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  1. Pixelboy : sorry, i have not this game for Coleco (i have it in usa version for Atari 2600 only) btw in coleco parker : i own tutankham european packed in France ; q*bert euro packed in the UK (cart silver label) ; popeye euro packed in UK ; frogger loose cart only
  2. oh sorry Crapahute, i forget you ! if you want scans or HD photos, feel free to ask me here (or on another forum), i own probably other interesting boxes or games for you
  3. Hello ! I can not find any informations about this fact, do you know more ? Is there a website about coleco european games rarity and differences ? I own two versions of Colecovision Parker game : Super Cobra It's european versions, they work similar on my rgb french scart console Product number is the same No. 971505 Boxes are different : - Packed in France by Miro-Meccano - Packed in England by the Palitoy Company Cartridges looks the same, stickers are the same, but PCB looks different : - France version pcb have all the pins and is clear - English version pcb is dark green and miss some pins
  4. some infos and photos about the differences of model 200 and 201 here : http://www.pixels-pirates.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=406:les-variantes-de-latari-lynx&catid=26:le-saviez-vous-&Itemid=28 (feel free to ask for english version if needed )
  5. Hi! i read you here by pure hazard, i'm french, i have 7800 scart, i try to help you problems looks like your tv set is not secam compatible it looks like us (frenchies) when we try to use your pal consoles, we have only black'n white on our tv set even it's pal compatible, sometimes it doesn't work easily suggestions : - try a videotape recorder input - try it on a pure RGB monitor like Commodore 1084SD or atari motinor. Remember our video signal is 50Hz, so all light guns will not work on your 60Hz tvs - Atari 7800 french video scart cable is : RGB colors + audio mono + video synch and ground + pin 16 for setup AV mode and color mode + pin 8 to set up 4/3 try to unplug pins 16 and 8 from the scart, perhaps a chance to work if you search information in europe, remember Scart name is originally "peritel" hope 2 help, bye
  6. hello! happy new year 2008 ! this message just to say i'm not dead and i have now the famous junior console in my home and i'm able to open it again, make macro photos and answer to your questions i own now other A2600 consoles (http://zone.bomberoza.net/index.htm) CX-2600 P (wood 6 buttons) CX-2600 S (wood 4 buttons) CX-2600 AS (black leather) CX-2600 GP (grey metal paint) junior small rainbow with scart
  7. PAL or SECAM ? it is not possible for me to say that, because all our tv sets are compatible pal and secam video system since 20 years i prefer say it's UHF or VHF, and on Band I or II i far as i know : UHF is only Secam ?, VHF is Pal ?, Video composite is Pal ! Scart/Peritel can be plug with Video Composite (bad quality), or with RGB signal (good quality) hard to say what is pal or secam, it is the same for us only NTSC is rare on our tv sets, and plays in black'n white CX-2600 AS : i have take some photos for you, take a look here : http://adzone.free.fr/temp/atari2600as-temporary/ impossible to catch a video signal with my tv or my video-tape-recorder tuner, i'll try another method with very old UHF/VHF tuner, on the antenna cable is a sticker with VHF letters (VHF is more hard to catch, it is channel 02 to 06 ; UHF is better, channel 21 to 36), so i need to use VHF compatible tuner and it is not easy because it is old video signal (and i don't know if this console works, so the research is hard) on photos you can see the "front black" is like Grain Leather with relief it is very different of the CX-2600 GP wich is metal grey painting, smooth so i think it's time to make a new category, these two consoles are definitively differents models the "dark vador" classification can be killed, and replaced with model letters to make the difference between the black plastic front box is in multi language, looks like an european version under sticker in french only say legal notice without informations, so i think this console was sold in france (and in europe probably)
  8. i don't think it's the reality, it's just a marketing announce here in France where i'm, shops are full of unsold ps3, and direct informations from shops say it's stay about 70% of unsold stock, and the reservations was not sold at 100% (the price is very too high for french people, our country is in money crisis since 7 years, lots of unemployment and poor people wich lives without real or clean home) btw the true is there is not enough Wii about the market ask for
  9. Hi! - box, manual : no, i have not the box nor manual of the 2600JR small rainbow - i'll do some scans and photos as soon as i will take the console to my home (for the moment, it's in my mother's home, i need time to take it back here) - i have not the large rainbow version, and i never see it in France, it seems it's more a model wich was sold in Germany - i own a 2600 woody 6 buttons, model is CX-2600 P , so i think it's P for Pal version - i own two different models of 4 switch black version! i own one boxed, second loose. Differences are product code and design of the black front one is CX-2600 AS : black is like leather second is CX-2600 GP : black is like metal painting, not 100% black but little bit grey ( my webpage for CX-2600 GP ) - i don't know other model with peritel scart except the small rainbow i own - by the way, if i take a look to the differences between heavy6 and light6 woody (on photos, i have not the heavy), i see the bottom plastic is different, it's rounded on heavy6 and with angle on light6 (like woody4 and black4 models). It's the best way to differenciate heavy6 and light6 imho more news later, i have bookmarked this topic, i'll add infos as soon as i can do photos and documents
  10. Hello! It's my website and my console you link here, i found you with my referent url tracker if you're interested, feel free to ask for details by the way i own other Atari 2600 consoles, and i own some spécific PAL games, feel free to ask for scans, photos and more (but please, gives me some days before answering if the questions are complex)
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