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  1. Someone a zillion pages or so (and back at a point when Kevtris was more active in this thread) showed evidence that the NT Mini wasn't reading the RAM adapter properly, so I believe that Kevtris is aware. It's just a matter of when he'll have time to work on the NT Mini again.
  2. You're really that obsessed with the value of your NT Mini that you want people to be deprived of the system's greatest feature? That's garbage, especially since such a hypothetical reissue will absolutely ditch the aluminum casing and maybe the analog outputs as well.
  3. From the feedback, it sounds like the FDS audio is still broken, even though Krikzz is adamant that it's finally 100%.
  4. A lot of Genesis consoles have garbage audio output, though, due to poor redesigns by Sega (VA7, anyone?).
  5. Well, there goes a substantial chunk of my tax refund for next year.
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