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  1. I haven't played with it extensively, but the Retro Fighters seemed to work perfectly. I'll test it out more tonight.
  2. So this will plug into the expansion port and allow loading of ISOs/disc images?
  3. Hey Kids! Don't fall for the lies of those FEKA™ goons!
  4. I have been doing an 'action adventure' marathon. Started with Uncharted Nathan Drake Trilogy, and now the nuRaider trilogy. Currently on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which does not live up to the standard set by the first two. I like that there's more puzzle/exploration ratio to combat, but even that aspect isn't as good as the first two. I can tell I'm not that into the game because it's taking me weeks to make progress, where I blew through the other games in a matter of days.
  5. We're at Sunteam's forum now http://pcengine.proboards.com/
  6. When I was in a collectard mode, and before I had a SD2SNES, I bought a Super Famicom just so I could play Super Aleste, R-Type III, and Axelay (each a pittance compared to the NA versions).
  7. Since you played after the end of the MiiVerse, you didn't get the messages in bottles from other online players.
  8. I normally would even think to use PS+ to back up saves, but in the case of Bloodborne and DSIII, I used it to cheese the trophies for multiple endings on one play through. Sometimes being shady pays off.
  9. I just checked, and apparently I had backed up my DSIII saves to PS+ after all. CHARACTERS REVIVED Umbasa
  10. My PS4 had the Blue Light of Death and was not able to be recovered (warped APU), and I did not back up my saves, so my Dark Souls III characters are gone! My Bloodborne character should be safe since I used the PS+ upload trick to get all three endings on one playthrough. Let his be a warning: back up your Dark Souls saves! I'll have to replay and remake my characters.
  11. Is Atari Age an ebay and amazon affiliate? I find that's the most benign way to support a site that is non-intrusive and easy for users. The unfortunate fact is third party ad services are delivery systems for malware.
  12. Currently playing: nothing. I have the Blue Light of Death and I think the APU needs to be re-soldered.
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