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  1. Very disappointed by the MCG "review," where he largely downplayed the flaws, constantly mentioned how he would be testing the unit as he got more of the modules (and requests, so I'm not sure how he could tell us that it was good so far if he hasn't extensively tested it yet) and dismissed the two years of asshattery prior to YouTubers getting beta units as "hiccups."
  2. I bought the physical version. I fully realize I'm part of the problem.
  3. I'm good with adding the real soundtracks, but yeah, the pixel art seems out of place. I'm going to be crushed if this game isn't decent.
  4. Largely what I was gonna say. I had no problem whatsoever when you couldn't get the game any other way and you weren't hurting anyone as they were not monetizing the games. I guess it's like being in the early 2000s and using Limewire or Kazaa before there were easy, legal ways to buy music online. I will say this; I don't mind pirating old stuff or stuff you can't get any other way, but I don't pirate new games. I guess that distinction makes it morally "okay" for me.
  5. It's essentially a wiki; you just need an account
  6. If SEGA Retro says it does, I'm willing to accept that (altho' the Menacer works differently than the Justifier). I've never seen one in the wild. I've half thought about getting the 3DO version.
  7. a pointless comment; there's only one fire button on their controller, anyway.
  8. Hey, don't discount the power of like / dislike ratios!1one!
  9. There was a really promising book series about pre Famicom Nintendo goods, but they were a bit expensive and I think they only made a couple of volumes. https://www.amazon.com/History-Nintendo-1889-1980-Florent-Gorges/dp/2918272159/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=The+history+of+nintendo&qid=1585154941&sr=8-4
  10. I've just some standard playing cards they made in the sixties or seventies. I do have a couple of Game and Watches; Bughouse and Snoopy Tennis. Bughouse is excellent; Snoopy Tennis is a bit too basic.
  11. Arrrgh, I'm old. Still have PS3, the 360 and PS4 all hooked up. My PS3 has basically always been my media server (it's REALLY good at that!) and if it blew up today, I'd definitely get another. My 360 sure has a lot of fun, weird indie games and stuff on it. As far as the next generation being the next leap forward or whatever... I dunno. We're already at the point where the TV has to be upgraded (not all of us have bought 4K sets yet, you know) to take advantage of the horsepower of the current iteration of consoles... so I doubt that the next step will be much different. Maybe graphics get a little nicer, maybe framerates get a little more stable. Maybe, with PS5, they are correct and they kill traditional loading times (I'll believe that when I see it). Eh. I keep telling myself "the next generation of consoles is when I opt out" and, unless PS5 is just somehow an indispensable machine with true backward compatibility with actual physical media, I just don't see myself getting one. Even my PS4, which I do have plenty of games for, doesn't get that much use these days. The Switch is where I do a great deal of gaming, just because it's so easy to pick up and play (and also not worry about hogging the TV). That is probably the one console that has VASTLY exceeded my expectations.
  12. The commercial jingle sez "You'll go wacko for a wick-o" so I guess that's the answer. We always said "wee-co"
  13. Just got an email, so hopefully your notification comes soon.
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