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  1. Thank you very very much, your feedback make me happy.
  2. Take it easy doc. We didn't mention city bomber too Bombing city was a common game concept in the eighties, and they don't put birds on the plane path
  3. There's no extra lines on the pal version And the world keep all his colors
  4. ahahah yes I know I have 263 lines during one frame at the end of the crash sequence. It's an amazing special effect. it symbolizes the brittleness of the life. You feel the death in the TV screen Some use illegal opcodes I use illegal scanline count Thank's everyone I'm happy to read your feedback. you to give me energy and the desire for making of another projects
  5. Oops, you remind that i have not given the roms. So, here are the promised roms. have fun guys, love each other and peace on earth bombcity_final_ntsc.bin bombcity_final_pal.bin bombcity_final_secam.bin
  6. Hi Albert. It's ok. Don't worry. I'll be very happy to send you my game.
  7. I wrote to Albert September 3 I asked if my game could interest him He said yes, October 26. I said : give me your email. I will send you the roms No answers today I'm agree to sell the game on atariage or release the roms for free, For me, it's not a business. I just made that game for fun and for my friends....
  8. I'm 40 years old and I'm french Batari is too complicated for me. This game was made in asm with dasm... You will read that with stella : There's no "i'm too clever with illegal opcode" in my game
  9. We still haven't any response The name of my next game will be "where is Albert ?"
  10. The game look like that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NkMnen57GU&feature=player_embedded This video show the beta version. On PC with stella for the NTSC version and on a PAL TV with an atari 7800. I made an 8 colors secam version too (for french players who own a UHF VCS 2600)
  11. Hi, I'm the developper of this game. The iphone version was a tribute to the VCS 2600. It was released a long time before this game I made this game for fun and for 10 french guys that i never met (Gamopat is a french forum )
  12. Good games for scoring seem to be : phoenix galaxians solar fox space invaders yar's revenge centipede ms pacman ... and probably 300 other good games
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