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  1. Since you played after the end of the MiiVerse, you didn't get the messages in bottles from other online players.
  2. I normally would even think to use PS+ to back up saves, but in the case of Bloodborne and DSIII, I used it to cheese the trophies for multiple endings on one play through. Sometimes being shady pays off.
  3. I just checked, and apparently I had backed up my DSIII saves to PS+ after all. CHARACTERS REVIVED Umbasa
  4. My PS4 had the Blue Light of Death and was not able to be recovered (warped APU), and I did not back up my saves, so my Dark Souls III characters are gone! My Bloodborne character should be safe since I used the PS+ upload trick to get all three endings on one playthrough. Let his be a warning: back up your Dark Souls saves! I'll have to replay and remake my characters.
  5. Is Atari Age an ebay and amazon affiliate? I find that's the most benign way to support a site that is non-intrusive and easy for users. The unfortunate fact is third party ad services are delivery systems for malware.
  6. Currently playing: nothing. I have the Blue Light of Death and I think the APU needs to be re-soldered.
  7. I played Uncharted 4 last year and the remastered trilogy (plus Vita Golden Abyss) recently, and Uncharted 2 is still far and away the best of the series. I'd call Uncharted 4 a decent 2nd place.
  8. I was playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, but now my PS4 has the Blue Light of Death.
  9. I also haven't played Sekiro yet and would like some takes on it.
  10. Yes, that what NG+ means, you take your existing character into an advanced NG cycle from the beginning, everything resets.
  11. If you get PS+, Wipeout Omega Collection is one of the August 'free' games.
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