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  1. The only way to break the cycle of Bloodborne is to defeat Moon Presence.
  2. Have to break Amy's leg then beat on its head for massive damage, if I recall.
  3. Also, no Splatterhouse or Legendary Axe Oh well, I'm sure it will get hacked and we'll be able to put what we want on there
  4. Hmm, no Gate of Thunder or Dungeon Explorer 2 Very pleased to see Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  5. More like Switchless Lite amirite
  6. More reason the recently announced MegaSD is a good thing.
  7. I have both and I want one. Sega CD is notoriously fragile (playing imperfect burns probably hastens the system to failure), and the games are collector-inflated. MegaSD addresses both issues.
  8. I'm definitely waiting to see reviews and let the early adopters take the hit on the MegaSD.
  9. Have to use the tow cables on the big robots, get them immobilized, then use freeze attacks to make them brittle, then unload the big guns/explosives.
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