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  1. And those Chester Cheetah games too. There's also an arcade version of Q*bert that featured Mello Yello (you can play it in MAME). No idea what the story behind that one is though.
  2. Is Big Mutha Truckers sold anywhere else besides ebay and Wal-Mart?
  3. I'd like to nominate Mayhem because he let me touch his Eli's Ladder. (Wait, that sounded kind of...dirty. )
  4. You know which PS2 game got the most gameplay out of me? Activision Anthology. Very few modern games can hold my attention for long, but pop in Superman, Adventure, Pitfall, H.E.R.O., or Cosmic Ark and I'll be playing for hours.
  5. Ok, I know it's not a true Easter Egg, but what really is that "1531" number that appears when you hit the select button? A memory leak? Corrupted score graphics? Another clue for the show "Lost?" Any ideas?
  6. Oh hell dude, you're like five minutes away from me. (I'm in Lansing.) Mine mine mine ALL MINE!! :D
  7. Why yes, yes it does. Thanks guys, I can now sleep easy tonight.
  8. I've just started playing this again via emulation and I always start sucking right around level 10 or so. Just out of curiousity, does this game have a finite number of levels or does it keep going until you reach a certain amount of points, like in other Activision games?
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