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  1. From the feedback, it sounds like the FDS audio is still broken, even though Krikzz is adamant that it's finally 100%.
  2. A lot of Genesis consoles have garbage audio output, though, due to poor redesigns by Sega (VA7, anyone?).
  3. Well, there goes a substantial chunk of my tax refund for next year.
  4. Just the Christmas Special. BTW, sorry about the late response: I've been sick for the past couple of weeks, and have been letting my sales go by the wayside. I'm ready to start selling things again, now.
  5. I've had no complaints, myself, other than the build quality (the component plugs are far too difficult to remove from a TV, and the cable itself is far too rigid), but that's what I get for settling for a Monster cable as the cheapest option back when I bought my HDTV 12 years ago. *shrug*
  6. I can confirm that you need to have your Super NT set to PAL if you want to play Terranigma on the jailbreak or a SD2SNES, even if it's the 60Hz hacked version.
  7. It's open source, so eventually someone's going to take it up even if ikari is unable to get it done. I have no idea when, since it's more popular right now to complain about the lack of FX/SA-1/SPC7110 support than it is for another coder to take a crack at adding the support.
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