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  1. Have they said wether these are remasters, or just straight N64 roms with emulation? 'Cause this plus the 360 backwards compatibility might get me to join the dark side.
  2. The PC port was done by Iron Galaxy Studios, a 12 person team that mainly does ios games. Who did the port in 6 weeks. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong. :/
  3. I'd REALLY love to see Valve's refund numbers. That's the only thing that made a difference this time, otherwise Warner would just have made a half-hearted apology with promises of future patches. I envision some interesting times ahead for management at the next investor meeting. I also envision Ubisoft looking at all this and getting the cold-sweats. Now all we need is a similar refund policy for PSN/XB Live and maybe we'll start seeing fewer broken games.
  4. I think Microsoft will have the same problem with backwards compatibility that Sony had with share-play. The publisher has to sign off on it otherwise MS won't enable the game. Since there's money to be made from remasters, I doubt many publishers will allow it. Then there's the problem of studios who've gone bankrupt and don't exist anymore. They could get around this by allowing the emulator to run code directly from disc, but the conference seemed to suggest that you had to download the game from Xbox servers (which may have tweeked code to smooth out problems in the emulation. I expect PS Now will have to badly crash and burn before Sony even thinks of offering any kind of backwards compatibility.
  5. With the amount of remasters coming out for PS4, we'll probably have a good chunk of the PS3 library available in a year or two. Backwards compatibilty would be better, but at least there's a way to play my favorites again on PS4.
  6. Probably Lym from Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It was the first Star Ocean game I actively hated. The International version had both english and japanese tracks which helped, but couldn't make up for the terrible story and clunky gameplay.
  7. There are some threads about it both on Neogaf as well as Reddit/PS4. Seems to be just the random encounters effected since the boss battles work as expected. It's patchable, but not really acceptable that a bug this big got through QC. I actually held off on the PS3 version last year because I knew this one was coming. Most of what I've read makes the PS4 version seem to be a sloppy port. I'm dissappointed, but at this point I'll just wait until black friday and see if I can find it somewhere for cheap.
  8. Did you get the full release or the FTP version? I've been on the fence about this one since the full release only includes about 20% of all the content. I know it's just costumes, but buying a full priced game and still having to purchase things that should be unlockables doesn't sit well with me. If Ayane has her Ninja Gaiden outfit in the basic game, I may go ahead and take the plunge.
  9. The coat hanger is a bit overkill, but keeping the PS4 elevated so air flows underneath is always a good idea. Keep in mind that the system sucks in air from both sides so keep it clear of the wall a few inches. I keep all my consoles on a cheapo wire shelf I got at Walmart, so they get air from all sides. I still need to get some pvc tubes for wire management though.
  10. It's the yellow light of death. Happens when the soldier holding the GPU to the motherboard cracks. You can send it off to have it 'reballed' but it'll run around $100+ to have it done professionally and it'll probably break again within 6 months. At this point, I'd never buy a used Fat PS3. They're all at 'end of life,' even the ones that have been babied.
  11. Yes and no. Sony allows publishers to require 'always on' internet connectivity (ala what Microsoft originally wanted), but they do not mandate it and have publicly said no Sony first party studios will implement it. As far as I know, only Mojang and Ubisoft are actually using it, and so far only with DLC. Probably testing the waters to see how much backlash there is.
  12. I'd love to have one too. With only 12300 available worldwide, I'd have a better chance at hitting the lottery though. At least we got the Anniversary theme with the PS1 start up sound.
  13. This must have been a typo on someone's part, but Sears.com has the Mario and Luigi deluxe set listed at $59.99 and both Target and Walmart are price matching their website. Find a 24hour Super Center before Sears updates their page. http://www.sears.com/tvs-electronics-gaming-wii-u-wii-u-consoles/b-1299496500
  14. Picked up Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles for $7.50 and Persona 3: FES for $2.50. Full list is here: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/08/11/anime-sale-starts-tomorrow-discounted-games-movies-shows/
  15. I'm pretty psyched. Seems like survival horror is making a comeback on PS4. It makes up for the disappointment of Tomb Raider: Rise being an XBone exclusive.
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