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  1. I also received a copy of Paprium, and just placed an order for a 4.5mm bit to open the cart and remove the loose component.
  2. Pre-orders available for SSD3 at Stone Age Gamer at the new price, $234.99
  3. I have a pre-order from 2017, let's see if they honor it.
  4. Re: TerraOnion Someone at neogeo.com updated the firmware on his NeoSD Pro and it fubared it, TerraOnion accepted no responsibility http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/showthread.php?274221-NEOSD-PRO-The-New-Terranonion-Neo-Geo-Product-March-2018&p=4408013&viewfull=1#post4408013
  5. I haven't played with it extensively, but the Retro Fighters seemed to work perfectly. I'll test it out more tonight.
  6. So this will plug into the expansion port and allow loading of ISOs/disc images?
  7. Hey Kids! Don't fall for the lies of those FEKA™ goons!
  8. I have been doing an 'action adventure' marathon. Started with Uncharted Nathan Drake Trilogy, and now the nuRaider trilogy. Currently on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which does not live up to the standard set by the first two. I like that there's more puzzle/exploration ratio to combat, but even that aspect isn't as good as the first two. I can tell I'm not that into the game because it's taking me weeks to make progress, where I blew through the other games in a matter of days.
  9. We're at Sunteam's forum now http://pcengine.proboards.com/
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