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  1. Elden Beast is weak to physical damage, I melted it with Pest Threads.
  2. I respected to bleed and spammed Rivers of Blood/Corpse Piler to kill Malenia. And I don't care.
  3. Now that you have Destined Death rune, you can finish the game by going to the ashen capitol if you like. Edit:
  4. You have to carefully platform down from the minor erdtree in the dragonbarrow.
  5. I only finished one painting quest, for Caelid. I got a spell I'll never use (which is the majority of spells).
  6. I tried out the new Lion's Claw, it's broken-good now.
  7. When you do, you will cross an invisible line of difficulty where the mobs gain +200% health and damage output from the previous zone.
  8. Bloodborne is FROM's true masterpiece. I finished Elden Ring today. Frankly, I'm glad it's over.
  9. You can't climb and hang glide around the map, you have a ghost horse you can summon at any time that has a double jump. And your weapons never break.
  10. I can think of only one game that fits this thread for me: BioShock Infinite I quickly learned the game is mediocre and kept waiting for the story to pick up the slack, but it never did. The praise and high review scores it received is incomprehensible to me.
  11. My first Sierra game was KQ V... on NES. I was completely enchanted by it. Later, I got a Windows PC and KQ I, the remake. Later in the 90s I bought the original King's Quest Collection. I finished KQ III, V (avoiding the dead ends), and VI from the collection. In the late 90s I bought KQ Mask of Eternity, and oh boy, is it bad. The voice acting is especially horrible. I never completed KQ IV, I got stuck about mid way through so I need to go back with a guide handy. I finished the AGI remakes of I, II, and III (and the other III remake), all are superb. Josh Mandel reprises his role voicing Graham. I was never exposed to the other Sierra series, but thanks to GOG I'm going to try them. I also never played the Lucasfilm games (GOG is going to help me here), but I must say I didn't mind the deaths in KQ, the animations and messages for screwing up were part of the fun!
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