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  1. I appreciate it; they appear to have.sent out a blanket email
  2. Man, there is a lot of great stuff out there. You owe it to yourself to try MUSHA Herzog Zwei Gaiares Dune 2000 Phantasy Star IV Streets of Rage II (any of them, but particularly II) Revenge of Shinobi Shinobi 3 Gunstar Heroes (a MUST!) Castlevania: Bloodlines Contra: Hard Corps Thunder Force III (and IV, aka Lightening (sic) Force) Beyond Oasis Steven mentioned Xenocrisis (that's a brand new game) and yeah, believe the hype on that one. A fantastic game in the mold of Smash TV.
  3. Here's my biggest beef... I wish that updating the firmware didn't bork the settings. Setting up everything to the way I like it takes some time. I guess my adapters show up tomorrow (after mysteriously being delayed twice), so I'll get it done maybe over the weekend... but it's still a bit of a pain.
  4. If I were collecting them for real, I'd be paranoid as obviously the discs can be written over. As it stands, I only have a copy of Zanac, as I'm really in the tank for Compile games.
  5. Man, do MOMS know what a valuable commodity they are these days?
  6. Like, I love the Neo Geo in some respects and certainly love a lot of Neo Geo games... but to me, none of them are worth the hassle or expense of dealing with real hardware. I'm happy to get the games I do like on Switch, PS, etc. If I were to break down and get some kind of Neo Geo, I'd probably go for the CD. I even have a couple of CD games just in case I ever decided to go down that route... but I don't see it happening anytime soon.
  7. I mean, no one really rates it do they? Speaking for myself, I'd say it's the N64. Not to say it doesn't have some good games, but I feel it's bad to good ratio, coupled with control issues (and yes, in 2020, we have some decent alternatives, but still) mean that it's the retro system I turn to the absolute least for playing games.
  8. I think Heavy Burger has gone under the radar of a lot of folks, which is a shame. Fun, fun game. I wasn't blown away by Burgertime Party, but it might be more fun as what it's meant to be, a local party game.
  9. I mean, obviously they weren't going to make them at one to one levels with the SG, but they must have not made very many at all if they are already gone. That's disappointing, especially after the long wait.
  10. I think he DEFINITELY thought he somehow had a piece of DK. I seem to recall them trying to lay their hooks into Zaxxon, as well. If any of these people trying to cash in on old name brand nostalgia, particularly in our little sphere, every wonder why some of us are so cynical and leary they need look no further than the escapades of this cheesy huckster. I mean, here's someone who came in, more than once even after he had been rejected by the community with actual sales pitches!
  11. I just think it's amusing that they thought they were sitting on some kind of Nintendo-like IP mine that was going to rake in cash.
  12. Got the adapters, but yeah, was boned on the shipping. 22.70 whatever. Irritating.
  13. Quit trying to control the narrative, Tommy. That's all any of us who have lost patience with you ask.
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