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  1. Not really sure how one has any bearing on the other.
  2. I try to get physical copies, but I will certainly buy digital if need be; every console I have that has the ability to have digital games is loaded with probably more games than I could conceivably finish. Not super sold on the whole streaming thing, but whatever.
  3. The Digital Foundry cat walked away impressed from his hour with the thing at E3 but says he will reserve judgement until he has one in his hands. Of course, as Flojo just pointed out, their whole reason for being just sort of went up in smoke.
  4. Just got my Mega SG, and am having a hard time adding the firmware update. I've tried a couple of different properly formatted (Fat32) SD cards to no avail... The system led is blinking like it's doing it, but never stops. It's certainly not doing it in three to four minutes; I've let the current card to for half an hour. Any tips? Anything dumb I've missed? Edit: Ah, never mind. You know how you skip stuff sometimes, 'cause you think you're smart? Their FAQ sez"Try it with a different computer, " and I rolled my eyes, but lo and behold... it worked. Now to bust outta jail.
  5. Dark Wizard Lords of Thunder (slightly easier than the PC Engine version, but also not as colorful) Android Assault Lunar Popful Mail the problem is the games I just listed are pretty pricy. You can get into REALLY pricy territory with stuff like Snatcher or Keio Flying Squadron, but burning discs is an option.
  6. Apropos of nothing (and ignoring that NuAtari is the glorious, new version of French juggernaut InfoGrames, risen zombie-like to pester us; I refuse to believe InfoGrames has some sort of following), do we know if Atari was a big deal in France in the late 70s or early 80s? Maybe later with the ST or something? Does the French gamer have the same kind of dumb nostalgia that geeks like us have for Atari? I'm not sure why there would be so many seemingly French shills for the Box (other than for obvious reasons).
  7. Basically where I'm at; I will wait to see if any other optical drive solutions come along. If not, I will give some serious consideration n to this one.
  8. Up for the niche stuff that collectors vie for like shumps and the like. I like them, but as pointed out, they have certainly just put out some random stuff because "yay, physical release."
  9. Dreamcade are claiming that they will go back to selling their thing around... I forget... Christmas? But it was just a Windows 10 box with a shitty front end, so it wasn't ever going to do much.
  10. Link's Awakening might be my fav Zelda game, so maybe I'll get that. Maybe Luigi's Mansion 3. Panzer Dragoon, of course.
  11. Don't put that evil on my beloved SuperSystem.
  12. I want to say that I happened to find one (possibly at a Half Price Books? Something like that) and just went for it. Came with like twenty something games, and was lucky enough to score probably another twenty games at once on eBay for a decent price. Fun system, and a good buy for sure.
  13. Downwell is a must have. Enjoying Gato Roboto. Minit. Gungeon.
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