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  1. I've been noticing a disturbing trend recently* - time seems to be accelerating! A year used to be a long time. Now it seems a year passes by while I'm eating a packet of peanuts. Brush my teeth - another year gone! What the hell is happening?! It's 2015?? We've gone beyond Buck Rogers' flight in 1987, somehow missed the Skynet nuclear war of 1997, passed the far future of Space 1999, and now we're in Marty McFly's alternate future (minus the 3D shark). Pretty soon we'll have to get a Blade Runner ("he say you brade runner") to kill replicants in 2019. Just last week... or was it 7 years ago... I became a member here to talk about Atari games I played the month before, in 1984. Now slx reminds us that in 40 years we'll all be dead. That's like 13 days in accelerated time. Oh man, life is short. I better hurry up and finish that game of Blue Max. *recently, meaning the last couple decades or so
  2. What a tragedy. I'm reminded of that saying about "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory". I too had a Colour Computer (and cassette player) - because it was the cheapest, most easily available computer I could convince my parents to get. Then a year later I saw a friend's 800XL with disk drive and I was blown away. The colours! The sound! The sprites! The beautiful keyboard that didn't look melted! He had hundreds of commercial games on disk, while I had two ROM PAK games and five on tape that I had written myself. (...the CoCo lack of games did prompt me write my own, which I might not have done if I had enough games on the Atari) I ended up suffering "computer inferiority complex" that only ended the instant I bought my Amiga 500.
  3. Even though I desperately wanted an Atari 800XL back in 1984, I didn't get one until decades later.
  4. Thanks! A few more photos... (not pictured in the closet: Vic20 box, C64 box, various drives, C= dot matrix printer, trackballs, bookcase full of manuals, thousands of floppies)
  5. 1. BallBlazer - Real-time 3D (pseudo-3D) was amazing for the time, but split-screen 3D with each player having his own view was mind-blowing. 2. Montezuma's Revenge - At the time, most games had only a few different screens that repeated - and you had to complete each one before moving to the next, usually with an annoying time limit. I loved how Montezuma's Revenge had no time limit at all and it seemed like the number of rooms were infinite. I think this was the first game I ever played that gave a real sense of exploration. 3. Blue Max - The landscape seemed to go on forever, but the most amazing thing was that it was different every time you played it. Most games at the time had repeating patterns (predictable and very limited). I'd never seen randomly generated landscape before. Once again, there was a sense of exploration and discovery. 4. Rescue on Fractalus! - 3D fractal landscape and watching stranded pilots run up to be rescued was so amazing for the time. (funny too) 5. Berzerk - A bit simplistic compared to other games, but it was my favourite arcade game of 1980 and Atari had the best home version.
  6. Here's my list: 1980: TRS-80 Model III Apple II Plus 1981: Vic 20 TI-99/4A (2) 1982: Atari 1200XL Commodore 64 Kaypro II 1983: Atari 600XL Atari 800XL (4) TRS-80 Model 100 1984: Apple IIc (2) IBM Portable PC 5155 1985: Amiga 1000 Kaypro "New 2" 1986: Commodore 128 Colour Computer III 1987: Amiga 500 (3) Mac SE (2) Compaq Portable III 1988: Amiga 2000HD 1990: Amiga 3000 NeXTstation 1991: Mac Classic II 1992: Amiga 4000 1993: SGI Indy Some of them were free or very cheap, so I got them even though I wasn't specifically looking to get them. If I had to trim down my collection, I'd keep my Amiga 500 (with Viper 520, CF, 2Mb chip), my 800XL with SDnuxx, my TRS-80 Model 100 with SD reader and the Kaypros (nice glowing green-screen). I also have a collection of vintage computer keyboards. I'm typing this using a 1980 IBM 3278 beam spring keyboard, by the way. There's a picture of it in my Gallery. Oops - I forgot I gave away the 1200XL.
  7. Are you kidding? You've never seen Canada Post lie about "Attempted Delivery"?? At least 80% of my packages are not delivered and I can guarantee they made no attempt. My average is 2 to 3 weeks from the US. Your fast deliveries must mean you're living in an urban area, near a sorting hub. (..or some fantasy land unknown to me, that I wish I could find. )
  8. Always less expensive for the buyer. If I buy a computer keyboard and it's shipped USPS, it's around $65 these days. Global is usually half that. I'm always looking and comparing the prices. As a Canadian, used to getting ripped off on shipping, I have to.
