about the hidden bonus mentioned in the manual. Does it correspond to the mention on the screen "bonus hill" or not? I haven't eaten any queen ant. So what is the secret hidden level (my aardvarks comes to blue color at this moment). Is it just another level or a bonus stage? Good job to the whole team, and specially to Oscar of course!
  9. Count on me for one copy. Seems to be another great game from Kai Magazine (and Elektronite of course!)
  10. 3 Favorites: Shark! Shark! Utopia Dracula 3 Hidden Gems: Pinball Skiing Night Stalker 3 Great Homebrews: Stonix Super Space Patrol Maria But there is more great and fun games than this short list! (thunder castle, AD&D, venture, frog bog, world cup soccer, demon attack (the 6 second alternative game mode is excellent!), sydney hunter sacred tribe, etc.). What a great system it was (it is!) Too difficult to just extract 3 games!
  11. I have just found a very interesting photo on the switchgaming website. Don't know if you here already know it? It shows a b&w photo with a handicapped person playing with the Bowling game on Studio II! This photo is extracted from a book written by Karen Hugues, in 1981. I will try to find this book if possible but it seems not available yet. https://switchgaming.blogspot.com/2008/03/accessible-gaming-in-1981.html
  12. Sorry to post again these informations. And yes of course, the 22 family stores are a really interesting aspect. Do you know if they are sort of DIY or a real "commercial" realization (like Vectrex stands for example). Do exist other photos of this store?
  13. Don't know if these informations have already revealed but I've just found, in the Ebony magazine dec.77, a small article about Jesse Williams, a manager at RCA Corporation. On the photo, we can see a demonstration Studio II! Too bad we can't see it in entirety! Here are some captures from google books. Don't know if it exists a PDF or if someone on this topic has theses documents in better quality?
  14. Fantastic work! The gameplay is very good even with the Intellivision disc. I have only played it on jzintv but I will try to test it on a real hardware with a CC3. One little remark: the character doesn't seem to advance a little bit when he is jumping in place (vertical). So, perhaps, it could be more difficult to be correctly positioned to go upstairs or downstairs sometimes?
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