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  1. Here's me opening 5200 digdug on my 4th birthday
  2. Going to be moving so I just sold my Xbox 360 and PS3 today. The sad part is I have another of each system I still need to sell. Also sold a box of 64 controllers and a ton of other games. Mostly GameCube and PSP and Gameboy. Still have no idea what do do with my arcade games when I move I'm not sure they will fit in the new house.
  3. Think I saw a Wii U in some of your pics. That system burned me since they abandoned it right away. Because of that I didn't buy a switch.... Until a few weeks ago. Guess I couldn't resist, but am regretting it now especially since most of the games were already on Wii U
  4. Interesting. No Nintendo products. Never heard of the Tandyvision one.
  5. I spy an Intellivision. And channel f games? You must have quite a collection. I've been kind of wanting to get an Intellivision again.
  6. I'll throw my centipede in because why not. I suck at this game. 18,885
  7. Found a funny sound glitch when you get an extra life when the mushrooms are respawning doing the 'game of life' thing. https://youtu.be/2ItCD42tTG0
  8. I made one of these hacks many years ago and it worked for me. The details are foggy now.
  9. That's one I've never played. I've seen videos though and the style looks a bit goofy to me. I'll have to give it a try some time.
  10. Lol that checksum though. Wonder if it's another Pam reference.
  11. Black screen with some music. Original song?
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