  9. eBay Global has tracking and it is always less expensive than USPS.
  10. I've actually had very good experiences with eBay Global Shipping. I was very worried when I first researched it and saw that "FRAUD" video a couple years ago. I was expecting a huge rip-off similar to the time I got screwed over by UPS. Instead, it was as pleasant as can be. Usually, with USPS, it takes 3 weeks to get something delivered from US to Canada. Then, Canada Post will lie and say "Attempted Delivery" when no such attempt is actually made, forcing me to drive to the Shoppers Drug Mart to get my damn package. With the eBay Global Shipping, packages were delivered in less than a week and right to my door, the way deliveries should be made. There was none of that "Attempted Delivery" crap. Canpar just leaves it on the door step. Not only that, but it's usually 10-30% cheaper than USPS. (originally was much cheaper than USPS, but prices seem to be rising) Now, I specifically look for listings that use eBay Global instead of USPS.
  11. I always think of this version: (Spanish subtitles - couldn't find HD version without subtitles) Why don't you like reversed text for titles? I think it's clearer to read quickly rather than having an entire window of white.
  12. Yes, that's the type 2. The type 1 ALPS is lighter and smoother, but I like the keycaps on the type 2 better. I don't know why, but they just feel nicer. Maybe they're a different material. (PBT?) Nobody has a type 3 switch they can photograph?
  13. Another thing I am wondering - notice how the "type 3" (AWC) and the Cherry keyboard (newly discovered "type 6"?) have identical keycaps. Also notice that (as seen in side photos), the "type 3" switches are not the same as the "type 2" AWC keyboard. I'd like to see the switch in the "type 3". It's possible that they're Cherry and there is no "type 6" after all. (I don't have one, so I can't check) Cherry (type 6?) Type 3
  14. I just got a "type 2" and I was surprised to see that the keycaps aren't doubleshot. They're engraved and painted. I thought all Atari keycaps were doubleshot. Here is a comparison of keycaps - type 1 at top, type 2 centre, type 4 at the bottom:
  15. I was joking about Atari Halo - thinking there was no possible way Halo would run on Atari. I had no idea there was an actual 2600 version of Halo. I only just found out today - 3 years late. (Why the hell wasn't I notified of this?) Hmmm this makes me wonder.... is there an Atari version of Half-Life 3 out there somewhere?
  16. Is this the site you're talking about? http://ataritools.fr.gd/1-_-PHOENIX-PROJECT.htm I hope it's still being worked on. I too would love to see Phoenix on Atari.
  17. Awesome setup - modern convenience of flash, while still keeping floppies around. I like how that iScan box matches the SDrive NUXX. (and nice little metal toggle switches) That looks like a kick-ass VCR too.
  18. I read about the PADCHAR and EOLCHAR on page 6 of this thread. If it wasn't for that post, I'd be saying, "What the f...." I do read README files, but The Last Word 3.21b was two years ago. I read that whole thing. I didn't see the one from last year because that's when I thought you started making it VBXE-only, so didn't bother reading anything (even posts). I shall read every README you make from now on... starting.......NOW!
  19. Oh good. I thought I was stuck at 3.21b. I tried 3.3 earlier, but didn't realise that it was just the executable - and assumed it didn't load the support files because lack of memory. I put lw.exe in my ATR, changed PADCHAR and EOLCHAR in the lw.cfg (was getting some á characters) and now everything seems to be working. It definitely seems faster. Thanks!
  20. Is 3.21b the final version that doesn't require VBXE or does 3.3 work on a non-VBXE machine but require more than 64k? I see no mention of requirements anywhere.
  21. I give up. I've been over 10,000 with 3 lives around 10 times, but then the bullets are way too fast. (in NTSC... I bet it's pretty easy in PAL... nudge nudge, bountybob ) In the middle of getting my highest score, the phone rang and in that microsecond moment where I thought, "Oh shit, there's no way to pause it!" that's where I walked into a wall.
  22. I didn't like it at all - but then I beat you again... by one point!
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