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  1. [attachment=628870:IMG_0219.jpg] [attachment=628874:IMG_0220.jpg]   Sega Mega Drive/Genesis collection $325 shipped Lot includes games, Power Base Mini FM, Rhino Pad controller, HD Retrovision component cables (with Genesis 1 adapter), and Duo M1 power supply. The system itself has been modded for SVideo and has JP/US and PAL/NTSC region switches, and appears to be a VA5 or VA6 unit (it has the AV terminal text on the case, but has TMSS). Bayou Billy $5 Retro Game Cave Duo-N AC adapter $20 Works with NES and Super NES systems. Turbo Duo composite cable $5 Super R-Type $5 Darius Twin $10 A Boy and His Blob $7 Zanac $10 The Immortal $8 Top Gun $5 Top Gun: The Second Mission $5 Clash at Demonhead $10 Renegade $5 Tiny Toon Adventures $5 Tiny Toon Adventures 2 $10 Puyo Puyo (FDS) $30 Sega CD 2 spacer and shielding bits $20 8bitdo FC30 Pro controller $30 All boxes and manuals FOR OFFER   [attachment=638765:IMG_0270.jpg] [attachment=638766:IMG_0271.jpg] [attachment=638769:IMG_0272.jpg] Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 1-$80 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 2-$85 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 3-$80 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 4-$110 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 5-$85 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 6-$90 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Volume 7-$115 Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks-$4 Dragon Ball Z: Bardock The Father of Goku-$8 Dragon Ball Season 1 (UK Release) $12 Dragon Ball: Commander Red Saga-$4 Dragon Ball: Tournament Saga-$15 Dragon Ball: Red Ribbon Army Saga-$10 Dragon Ball: Fortune Teller Baba Saga-$7 Dragon Ball: Tien Shinhan Saga-$5 Dragon Ball: General Blue Saga-$4 Dragon Ball: King Piccolo Saga Part 1-$10 Dragon Ball: King Piccolo Saga Part 2-$10 Dragon Ball: Piccolo Jr. Saga Part 1-$5 Dragon Ball: Piccolo Jr. Saga Part 2-$4  He-Man/She-Ra A Christmas Special $5 Star Trek: Voyager Season 1 $10 Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 $12 Quantum Leap Season 1 $8 Quantum Leap Seasons 1 and 2 $5 Sports Night: The Complete Series $5 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Blu-ray/DVD) $5 X-Files: Season 2 $8 X-Files: Season 2 $5 Doesn't have the packaging, but includes the 7th disc that isn't in the other version of this set that I'm selling. Batman: The Movie $2 Airplane! $2 Apocalypse Now $2 The West Wing Season 1 $4 The West Wing Season 2 $4 Doctor Who: Black Orchid $15 Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment $2 Doctor Who: Robot $10 Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks (UK release) $2 Doctor Who: The Ark in Space Special Edition (UK release) $5 Doctor Who: The Visitation Special Edition (UK release) $5 Doctor Who: Earthshock (UK release) $2 Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday (UK release) $2 Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive (UK release) $5 Doctor Who: Meglos (UK release) $5 Doctor Who: The E-Space Trilogy (UK release) $10 Doctor Who: New Beginnings (UK release) $10 Doctor Who: Dalek War (UK release) $8 Doctor Who: The Green Death Special Edition (UK release) $5 Garfield and Friends Volumes 3-5 $10 each Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition $40 Darkman (HD DVD) $1 Clerks 2 (HD DVD) $1 Mallrats (HD DVD) $1 Gone With the Wind $4 Paula Abdul-Forever Your Girl $2 Journey-Greatest Hits $2 Van Halen-Van Halen $2 Sarah McLachlan-Fumbling Towards Ecstasy $2   [attachment=605024:IMG_0142.jpeg]   Star Trek Original Series cast plate $35 Star Wars plate $15 Empire Strikes Back plate $15 Enterprise mini plate $3 Star Trek Generations stamp plaque $15 Star Trek 25th Anniversary stamp/envelope set (signed by William Shatner) $30 Captain Picard silver coin $30 Joe Montana career card set $5 Joe Montana football card (signed) $75   Now for the boring part: prices do not include shipping, but are negotiable. If it's not listed (see: all the boxes and instructions), make an offer.
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