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  1. I would assume you have to apply whatever firmware patch you want, jailbroken or not, as per usual.
  2. I really don't know what I have that's "rare." I have a Vectrex; I suppose that's rare these days. I have Radiant Silvergun on the Saturn; I suppose that's kinda rare. I don't know that I really go out of my way to think about my collection in that sense. I'm happy to buy Japanese stand ins for rare US games or replacement boxes for games that go for out of control prices.
  3. THe MegaSD being a couple of bucks off at Stone Age Gamer is tempting, but I think I will wait until the Krikkz alternative comes out to see where prices level out at.
  4. I've watched a couple of hours of a streamer I like play it... and I dunno. It doesn't look like something I would be into. Maybe it's more fun when you play yourself, and I'd imagine there's some satisfacion to be had when you successfully connect a "Strand," but... it looked kinda tedious to me overall.
  5. I don't have any of the copies any longer (I have scans, but obviously, that's not the same thing), but yeah, I had a thick packet of these. Helped me feel really connected to SEGA.
  6. Wonder if / when my copy will show up... but I'm not really in any rush.
  7. Hopefully everyone can now untwist their knickers about this. Now, what will suck is the ridiculous shipping they charge for these...
  8. Hey, it takes time to look up synonyms for "slight delay"
  9. The scales are finally starting to fall from some people's eyes. Now, if we can all enjoy a taco of our preference, we'll really be getting elsewhere.
  10. I'm reasonably sure I will buy Gradius and PA when they are rereleased.
  11. Frankly, I'm biding my time to see if the Satiator works as well as it sounds like it will. Rhea / Phoebe seem like a pain to purchase, a pain to install and getting all of your games to work seems like a bit of a pain, as well. Fingers crossed.
  12. Mega SG is a beautiful thing. Love easily playing almost any Genesis game (and once I suck it up and buy the Terraonion CD thing, any SEGA CD game as well). Being able to play ColecoVision, SMS and Game Gear games are a nice bonus. I'd strongly consider the NT (and probably the AVS; the NT Mini is ridiculously expensive on the aftermarket) but my living room setup would have to be seriously overhauled to free up the space. Maybe someday...
  13. I enjoyed Bloodstained for awhile, but after I accidentally got the bad ending by just doing a normal playthrough (in other words, not TRYING to beat it, just doing the normal room exploration stuff), I was a bit turned off. I'm sure I'll come back to it eventually but that was kind of a "that's enough for now" moment.
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